Under The Tree With Me, Wonderful Visitors, Real Estate Fun & Karma Is A Charma!

We’d been having some lovely weather way down here, but it’s kinda departing us for the heat of summer. This makes me appreciate the shade of our Oak trees all the more. Prior to my surgery, I had the forethought to move one of our heavy as heck Adirondack chairs out under the biggest oak and it’s been my go-to place to hang with Peanut. She can meander, do her bizzness and I can avoid sweating to death.

My Aunt Trisha and Uncle Jim have been spending the winter on the East Coast at our friend Don and Kelly’s condo since our rental condo was destroyed in the hurricane. They are having a nice time, but it’s far, so I’ve not seen them until this past week. They arrived on Thursday and departed on Monday morning. We had such a lovely visit together; they are truly the easiest and most loving people. I’m so blessed to have them in my life. We didn’t do a whole lot of anything, which is my favorite, but we did look at some Real Estate, which is also my favorite.

Lindsay is moving this year out of the Condo that she rents from us; we’re happy to help her with house shopping as we know what to look for, what to avoid and what is good investment. We’ve invested in real estate for many years; either for ourselves personaly or for investment, so why let 2023 go by without making another one.

Did I ever tell you guys that the Coach purchased his first investment piece of real estate at the age of 22? He’s smart, I’ve learned tons, we’re not novices.

I would like to put it out to the general public that you should paint your walls a color that most of the population can tolerate and for the love of clutter, clean up your crap and simplify your overdecorated home. No one wants to SEE THAT.

Speaking of not knowing about Real Estate; Those Idiots!

Remember when my asshat cousins sold my Grandma’s house without telling me first? (It was legally their fathers house, my beloved Uncle, but still, um, family!) Well, they ‘sold’ it to a family friend for $322,000 in December of last year. I was telling my Aunt Trisha about it this past weekend and I decided to barely dip my toe in the research and found out that the house had already been listed and has a contingent contract on it for $569,000.

Ya’ll, The person who bought it might have put 10k into the house and has flipped it in a matter of months for a huge profit. Coach put in a cabinet replacement for my Grandma in/around 2001 and it is still there. The house needs MUCH work. And it sold so easily…if only the asshats had conferred with someone who knows how it all works.

I texted my Niece (really, my 2nd cousin), my cousins’s oldest daughter who was also peeved at him (partly since he didn’t give any proceeds to his wife, her mom, whom he’s left for another woman after 30+ years) to let her know what an idiot her dad and Uncle are and I hope they never decide to go into Real Estate as they’d be in worse financial shape than they are now.


Wait, what is that song I hear? Karma, Karma Chameleon?

Wait, is it bad to be happy when bad people are getting screwed? Well….I guess it is, but I’ll take it!

I’m doing pretty good on my healing process, but having a hard time keeping up with your posts. I can only read so much in a day…

Anyone else thrilled lately when Karma kicks someones butt?


36 thoughts on “Under The Tree With Me, Wonderful Visitors, Real Estate Fun & Karma Is A Charma!

  1. Now that’s a beautiful shade tree! I’d spend a lot of time under that as well.
    Your husband started investing in real estate at the age of 22? Wow. I’m not sure whose smarter… him, or you for marrying him.

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    1. Oak trees aren’t as prevalent as palm trees here, so we’re thrilled with ours, as palms don’t give any shade. This particular oak was a sapling (26yrs old) from my MIL’s house on Lake Okeechobee, so it has extra sentimental value.

      He’s an intelligent fellow, and I’m no dummy! HA!

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  2. Bijoux

    I always think of real estate investing as risky because of the finicky market and fluctuations. But people have been making a killing since Covid started. Cheap ass renovations, like a coat of paint and LVP (not talking about our Bravo friend!) and then reselling at a massive profit. As our realtor says, “Lipstick on a pig!”

    I hope the house hunting goes well for Lindsay. We helped two of our kids find their homes (and they ended up in the same development, which is the bomb). It’s fun to look but yeah, some sellers (and realtors, based on the photos they take) have no clue. I did a post on realtor pictures once or twice because it’s hilarious.

