A Not-So-Scary Pet Cemetery And You Get A Voice On My Voice.

Who remembers the Steven King book/movie Pet Semetery? Scared the bejesus out of me. And why did they spell Cemetery with an S? That’s frightening as well.

We’ve lived in this house for 26 years and we’ve buried four cats and four dogs out there. *waves hands towards the back yard*

You know, when you’re young(ish) and placing your beloved pets into the ground, you think you will always remember where you put them.

File that under: Lies I told Myself.

I mean, we know the the general vicinity, but not an exact burial spot.

I had a lightbulb moment after losing both Callie and Lillie in such a short time span to place markers to help us remember. They are in an area that is the New Burial Area. The old burial area is near the pool area; basically we started fresh with no chance to ungrave anyone.

I’d ordered two heavy granite markers for our sweet girls from here and my MIL gave me this sweet flag for Christmas and it’s perfect in our new Cemetery.

The dates I used are from when they lived with us, not their actual birth year since I’m not in possession of their birth certificates and the Florida Bureau of Vital Statistics office won’t return my calls. Asshats.

Instead of showing photos, how about a VLOG?

Why is hearing my voice like hearing nails on a chalkboard? And they weren’t Butterfly Bushes (that’s what I call them) that were removed, the technical term is Fire Bush; but saying my fire bush was out of control doesn’t sound proper on a Tuesday morning.

*Shortly after, Peanut found a dead frog and proceeded to run around with it in her mouth like she’ d just found a billion dollars worth of cookies, with me following.

For a moment there, I envisioned ordering her a Grave Marker as well. KIDDING!

Not sure if I’ll do the VLOG thing again. I used to do them occasionally as they seem easier than trying to take appropriate photographs.

Chime in, please.

Have you buried pets in your yard or do you cremate?

I suppose I should be mindful of pet-free homes…

Have you buried any bodies in your yard?


41 thoughts on “A Not-So-Scary Pet Cemetery And You Get A Voice On My Voice.

  1. Your voice sounds just fine to me! I don’t mind occasional vlogs if they’re not too long. I have a short attention span! HRH’s ashes are in a small decorative box that sits on my computer hutch. I should do a blog post some time about it. It’s surrounded by little knick-knacks and junk which memorialize her.

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  2. Bijoux

    It was fun to hear your voice! I’m always surprised when bloggers post a video with them speaking because . . . well, I just can’t imagine people’s voices! But yeah, I HATE hearing my recorded voice! Why does it always sound different from your own ears?

    I’ve never had a pet that wasn’t flushable! I’m unsure if people are allowed to bury pets in their yards here. There are a bunch of pet cemeteries in the area. The area you’ve landscaped is a lovely resting place for them. Hugs.

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    1. It’s kind of like seeing a photo of yourself and wondering: Is that what I look like? We are all living in the Land of Delusion.

      My pets are not flushable size…especially since we have a septic system. 😜😜


  3. I can’t stand the sound of my recorded voice. It doesn’t sound like me to me. I guess that’s true of everyone.

    We have our pets cremated, and the vet provides us with lovely handmade wooden boxes made by a local craftsman. We also get a clay disc with the pet’s pawprint.

    You’ve made a lovely place.

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    1. I love the handmade box idea; how sweet is that?
      When I had Cocoa and Lillie euthanized (at home) the Dr. made a pawprint in clay and even saved some of their fur for us.
      I’ll just add those with all the boxes of human baby teeth I have. 😜😜


  4. I think disliking your own recorded voice is a universal thing, but I love your voice. It made me wonder what you would sound like if you said AROUND THE HOUSE. 😉 I don’t think you quite have the Texan drawl though.

    That is a beautiful space and the fact that it is 67 degrees makes it all the better. I think that is the perfect temperature. Not too hot and not too cold. The markers are special memorials to your sweet pets. My heart broke a little when you said you miss Lillie every day. I can only imagine. She was something else.

    Nothing and no one buried in our yard . . . yet.

