My Milkshake Brings All The Dogs To The Yard & My Citrus Brings All The Nature To The Yard.

Peanut has a trainer that comes once a week and we’ve been working on Sit (she’s got it!), Stay (she’s about 50%), and down (about 25%). My goal is for her to have good manners; like not jumping up on people, going to her ‘place’ when she needs to be out of our business, not eating our shoes or my plants and not yanking my arm out of the socket while on the leash. You know, just behave nicely like my other children.

Other than the above commands, I’ve been working feverishly on getting her house trained. She is very food motivated (same girl, same) so I reward her with tiny treats when she potties outside. I hate to admit this, but she does have the absolute worst habit of eating her own poop. I know. I can hardly stand to share that with the general public because it’s embarrassing…but this girl came from weird circumstances and this behavior is not unheard of, but it’s new for us. We have to be diligent to catch her when she has a number two or else. To quote Brittney & Katy: Oops, I did it again! I ate my poop and I liked it!

Gag. Bleh.

I always have a poop bag and some treats on me when we’re outside (which is a lot!) so I’m ready for number one or two. 😉 Occasionally, I’m wearing a skort or workout pants that don’t have pockets, so I tuck the poop bag in the waist of my daily uniform. To be perfectly clear, because I know you people, the poop bag that is tucked in the waistband of my pants IS clean and empty.

But, where does a diligent Dog Mom carry dog treats when she has no pockets? DUH, you simply tuck a few little kibbles in the top of your sports bra like a normal person.

C’mon. I’m sure some o you have kept worse things in your bra…

If My Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, imagine if they knew I had cookies too!

Peanut, exhausted from being alive on Monday.

Fun fact: It was after our third training lesson that we realized that my dog trainer actually dated Lolo several years ago. My dog trainer pondered on this for a few minutes and then said: Is it weird that I dated your daughter?

Me thinking it wasn’t until he asked: Well, NOW IT IS!

Do you ever watch the CBS’s Sunday Morning News? It’s the only news I ever watch because it’s mostly Special Interest Pieces and they always end the program with a minute of Nature.

I’ll end this post (and maybe cleanse your brain) with a moment in Suz’s backyard. Our lime tree is full of blooms. The monarchs, bees and a few little birds are loving it all.

Now that the The Cookies In My Bra technique has come to light, are you embarrassed to know me?


44 thoughts on “My Milkshake Brings All The Dogs To The Yard & My Citrus Brings All The Nature To The Yard.

  1. We had a neighbor in North Carolina who used her bra as a purse. Granted, it was probably bigger than most… but still a bit shocking when lipstick, bank cards and pens appeared. Maybe it’s a southern thing?

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  2. Oh, I love your yard. Lime trees. I mean. I cannot even imagine. How wonderful! My yard is completely frozen and snow covered!
    In the summer, when I’m out and about, I have a “belt bag” which is what used to be called a fanny pack, that I put dog bags/ treats in. I do NOT wear it as a fanny pack though, I wear it cross body. That said, I know lots of people who keep many things in their bra – their phone, etc.
    It’s funny it took three lessons to remember that the trainer dated Lolo!

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  3. Lime trees, and in bloom, too! How perfectly wonderful. Do the lime blossoms have a scent?

    When I was working at the bank as a teller (putting myself through college), I dreaded Bra Money, especially on hot days. At one branch, especially, we got a lot of it.

    And those were the Days Before Hand Sanitizer. Sigh.

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  4. Years ago, when I smoked, I used to carry cigarettes in my bra! Well, now I’m embarrassed to admit that! We used to have a dog that used to eat poop too. It’s so gross!!! Love your yard with the butterflies!

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  5. Bowser doesn’t eat his own poop but he will eat horse and rabbit poop at every (short-lived because I chase him away from said poop) opportunity. He also loves raccoon poop and hairballs hacked up by cats. Just try to get one of those away from him if he finds one in the yard before I do!!! Why do we love these gross creatures, again? Asking for a friend…

    I’ve been known to throw whatever I need to free my hands up into my bra. Which can make for some pretty strange silhouettes, at times. I blame clothing manufacturers, for not giving us pockets (or at least useable pockets), like men have. Have you ever hooked your key chain (including the bulky fob for a car) via a carabiner onto your bra strap? I have. I’ve also tucked my iPhone under my strap, to free up a hand. 😁

    Lately I’ve fallen in love with those leggings that have a pocket sewn onto the thighs – GENIUS!


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    1. Peanut found some raccoon poop in the yard a few months ago and was obsessed with it; I found her so many times a day; finally, I got a shovel and tossed it over the fence. What too me so long?? Yes, why do we love these gross creatures so much?

