Watch Out: There’s A New Negotiator In Town!

Suz stretches into a forward lunge left. Then shifts to a forward lunge right. Twists at the waist, left and right to loosen things up…

Time to put on my Mama Bragging Pants!

Many months ago, Lolo was asked by her Lieutenant to attend a training course and take on a Leadership Role of FTO. (Field Training Officer)

When she shared that with us, I immediately thought of the movie Training Day with Denzel and Ethan Hawke . Alas, that movie was about crookedness and corruption; our girl is neither of those. But the movie was good. Which reminds me I need to look for movies showing Good Police Officers as most of them are just that.

She happily obliged, participated in the classes, passed with flying colors and added FTO to her resume’ along with her regular Deputy position. (She’s currently on the night shift, on a mostly ‘walking beat’ in the city center. I’m sure you can imagine how thrilled I am about that.)

More recently, she was approached by the Higher Ups, asking if she wanted to try out for a CNU position. (Crisis Negotiation Unit)

In case you don’t remember, or you’re new here, Lolo earned two Bachelors degrees (Criminal Justice & Psychology) and was recruited by the Sherriff’s Department after her internship in the Major Crimes Unit; they paid for her to attend the Police Academy. She worked for them for a few years, then decided to return to school, earning her Master’s Degree in Legal & Forensic Psychology.

She’s been biding her time as a Deputy to move into a position where her heart really was, and we were not surprised that she was chosen for the unit. She is still a Deputy working her regular schedule but will be called in when needed for something along the lines of Hostage Situations, Suicide Attempts, etc….You know, when they need the big guns brains.

Apparently she’s been doing pro bono work on for sister for years… 😳

And if you thought it was all about the job, it’s also about the outfit.

I nearly spit out my water at Lindsay’s Flea Market remark. Is everyone’s family this funny and weird?

Did The Shatner get cool tactical pants? I think not.

And since I struggled to get those bragging pants on, I’ll also share that Linds has made huge strides in her job. She (reluctantly) took a position at our company two years ago and from what I see she’s not regretted it as she is thriving both personally and professionally. She’s moved up into a Supervisory position and is handling all the tasks that have been tossed her way, and from what I hear, new things are tossed daily. She’s doing incredibly well and is such an asset to the Administrative Department.

Thank goodness her position isn’t as dangerous, nor does she carry loaded weapons, but, if you make her angry enough, she will pull out a Permanent Marker and write mean words on a post-it note for all to see.

I’m so incredibly proud of them both, but wouldn’t hate it if Lolo decided to work as a Mental Health Counselor, Pre School Teacher or her Little Sister’s Assistant.

Anyone in your family risk their lives on a daily basis as a First Responder, Office Staff or A Professional Toddler Handler? I suppose everything IS dangerous!

Have you been able to work with family with good results? Like, zero murdering?


37 thoughts on “Watch Out: There’s A New Negotiator In Town!

  1. May I simply say… wow. You deserve bragging pants for raising two amazing (and funny) women. My husband has 2 nephews in law enforcement, one State Trooper and one city detective. Dangerous but important work to be sure.

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    1. Bijoux

      Those are all wonderful accomplishments! You have every right to be proud. My oldest, who is an an RN, worked the night shift on a Med/Surg floor her first year out of college and the majority of patients were hookers and patients trying to steal drugs. She had patients hit her, spit on her, etc. She then moved on to being a case manager in home health and unfortunately went to some sketchy areas of town. This mama was glad when she quit that to do nursing research. We will always worry about our kids, right?

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      1. It’s amazing how many humans can turn into trash when on drugs. I imagine you are so happy your daughter isn’t working the night shift and dealing with those people any longer.
        Our first responders have to deal with the worst of the worst; we have a good friend who is a firefighter/Ems and he also gets spit on and yelled at. People can be horrible.


  2. I’d be a bundle of nerves constantly if either of my sons were in law enforcement.

    It’s always so gratifying when our kids do great things. And when they’re happy. It makes it all worth it, doesn’t it?

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  3. I died laughing at the flea market remark too. Well played, Linds. Too funny. If the required uniform is an upgrade, then you know she’s making great career strides.

    So happy about this. I sure hope it leads to less time on the streets. Her path is impressive. All good things heading her way for sure. Congrats to Linds too. How great that she has found her thing too. She sounds like a real asset.

    I am laughing that you linked my blog to the toddler wrangler – I was like, wait, Suz knows another toddler focused person? I clicked the link and my blog popped up, and then I was like OOPS, I HIT A WRONG BUTTON. I went back to the link and again landed on my own blog. It was like a jedi mind trick or something. I was like, OH, I GET IT. Hee hee.

    No one here works in a dangerous field, thank goodness. Coach once did someone a favor and did a home health visit. The woman couldn’t get up due to surgery, so she hollered for him to come on in. Her 2 little dogs attacked Coach, biting his leg on his calf – ripped his pants and broke the skin. Not a usual sort of thing for him. 😉

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    1. Sorry about the Jedi Mind Trick!! 😜😜

      OH my on your Coach getting attacked when he was there to help. I’m sure the lady felt horrible…not to mention your husband’s legs.


  4. Wow! Congratulations to both your daughters on excelling in their careers! Both beautiful and smart! I have never worked with family but often wish I had gotten a job with my dentist brother. His staff has a lot of great perks!

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  5. Oh wow! Congratulations to your daughter! The role (and the tactical pants) sound amazing! And both your kids sound like really wonderful women. You have every right to wear those bragging pants proudly!

    My little brother is a police officer so I get the mix of pride and worry that comes with having a family member in a tough career!

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  6. Big congrats to Lolo! You definitely won’t want to binge “The Shield,” which is seven seasons’ worth of the crookedest cops that ever walked the beat. But highly entertaining nevertheless.

    Shout-out to Linds, too. I don’t blame you for being one proud mama!

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  7. Congratulations to both of your daughters being such hard-working contributing members to society. I do admire anyone in service/enforcement jobs but would also be more than concerned with them on the streets no matter how much training a person has. Working with the public is difficult no matter what profession you choose – – but often the profession chooses you. I am so very thankful everyone is in a “good place” in life right now. It truly is a blessing!

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  8. M

    Awww…I love this post! And you have every right to be very proud — wear the Mama Bragging Pants! Lolo and Lindsey sound like such wonderful and fun women; kudos to you and Coach! It’s good to see your children happy and successful in their jobs/careers.

    When my niece first deployed to Afghanistan as a Reservist, my sister in law obviously was very worried. My niece, trying to make her mom feel better, said, “Don’t worry, mom…I always carry my gun!” — as if that did anything to assuage the worry!! Ha ha!

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    1. Thank you so much. They are lovely young ladies!
      I’m laughing at your Niece’s statement. Wait till she is a mom; she will understand her Mother’s plight! HAHA


  9. bibliomama2

    So nice when your kids are awesome and thriving. Cool tactical pants is awesome. Angus was the first player to try out for the Ithaca baseball team as a walk-on in like a decade, and when he made the first cut he texted ‘achievement unlocked – I now have an Ithaca Baseball shirt and hat’. My kids don’t do anything too dangerous (other than Angus living in the U.S., sorry, no offense, lol).

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