She’s Back And With Less Baggage. Or More Baggage? Well, At Least A New Purse.

I survived, and quite well if I might brag a little. I believe I’m very fortunate that my full hysterectomy went *mostly* smooth, with one little blip.

Our day started really early with an arrival time of 7:30 am and surgery slated for 9:30. The nurses and staff couldn’t have been lovelier; nurses are ANGELS. I’m sure you already knew that, but I had to say it.

My Dr. was wonderful. Did I tell you the Dr. doing my surgery isn’t my regular GYN, as my regular doesn’t do outside-of-the office stuff? So I chose another well known Dr. in the practice who just so happens to be the daughter of my Dentist, who took care of my teeth for close to 20 years. (he’s retired now) IT’S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL.

I had two IV’s because the robot required it. I had a billion questions asked of me by eleventy thousand people. Ok, maybe it was 5 people, but it was early.

There was much debate on whether I needed a pregnancy test before it was taken. I told the nurse that if I were pregnant, I’m naming the baby Jesus and handing it off to one of my girls. She then told me about a 55 year old woman who was in for a procedure, swore she couldn’t be pregnant and the test(s) came back positive. Talk about a nightmare!

I was roofied just before they wheeled me into the operating room, so I don’t remember anything after 9:30. Man, that stuff is GOOD.

If you care to know of some of the stuff that I found weird and unusual:

For this laparoscopic surgery, they put four holes in my belly and fill it with CO2; my Dr. said my belly was as big as if I were 9 months pregnant. (If I have stretch marks, I’m gonna be pissed!) They actually put a light in there so they can see what is happening. I’m starting to picture it all and I don’t like it!

So, one of the biggest pains I’ve had is the gas that they put in me and it’s not in my belly, it’s spread out over my body and I felt most of the pain in my right shoulder and right rib cage. Super weird and uncomfortable. But it started to go away the next day. Occasionally, I’ll feel it creep in for a minute then hide away again.

Another discomfort I’ve had is my neck. It feels like I strained my neck muscles, so I’m guessing that had something to do with the breathing tube they shoved put down my throat.

Of course, my belly was bloated for the first few days; when I normally could pass for 6-8 wks pregnant, I was looking like someone should start planning the shower.

WHOOPSIE & Look How Easy Going I’ve Become.

So, the blip that we had is my Uterus and my bladder became really good friends and they were so attached to each other that my Dr. had to make a small cut into my bladder.

I knew this was something that happened after all my preliminary research and after signing my waivers. When I woke up and Coach told me, I honestly wasn’t surprised or upset. Also, I was on drugs, so look at me all Mello Yellow.

When I had my pre-op with My Dentist’s daughter, she said occasionally other things can get cut while I’m IN there, but whatever it is, I can fix it. I had confidence in her; she stitched up my bladder easily.

She said all my parts looked great. I said: You mean aside from the fibroids and cysts? I suppose she meant NO CANCER.

Instead of getting home around 1 pm as we’d thought we would, we got home at 8pm. Lindsay came by for a few hours to visit and lucky her: she was able to dress her mom from head to toe and walk me around to make sure I had my bearings before checking out of the hospital; practice for my golden years.

I do have to wear a catheter until my bladder heals and I get that out on Tuesday morning. It’s not attractive or comfortable, but it’s doable and I’m rolling with my Little Pee Bag (surely, there’s a real name for it) all over the house and yard.

I’m actually doing it while typing this, so hows that for efficiency?


It’s Saturday as I write this, my surgery was on Thursday. I’m feeling pretty darn good. My Dr. told me to listen to my body and rest when I should. This morning, my body said: Vacuum up all the dog hair in the living/kitchen/dining room. So I did. I woke up at 5:15 today, so I imagine after my shower that I’ll put myself down for a nap.

*Updated to add on Sunday afternoon, I never did take a nap yesterday and I’m still not overly tired. I have a feeling it will come at some point though.

How about a pic of dogs instead of my Urine Purse? Still not right…

Peanut and my MIL’s dog Kelsie; they’ve been a’ playing.

Just wanted everyone to know I’m alive and well. Thank you all for your well wishes, prayers, positive vibes and good mojo; your care and concern means more to me than you can imagine.