      I’ve never attached a carabiner to my strap, but it’s pretty genius. A few times, while on a speaker call (in my yard), I slipped my phone under the shoulder strap near my ear so I could pull weeds and have a convo.
      I finally have some workout pants with pockets, but most of mine are of the pre-pocket generation and they’re too $$ to toss out.

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  6. Bijoux

    Do dogs get sick from eating poop? I’ve always wondered! This post reminds me of a song my husband made up when the kids were little and he took them on neighborhood walks, passing dog walkers. It went something like, ‘Picking up the dog poop and putting it in your pocket. Now your pocket smells bad and you feel sad because there’s dog poop in your pocket.’ The kids sang and laughed about that for years.

    Thank you for the video of Spring. It’s lovely!

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    1. Sadly, eating her poop didn’t make her sick at all! She even came to us with some sort of parasite and it too us three rounds of antibiotics because she kept re-infecting herself. *sigh*

      Laughing at the poop song!

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  7. I am skipping RIGHT OVER the poop eating thing and saying a peaceful AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH to the moment of Suz-zen that you shared. Gorgeous! Butterflies and flowers and blue skies! Amazing!

    I did get a good giggle out of keeping kibble in your bra. I think the most I’ve ever stowed in my bra was my cellphone and keys when I didn’t have pockets. But then again, all sorts of things used to find there way in there when my kid was a nursing infant. Tough to keep your own boobs shipshape when you share ’em with someone who has yet to master the art of tidy eating.

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  8. I keep a dog waste bag dispenser on the dog’s leash because there’s no way it’s my responsibility to carry her poop bags. Fortunately, H doesn’t eat her own poop, but she’s VERY interested in scat of all sorts, most especially rabbits. *sigh* Constant vigilance on our behalf to make sure half her diet isn’t rabbit pellets.

    I am 100% with you on not knowing where to keep treats on walks, though. I treat H when she walks calmly by other dogs, people on bicycles or scooters, or doesn’t freak out by a man. But I am not averse to shoving a bag full of treats down my bra, too, especially when the weather is warmer and I don’t have a billion pockets like I do right now in the winter. Solidarity in uncomfortable things we do for our pets.

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    1. I have one of those poop bag dispensers when using a leash, but we don’t need a leash at home. This is a FREE FOR ALL YARD. 😜
      Peanut also enjoys bird poop and raccoon poop. Weirdly, she doesn’t want other dogs’ poop…it’s a weird situation.

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  9. Oh, Peanut. Life is full of tasty treats – branch out, dear Peanut. And here I was so ticked at Finn for jumping up and eating half a bagel off of one of the high chair trays this morning and now I’m thinking WELL, THIS AIN’T SO BAD (um, while a baby was in the high chair). Bad habits are hard to break, but best of luck with this one.

    So funny about the dating history of the trainer.

    I had to pee really bad on my way home from visiting Ed Sunday. I was driving with another mom, who I know – but I feel like she might be a bit more ‘gathered’ or proper than me. I realized as I was racing in the gas station that I had no pockets, so I slipped my fob into my sports bra. When I came out, Proper Mom chuckled when I whipped the fob out of my bra. Not sure when I’ve ever stored anything in there – and why not? So much extra space. 😉 So, I’m laughing that this is today’s topic.

    Also, the post I was gonna post yesterday had a bit about the return of fanny packs and then I swapped it out to talk about my fun mom’s weekend. We are on the same wave length, my friend.

    I can almost smell spring through that video link. Just lovely.

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    1. Pat Birnie

      Oh my your yard is so peaceful & lush! I loved watching the butterfly. I think you’re right, Fanny packs are coming back. We were in Portugal with our family in the summer and all our adult boys were rocking huge ugly Fanny packs (ironically?) and the pre teens all had to buy one to fit in with the cool uncles.

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  10. M

    Oh, Peanut!! No-no-no-no-no! I am so thankful that our dog doesn’t eat his poop or any other creature’s. He’s not food motivated and I hated it because I didn’t have much leverage to make him do what I want him to do but now I’m very happy — because arghh!! I won’t be able to handle that; I’d have to wash his mouth every time with soap!!

    Your lime tree!! I see flowers but I also see fruit! We are not good gardeners. We just couldn’t keep our fruit trees alive, it seems. We’ve tried many orange, lemon and lime trees — they all eventually wither away. Sigh… But, in the spring, we have a lot of flowers on the hill in our backyard and they call a lot of birds when they’re in full bloom. They are loud in a calming way.

