Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This, And This Is Always Weird.

Thank you all for your advice and concern on my tiredness last week. I love that I have such a caring and kind group of humans on my side. I didn’t want to believe that my hair supplement Nutrafol was the culprit as I’d been taking it for a few months and the tiredness started more recently, but since I’ve been taking it at night instead of morning, I’m not dragging quite as much during the daylight hours.

Honestly, it was easier to grasp that I was dying than to think of giving up on my hair. 😩

Speaking of things happening while I’m in bed…this happened about a month ago.

I was outside laying on the ground looking at the amazing sky; it was full of clouds that were in a wispy line formation; very soft. My MIL Judy and a child were with me. Was It Lolo or Linds? I’m not sure. Soon, while looking at the clouds, we see a large dog going by, so far up and away from us but I could tell it was a dog and he had wooden wings attached to his body and he was carrying a woman and a child. We marveled at this for a few minutes. Then further away we saw an airplane and even though we didn’t say it out loud, we all hoped the airplane and the dog plane didn’t collide. 

I was laying next to someone on a bed having a discussion, was it Judy? Yes, I think it was again Judy. She remarked that her friend (who we watched through the window, getting into a work truck) had to wake up each day at 6:30 because his therapist said that if you sleep later than 6:30, you’re a bum. I said appallingly: I like to sleep until at least 7:30; what does that make me? I’m not a bum, I just like to sleep in the morning; morning is when I get my best sleep! 

Next we are inside a home having a discussion. Judy mentions that her favorite hotel is Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. I say: Yes, it’s like the Pacific North West; I love that place too. Judy chimes in that she’s always wanted a Disney Wilderness Lodge Watch and I vow right there to get her one for her birthday in July. I was reaching for my phone to order the watch when Peanut woke me up. 


Do you remember that movie The Neverending Story? This is the dog that I saw in the sky. I’ve not watched that movie in at least 20+ years.

I had to brighten Judy’s (My MIL) morning, so I texted the dream to her.

Perhaps she’s right about the dog part. I’m still sad about losing Lillie.

I immediately looked to see if I could get Judy the watch that she asked for in my dream; alas, they don’t make a Disney Wilderness Lodge Watch, which is bizarre because if I’m dreaming of them, there must be some sort of demand.


Al this to say, there’s a lot of activity happening between the hours of 11:00 p.m and 7:30 a.m and I’m not a bum.

Anyone else on Team Vivid Dreams? I have a dream journal and let me tell you, if you read it you’d think I was destined for the Loony Bin.


36 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This, And This Is Always Weird.

  1. I have very bizarre and vivid dreams. I’m also a nocturnal screamer… which my husband still hasn’t gotten used to, 39 years later.
    As soon as I read yours, I thought of Lillie. They’re always with us.

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  2. Bijoux

    Your dream is fascinating to me!!! I have sleep issues, so I don’t have a lot of dreams, but the ones I remember are quite vivid. Not always, but I can usually pinpoint why each element happened. Mine are more concrete reasons, so if I dreamed your dream, it meant that I was currently worried about about a gift to give someone or I was planning a vacation.

    A few nights ago, I dreamed about one of my college boyfriends and I had to jump off a step and he was going to catch me. I was worried that he didn’t like me anymore and wouldn’t catch me. I don’t know what that was about, but I’m sure there’s a weird psychological meaning.

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    1. I wish I could always find a meaning, but occasionally they’re so bizarre that I couldn’t even try.
      I don’t usually dream about Judy, but she had just lost her beloved nephew, and I suppose she was on my mind as I was concerned for her broken heart. Also, maybe I feel guilty for needing more sleep than the average bear?

      Funny about the ex boyfriend entering your dream!!


  3. I have very vivid dreams now and then – sometimes they seem so realistic that I wake up baffled. Some of them are so fun – like last week when I dreamt that you were coming in town (but to Dallas for some reason where I was visiting a friend) to meet up with me. Then I had an awful dream that one of the kids I sit for drowned while I was sitting for her. I kept waking up and going back to sleep until I’d resovled the situation and managed to revive her. In my dream it wasn’t a huge shock for some reason. I don’t take them swimming, so there was no real threat of that happening. Thank goodness.

    I’m convinced your dream has something to do with Lillie being content and grateful for finishing her life out in style and in great comfort with you. I vote that at the very least you gift Judy with a Mickey Mouse watch for her b-day.

    Glad switching the Nutrafol to the evening is helping you. I took that for a whole year. I don’t remember it making me sleepy. It also didn’t help my hair, but I’ve lost all hope that anything can help my baldy head.

    Sleeping till 7:30 is a sign that you are wise beyond belief, and well rested. Bums sleep till noon, um – looking at my college students. 😉

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    1. The drowning dream sounds horrid; glad you were able to create a resolution.
      I’ve had lots of dreams with blog friends involved and they are always a fun treat!!
      Thanks for letting me know I’m not a bum! Apparently, I was worried about that. 🙂


    2. I find that the sweetest sleep starts around 6am, those stolen hours when you know (because of nasty people like your friend’s therapist!) the expectation is you wake up… I once read that a scientist conducted an experiment where she was deprived from social and light cues about when to be awake and when to rest. She settled into a very comfortable and productive 25 hour cycle, instead of our 24 our one. I’ve not seen any large scale studies in this space, so it’s hard to extrapolate, maybe it was just that one person 🤷‍♀️ I do like the “Sleeping till 7:30 is a sign that you are wise beyond belief”, so I’ll ignore the wink emoji attached there 🙃

      What I know is that grief is real, Suz. I’m going through a grieving cycle myself, and I know it impacted my sleep, but maybe we can help each other, with a shared load being a lesser one?