47 thoughts on “She’s Back And With Less Baggage. Or More Baggage? Well, At Least A New Purse.

  1. Welcome back to you and your new yellow purse. Glad all went well and you’re not feeling any horrible effects. Fatigue hit me hard at 1:00 every afternoon following my surgery but they sliced me side to side instead of poking holes… so there’s that.
    Nothing better for recovery than watching that sweet little Peanut frolic. Rest well, and take advantage of those willing to pamper you.

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  2. I’m so happy to read this. You made it through an ordeal and are sounding all the better for having it behind you. Here’s to hoping that you continue your recovery with no surprises and that your urine purse soon becomes a silly memory in your past.

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  3. Bijoux

    I’m sorry about the bladder issue, but you’re a trooper to take it in stride like that. The important thing is that you’re feeling well enough to vacuum, not take a nap, and write this.

    There was a big to do about me being pregnant before my colonoscopy. I was in tears because I thought they were going to send me home, after all that prep. I was furious afterwards and told my PCP that they need to warn Women ahead of time if they are in perimenopause that you will be questioned about your periods.

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    1. There was also an issue when I had my colonoscopy a few years ago; from what i remember, they wanted me to take a pregnancy test AFTER I’d emptied my bladder, and it was too late for my bladder was on ZERO.


      1. Bijoux

        Exactly! The nurse was not kind about it. I had to sign a release that they would not be held accountable.🙄 And hear the usual story about a 60 YO pregnant patient.

        Hope you’re feeling better day by day. XO


  4. Nice of you to keep that one family of doctors in business. I had no idea that they do that with laparoscopy – blowing your belly up like that. I died at the stretch marks remark.

    I’m having an endoscopy later today – like much later, which stinks because all I can eat is yellow jello . . . so your mello yellow comment made me ‘feel seen.’

    I came home with a pee purse for a week after Lad was born. I’ve never been great at accessorizing, so I guess that’s why I didn’t think to call it a pee purse.

    So glad that you’re feeling as well as you are. Not at all surprised that you are laughing your way through the whole ordeal. Continue to feel good and rest as needed.

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  5. Happy to hear from you Suz, and that your procedure went well – aside from the slight hiccup of the whole bladder-uterus fusion thingy. Bodies be weird and all that…😉. I hope the rest of your recovery goes smoothly and rapidly!


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  6. I’m glad you got through this without too many hiccups. A lot of people get surprised by the old “fill you up like a balloon routine” in surgery. Take care and do try to rest. -Jenn

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  7. Pat Birnie

    Suz I was waiting for your post surgery post, as I knew you’d manage to find much hilarity in it – and you didn’t let us down. Sorry about the bladder nick but sounds like you are coping just fine. I had a “pee purse” once for a few days. . The only major surgery I have had is a tummy tuck. That was a tough recovery, and my body decided to react somehow to the anesthetic and my bladder wouldn’t work. It is for sure uncomfortable but waaaay more comfortable than not being able to pee! After 2 trips to the hospital to be “drained” the catheter was a huge relief. Heal fast and try to take it easy!!

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    1. Thank you, Pat.
      Yes, if you can’t pee, which is such a normal thing, it’s a scary feeling. I had that happen after a procedure, and I thought I might die from worry.
      Glad to know you are in the Pee Purse Club with me.


  8. I’m happy to hear it went well, bladder issues aside. I bet it’s a huge relief to have it in the rearview mirror!

    I had never heard this fill you up like a balloon thing and I’m quite disturbed by the whole thing. I suppose that it why I never went into medicine!

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  9. M

    Ohhh…I’m so glad to hear surgery went well and that you’re recovering nicely, Suz! I have never heard of being filled up with CO2 for a laparoscopic surgery. Your poor bladder lost its bff, but it sounds like it’s healing up well. NO CANCER is such a beautiful phrase!

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  10. I’m so glad everything went well! My mother also experienced neck pain following surgery, and I believe the breathing tube was to blame.