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    1. I tried saying Around The House and it sounds pretty normal.
      Wait, I’ll record it and send it to you to for your consideration. 😜

      67 in the morning IS perfect. Sadly, it’s getting into the high 80’s and hot as heck already.


  5. I hate the sound of my own voice too. 🤷‍♀️ Keep vlogging! I enjoyed it. How did you get the video uploaded to WordPress? I have to upload to YouTube first unless the video is like, 2 seconds long only. WP hates me, I know. 😔

    Pet Semetary was spelled with an S – if I remember correctly – because the sign had been created by a young child or children and they didn’t get the spelling right…the author’s trick to show not tell. It scared the bejeebers out of me too, as did all his early books.

    I had my Lucy cremated and brought her with me to my new island home, along with mom’s ashes too. My cheating late husband was also cremated but I dumped him in the river just before I left. Priorities, ya know?


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    1. Deb, it’s easy for me to upload videos; I drag and drop from my files. Maybe you don’t have the Premium plan? (it’s like 96$ a year)

      Thanks for the clarification on Semetary with an S.

      Laughing at your Priorities with the ashes.
      It’s kind of weird having people’s ashes with you. No? My Aunt had my grandpas for so many years (15? 20?) before she decided to spread them somewhere. I remember visiting and going to her coat closet, and there was my Grandpa. Over and over.
      We buried my Moms in a lovely green burial area that we can visit, which is nice. I do have lots of friends though that keep their pets (and humans) remains with them all the time, so I guess it’s not weird at all now that I think of it.

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  6. Oh, no! I just wrote about pets dying on my own blog, but it was mostly in the context of MY GIRLS WILL NEVER DIE. I do not want to think about what their fates will be once they stop breathing, but I imagine our vet will take care of it. Argh. NO MORE talk about dying pets. I refuse to engage anymore.

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  7. Maddie

    I love your Vlogs! The one you posted of your Georgia house morning bird song chorus…. Oh my goodness. Made me realize I needed to stop and listen to the birds. 😊

    Those markers are perfect! And what a wonderful garden for Callie & Lillie to rest in.

    100-something bags of mulch. Whoa. I will never get over how landscapes eat mulch. It’s amazing. But omg nothing is more satisfying than a freshly mulched bed!

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    1. Thank you for your compliments. I will forge forth with my whiney voice! 🤨
      The yard certainly does eat mulch; we could do it every month and not stop. Ughhh… back-breaking and dirty work.


  8. Pam

    What a sweet vlog..and I realized I had never heard your voice before. At first I was like Suz you sound so serious and then I thought there you are. LOL Glad to know a little bit more about you today..your voice. 🙂 Sweet of you to have markers for your pets. We had Annabelle cremated and she resides on my dresser in a tiny box. *tears* We like having her near but realize that someday she needs to be buried, because somebody at an estate sale will just throw her away. Ha.

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    1. Awww…thank you, Pam! I’m hardly ever serious for more than a minute…it’s my cross to bear.
      Sweet Annabelle. Yes, she needs a more permanent spot to rest.


  9. Well…it was always our intention to bury Sydney in the backyard when the time came. Sadly, the time came in the winter, five days before closing on our house. The logistics were too tricky, and the ground too frozen, to make that happen. It saddens me very much, but none of the alternatives were appealing. Best we can do now is make a place of honor for her in the yard.

    Pet Sematary was spelled that way because a kid made the sign after losing his pet. At least he knew how to spell pet.

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    1. Sweet Sydney didn’t time her departure very well, did she.
      I nice memorial spot at the new place will be the perfect tribute to for her.

      I suppose it was SO long ago that I’d read the book, that I’d completely forgotten that a child started the Semetary. Old age is setting in!


  10. You CRACK me up. Seriously. I snorted several times while reading this post.

    Love the markers for your sweet pups. They are lovely. And your yard is GORGEOUS. Also, I chose “I prefer to read your words” but that is SOLELY because I am often reading blogs in places where it wouldn’t work to listen to them! And I don’t want to miss out!