    Keep healing! XO

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    1. We’ve had mostly good outcomes from real estate investing aside from one in 2008…which just about everyone had issues at that time.

      I always laugh when I hear/see people bragging about the LVP. I bet Lisa VP doesn’t know a thing about the vinyl flooring! I often find myself repeating the Lipstick On A Pig phrase because it is prevalent with people wanting a quick fix.


  3. What a lovely tree. I’d spend time under it as well.

    I always want to believe that the Universe will eventually find a way to balance things out, and it’s gratifying when it does. Sometimes, it takes far too long, and Patience is not my virtue.

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    1. M

      Hi, Nance. I’m using Suz’s post (I hope it’s okay with you, Suz!) to let you know I followed you to your site and I love your post about the dogs in your life! I love dogs (and love cats, too) and grew up with many so it was fun for me to read the many personalities of the dogs in your life. I don’t have a Blogger account so I couldn’t comment there; I thought I’d pop in here and let you know.

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    1. Yes, the Karma part where you actually get to see it happen…oh.so.delightful.

      Yep. It’s not full-on summer ‘I’m dying’ here, but it is full-on A/C running most of the day.

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  4. I’m still dumbfounded that you’re talking about summer. We just had eight inches of snow and we’re anxious for spring to get here and you’ve skipped right ahead to summer?! I’m simultaneously jealous and curious about how we even live in the same country. What a bizarre world.

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  5. Hooray for the forward thinking to get that chair under the tree. And double hooray for great weather.

    Yikes, that real estate mishap has GOTTA hurt. That’s what they get for being so self-centered.

    My fav charma story is Mini getting into ND and getting a scholarship after my dad told Lad years ago that he wouldn’t get in and all of Pat’s kids would. *I do with Pat’s kid would’ve gotten in so she and Mini were there together, but I do love that my kid’s acceptance was not on the fam radar.

    Keep feeling better. XO

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    1. Pat Birnie

      Love your shade tree & so happy you are continuing to take it easy and allow your body to heal.

      Oooh – love the karma and wish I could see their selfish faces when they see how they messed up. My husband & I are also real estate investors. It isn’t risky when you know your goals and aren’t looking for quick money. However we started late- he was 50 when we purchased our first investment property — but went gang busters and bought 20 properties in 8 years. Twenty years later have slowed down but still own several multi units. It has worked out rather well for us ;).

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      1. Thank you, Pat!!

        I’m going to heaven with my hood karma. (Fingers crossed! 🤪)

        I’m glad to hear you guys have done well in the real estate game too!!


  6. THAT TREE?? It is magnificent. I don’t blame you for wanting to sit under it.

    I know nothing about real estate investment, but it sounds like it comes to your husband naturally. Good for you both. I love hearing about good things happening to good people. ❤️

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  7. M

    Oh, how fun for Lindsay! That’s a big step — Hooray!!

    Why did your cousins do that? Maybe they didn’t know any better? Or did they do it to spite? They do say Karma is a bitch!

    I love that oak tree! I miss the oak trees in TX although I am allergic to oak, evidently, based on allergy testing I had to do; I had to get cortisone shots every spring there because I couldn’t breathe with all the pollen!

    22!! Wow, your husband was/is very smart! And evidently diligent and saved enough to buy a house for investment at that age.

    2008 was awful for most! A friend of mine is predicting similar fiasco happening with layoffs and interet rates so high — but I still see a lot of houses selling for a lot of money. My high school friends and I have been lamenting about how hard it will be for our kids to buy their own houses with the way the prices have soared.

    So glad to hear you are doing/healing well!

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    1. I honestly believe my cousins (both male) didn’t give my emotions a second thought in selling the house without me being able to retrieve sentimental items. I was fine with the house being sold, that needed to happen at some point.

      I’d cry(or at least suffer) if I were allergic to oak trees!!


  8. I’m so happy for you that you have had such great experiences with real estate! I am in the midst of preparing to sell our house and the decluttering process is a bitch. I mean, I didn’t even think we had that much stuff but here we are.

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