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  4. I’ve been having incredibly vivid dreams this winter. Originally, I thought it was due to taking a naproxyn before bed (arthritis), but when I stopped that, I still had them. Sometimes, they’re so intense, I wake up still remembering all of them, which is unusual for me.

    What is going on? Is my Daytime Life so darn boring that my psyche is overcompensating? That’s probably it.

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    1. Isn’t it wild when things like that happen? Like what is going on in your brain that all of a sudden you’re having vivid dreams? This is a whodunnit it for the ages.


  5. Maddie

    Aw I’m so sorry to hear you lost Lillie. I missed that during my reading hiatus. She was such a lovely spirit and what a huge personality in an adorably petit package! It is no wonder if she is visiting you in your dreams. Love lives on I think. Sometimes I still feel my childhood dog go bounding past me to get her ball or investigate a promising bit of grass. Sending hugs.

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    1. Thank you, Maddie.
      We had to let our sweet Lillie go on December 23rd, and I was.not.ready. I’m still hurt by how short of time we had together; less than two years.
      I love that you are still visited by your childhood dog; that’s the sweetest kind of dream!


    1. Too lazy. LOL.
      Yes, I have to write them first thing or else they are gone. I’ve actually gotten lazy too and my handwriting is horrendous, so I type them out and tape them into my journal.


  6. My parents took us to the drive-in when I was pretty young to watch ET. ET terrified (terrifies) me and I was freaking out big time whenever it was on the screen. On the screen behind us the theater was playing The Neverending Story, so I just turned around and watched it. I’ve never seen the movie other than this experience, so I know nothing about the plot or anything, but I remember that big giant white flying dog (?) and wishing I could ride it!

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  7. I LOVE YOUR FRIEND’S INTERPRETATION. So let’s assume that’s exactly what it is. Because I had a similar thought while reading it.

    I just texted Anna about a strange dream I had last night. I don’t usually remember them, and it’s late afternoon as I write this. Anna’s grandmother (my ex MIL) has Alzheimer’s, and I had a dream that she had died and that I was sitting at a table with my ex husband and ex SIL. I said ” Do you hear her voice?” She is with us! That is her spirit.”

    She hasn’t been conscious in over two weeks. 

    Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears were also there, so….

    Hello and welcome to the “looney bin.”  All of the best people are here.  ❤️

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    1. Oh my goodness…your dream was so touching and special, and then you throw in a throwback of JT and BS!! So funny. Like, where the hell did they come from?

      You’ll be (probably not) surprised to know I’ve dreamt of Oprah and Steadman as well as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie back in the day. Like, why are they infiltrating my sleep??

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  8. Awww! I love Judy’s interpretation of your dog dream! That’s so lovely!

    I also have extremely vivid dreams, but they are usually violent and awful. Like. So violent and so awful. Even the tamer ones are stress dreams — the “I didn’t go to a single class all year” dream and the “my teeth are all falling out simultaneously in my mouth” dream. I don’t know why my brain hates me. It’s been a long while since I’ve had one of those terrible dreams though, so that’s good!

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    1. I have many dreams where I’m stressing: Losing teeth is a repetitive one for me. or being chased by alligators or bears. And many dreams find me on my wedding day, minus the planning and a dress, or at school, not remembering my locker combination. It’s not all flying dogs and Disney talk around here. 😉😳

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  9. I find that if I wake up early and go back to sleep for a while that is when I have weird, vivid dreams! The other night I dreamed that I bought a house that still had every little thing that the previous owners had and I was trying to figure out what to do with it all!

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  10. It’s ridiculous to say that getting up at a certain time in the morning is the dividing line between active people and bums. I call bologna sandwich on that idea. It’s the amount of sleep and the quality of it that counts, not a time on the clock.

    As for dreams, this last week I’ve had many, only remember bits, but feel like my subconscious is working overtime to keep me sane. I’m impressed that you keep a dream journal.

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    1. I agree with you on the wake-up time. I’ve always been a ‘better morning sleeper’ than a ‘night sleeper.’ Nary a bum to be found in this house. 😳

      I’m glad your brain is working to keep you sane!!

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  11. bibliomama2

    I have crazy vivid dreams, but in spurts for a time and then nothing that I remember for months again. My husband says that some of the ones I’ve described sound like Batman movies. Once I was having a bad hair day and a policeman cited me for ‘improper grooming’ (in a dream, I hasten to add).
    It does really suck when you find a medication that works for a problem and it causes another.

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  12. My dreams are always vivid. I can usually tie them into events that have happened in the past few days, but in strange and twisted versions. Like, I got a text from my former boss before bed last night, and then dreamed that I met up with the CenturyCo gang at a retreat in Chicago, and was dashing madly about the place in search of breakfast. And then it started to flood, apropos of nothing.

    I don’t even sleep in past 7:30 on weekends! What do you think I am, some kind of bum??

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    1. It’s great when you can tie your dreams to reality, but sometimes it’s impossible.
      There’s no heroship in waking up earlier than you need to, but if it makes you feel better, you are NOT a bum! 😳😜

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