    When I was a kid, we lived on lots of land and so we did bury our pets (once they were dead, natch). My parents have buried two in their current (forest adjacent) home. I have only experienced one dead animal in the house we live in, and it was a squirrel that had one too many acorns and fell out of the tree (or something; I didn’t perform an autopsy) and I think I put him in the trash. I didn’t know what else to do — I am new(ish) at living in the suburbs.

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    1. Ahhh…I totally understand if you read blogs other than in the privacy of your own home. That makes sense. Of course, I don’t want you out and about listening to my VLOG with strangers in the vicinity anyway. 😜
      Plus, it’s rude to do so in public.

      Thank you for clarifying that you waited until your pets were deceased before burying them. We do the same, so I’m hoping that is a common theme.

      The poor squirrel; death by acorns. Well, at least he died doing what he loved. I’ve found dead birds around and I also put them in the garbage, but honestly, it feels kinda weird.


  11. I think I can answer the why did they spell cemetery with an S question. I think because initially the cemetery was created by a child who had lost a pet and that’s how they thought it was spelled. This is all conjecture (since it’s been eons since I read that book).

    Love your yard and you have created a beautiful resting place for your dogs.

    As a non-pet household, I can honestly say there aren’t any bodies buried in my back yard. Yet. But I do know where they would go; if the occasion were to present itself as necessary.


  12. Barkley was cremated, but also, I’m not sure where we would have buried him. Under the trampoline? Anyway, I don’t even know if burial is an option here. Hmmm.

    Those grave markers made me a bit emotional, Suz. Aww. Sweet pups.

    Lol Peanut and the dead frog. Barkley once found a dead fish at my parents’ place (they live on a lake) and it was a whole thing getting it out of his damn mouth. I still shudder thinking of it. Me: what has he got, is that a weird stick OH MY GOD.

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  13. Pat Birnie

    I think the consensus is we all enjoyed your vlog & voice. What a beautiful yard and garden you have! It must be so much work to maintain. Love the pet memorials too. A very sweet way to remember your special pets. Peanut and the dead frog lol.

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    1. Thank you for your sweet compliment, Pat.
      It is a lot to maintain; I love it, but I’d also love to simplify our lives with a smaller home and yard.
      Peanut is a hawt mess, but who around here isn’t? 😜


  14. It’s against the law to bury animals here. If it is a pet then it must be cremated. Afterwards you can scatter the ashes which is what we did with our two cats. They’re mixed in with the rose bushes. Cats have sharp claws, rose bushes have thorns, it seemed like an obvious place for them.

    [If it is a dead wild animal you call Animal Control and they take away the carcass. That being said a few dead squirrels may have been tossed into the forest behind our house… 🤷‍♀️]

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    1. I’ve never heard that it was against the law to bury a pet in your own yard…I suppose since we’re in a semi-rural area, the laws are not necessary.
      I like and agree with your thought process on the cats and the thorny roses. 😃

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  15. M

    I love your backyard — and what a beautiful resting place you created for Lillie and Callie. Not only are they in your heart forever, you have a physical place where you can go and remember them and the joy they brought to your lives.

    All of my son’s previous pets have been beta fish and were allowed to be swept to the ocean after their demise. 😉 So no pets buried in the backyard and I really doubt we would ever here; I don’t think it’s allowed.

    Oh, Peanut! What a fun nut she is! LOL

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    1. Thank you so much!! I miss my fur babies. We had some Beta fish back in the day and loved having them too. Sadly, they don’t have a long life expectancy.


  16. I absolutely love your lovely garden. So, we were in Florida over the weekend (Saint Augustine) and I saw Crepe Myrtle everywhere, but I had no idea what they were until I saw your vlog! Because they have hanging moss on them, they look nothing like the CM that were in Tennessee where my parents used to live. Lovely.

    I love your pet cemetery, but I loathe the fact that our pets must die. I wish they could live indefinitely.

    I wish I had air plants coming out the ying yang.🤣


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