    OMG about putting stuff in your bra! I am amazed how many do that, based on the comments here. I have never — yes, never — done that. I’ve seen my mom do that and I always thought it was weird and not something I wanted to do! LOL I do have carabiner on my keys and I hook them to my belt loops of even on the waist band of pants that don’t have belt loops. I have never used my bra or the straps of my bra for anything else. LOL I did buy one of those running belts (but they’re really just slim fanny packs) to use when I am walking the dog and need a pocket for my phone. I have been guilty of putting my phone in my waistband (when I needed to free up hands) but I only do it while my hands are engaged, hopefully just a few minutes.

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    1. Lauren’s husky is also NOT food motivated. It must be the breed, and training them is more challenging.

      We have a lime, lemon, and a honeybell orange tree. The lemon and lime are such ‘givers’, and the honeybell has been stingy. In SWFL it’s mandatory that fruit trees do well; we are in the perfect climate for them.

      I like the idea of the carabiner for your keys, etc…
      I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put my phone in my waistband or even my pocket and I’ve accidentally called or worse FACE TIMED people. Once I face timed a chat group…luckily they are good friends and it wasn’t my accountant or exterminator.

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      1. M

        Honeybell orange? I’ve never heard of it — I’m off to Google! We have many neighbors whose lemon, lime, orange trees loaded with fruit! What are we doing wrong??? Sigh…I have such bountiful-tree-envy!! Not because I want to eat them all (well, some) — but I love looking at trees that have so much fruit, specially when they’re mine.

        I’m laughing at FaceTiming your friends, all like, “Here, look at my belly!” Good friends would enjoy that — LOL!

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        1. M

          I finally got a chance to Google Honeybell; Western Honeybell is also called Minneola Tangelo, and those I’m familiar with. Seems Florida Honeybells are a different variety. The Minneola Tangelos are good! I love Cara cara the best but any orange/tangerine fruit that isn’t sour or old/dry is always a welcome snack here.

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  11. My husband’s job requires him to visit car dealerships all over the Midwest, and one of them has dogs that the owners bring to work. Mike loves dogs, so he typically gets down on the ground and lets them lick his face. The owner informed him that the dog enjoys eating poop and had just eaten some. Thanks for the heads-up. 🤣

    I love CBS Sunday Morning, so I enjoyed your video. It never ceases to amaze me that you have such beautiful weather while we are so cold up here. I know our country is huge, but it never ceases to amaze me. Thank you for sharing it with us. Keep the beautiful weather videos coming for those of us who haven’t seen green leaves or grass since October. ❤️

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    1. Yeah, Peanut gets limited face kisses from us because of her penchant for poop. If we can go three days without it happening, I consider that a winning streak!
      Yes, our weather is lovely compared to the northern tundra, but man, it’s already hot, and I can’t stand being outside, sweaty, and then having to go somewhere and be presentable. I don’t have time to shower multiple times a day!

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  12. Maddie

    This post! I laughed so much. Thank you for that! Bra as extra storage space… You’re a genius Suz. And ohhhh Peanut. I’m going to be cheeky and say – Deer and horse and bunny poo Peanut. But never your own poo m’dear. Also no cow patties. Not first hand knowledge of course. Just passing on wisdom from my old beloved childhood dog. I’m afraid she was a connoisseur no matter how hard we tried. Farm dog life!

    And *thank you* for the amazing video! So amazing to see! What a lovely tree….

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  13. I’m not afraid to admit it: one of the biggest reasons I refuse to own a dog is the whole eating-its-own-poop thing. Let’s just say your pooch is hardly the only one to pick up that habit and the very idea disgusts me deeply.

    I’ve heard of stuffing a bra with tissues to spotlight certain assets, but kibble is a new one to me.

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    1. Mark, I’ve never had a dog that exhibited this behavior before, so it shocked us. I think that she spent SO much time in a crate and also had limited food when she was in Ukraine and while traveling, so it became second nature and a hard habit to break. Still, so damn gross.


  14. The things we do for our pets! What more can a person say about that.
    I am very thankful you found a trainer who is getting results. Dogs also love cat offerings.. I don’t understand it either.
    Want to know what other food is good to put in bras? Midget tootsie rolls – – – they get the right amount of soft. Plus it’s a good low-cal/non-fat chocolate treat! Gosh – – same color and shape of what you posted but so much tastier on the palate..

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    1. That was my biggest challenge when we had both cats and dogs——where to keep the litter box so the dogs don’t get in there! Gross!

      I’ve not had a tootsie roll, full size or mini in so many years!


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