    As a reward, I believe you will need to purchase an actual yellow purse and rename it your pee pee purse. 😊

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  11. Oh, I’m so glad to see this update: a) I was wondering how you were doing, and b) omgomgomg I laughed so much reading this. “I’d name the baby Jesus” “when I normally could pass for 6-8 wks pregnant, I was looking like someone should start planning the shower.” CRY-LAUGHING. This resonates with me, hard. Imagine being 55 and getting a positive pregnancy test? NO THANKS I’LL PASS.
    Ugh about the bladder!

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  12. Welcome back! I’m glad everything went well and you are feeling good! I had to wear a catheter for 3 days after my bladder cancer surgery. They are not very comfortable, and the pressure made me feel like I had to pee all the time! Plus I had a daytime and nighttime bag! Fancy me!

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    1. Jeanette, I didn’t know you had bladder cancer. That is SO scary.
      Well, add me to the Pee PUrse Club with you. So glad it’s over, and I’m so happy that your cancer issue is over.


  13. So very happy to hear from you! Glad you are doing well. Listen to your doctor and your body – rest. Surgery of any kind requires lots of rest.

    Look at you, all fancy with a pee purse!

    Just kidding – I know you will be happy when that is gone.

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  14. I read all the comments and some of them are very funny!
    Super thankful to hear how well you are doing! They used that same method 39 years ago when I had my tubal ligation. I remember the right shoulder ‘discomfort’. It’s definitely painful at times until it all dissipates.
    Late in life pregnancy? No thank you from this house either. I have known people who have high schoolers and newborns at the same time and it just makes me tired to think about it. Plus you have your hands full with Peanut – –
    THANKS for updating your fans in the humorous fashion we have come to expect. Do we put too much pressure on you to communicate that way?
    Also very thankful you got all those extras that were not babies out of your body. My thought is you will feel much better. You had to be uncomfortable between the fibroids, cysts, and joined organs.

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    1. I agree; the comment section is always hilarious. I know my People!
      Funny that you had this type of surgery that many years ago; and here I thought it was new-fangled. Thank you for your well wishes, always!


  15. Maddie

    I’m so so happy to read this! Well, except for the Pee Purse lol. Though if anyone can rock a Pee Purse it is you! And yesss oh my goodness nurses are wonderful. Don’t they just make all the difference in the world? I laughed at the dog fur vacuuming. I’ve had those *must vacuum pet fur now* moments! Take it easy (dog fur aside) and enjoy your new accessory!


  16. It’s so great to read this post-surgery roundup. I knew you’d come through it all with gusto.

    I’ve only experienced the Peedle Purse secondhand, but recently: Rick had to have some Old Guy Surgery, and he, too was awarded that lovely parting gift. He was only too thrilled to give it back in a few days, believe me.

    Take care, and here’s to negative pregnancy tests for those of us at A Certain Age.

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  17. Psm

    I have been thinking about you so much! So thankful things went mostly smoothly. Having a pee bag doesn’t sound fun, but lo more exciting than finding something scary in there. Thankful you are on the mend and your wit is intact. Between my surgically removed body parts and yours, they almost make up a whole chick. Maybe they should hang out sometime. LOL Hugs! Rest up and get well soon.

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    1. Pam, thank you for the good thoughts.
      Yes, between the two of us, we make up one sweet Chick! But also, we’re two sweet chicks, just ‘adjusted’ from what we started with. 😳


  18. How do you make even a hysterectomy so funny? Love it. And yeah 55 and surprised pregnant = nightmare! Funny that your dentist and surgeon are related because I was at the dentist yesterday and she showed me her Irish socks and I said her feet were so petite! And she said yup she has small feet and hands. And I said well you want small hands on your dentist and your obgyn and we all agreed 🙂


  19. bibliomama2

    Man, it really helps to have a sense of humour for these things, huh? My neighbour’s daughter texted my daughter to ask how I was after my fibroid removal and ablation and my daughter said “she’s fine but she can’t come home until her body unfreezes enough to pee”. I read a whole book while thawing, which was actually pretty relaxing. My poor husband, on the other hand, had not gone home because he was afraid they would call him immediately to come back, so he had some long uncomfortable hours at Tim Horton’s. Glad you’re on the mend!


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