Laura Ingalls Attends A Tea Party.

You guys! How are some of you able to pump out post after post on the daily, when I can hardly put together one a week? I mean, I have the material, but not time. Are you attached to some sort of machine that assists you with daily life while you can focus on blogging?

On Friday, I had to run a few errands that I’d been putting off. One of them was returning something to Soma that I’d ordered online. Is it too much to let you know that this is where purchase all of my underwear? I’m assuming you knew I wore underwear because I’m classy like that. But also, Soma has the best dresses; I’ve been buying from there since Jesus was a small child.

Example of a Suz Soma Dress.

This is from my birthday in 2013; the dress still looks new and I still wear it on occasion.

ONLY UGLY GIRLS NEED PRETTY DRESSES. That’s what my Maternal Grandmother used to tell my Mom and Aunt when they were kids; I suppose it made the fact that they couldn’t afford new/fancy dresses easier to swallow. 

Suz says to herself: HELLO, I’M UGLY.

Anyhoo, back to my errand expedition. I noted that Soma had several new dresses in stock; I tried on 7 dresses and LORD.HAVE.MERCY four of them fit nicely, which is unusual at this stage of my life. How often does that happen? Four out of seven? Un-freaking-precedented. One dress was a little on the Laura Ingall’s spectrum, which isn’t usually my go-to, but I still liked it.

As the sales girl was ringing them up, I noticed that a few were on sale (yay) and one of them (Miss Ingalls’) showed “Cool Nights” in the description. Me being a loyal Soma shopper, I recognized Cool Nights as their sleepwear line.

My brain: Hmmmm, now that’s kind of funny.

My Mouth: Hey, is this dress considered a nightgown?

The sales girl: Umm….I suppose it could be for sleeping, but it’s super cute, you could wear it out.

Me: Well, it’s going OUT; I’d get tangled up sleeping in a nightgown.

You know where this is going, right? Hold on, because you’re going with me.

On Saturday I drove to the East Coast to attend a baby shower for my dear friend Kelly’s first grand baby. We’ve been friends for so long and being a part of this milestone feels magical; I’m so thrilled for Kelly and Don. We love their son and we adore his baby mama.

I forgot to tell you, that last week, I had so much fun picking out baby stuff. I mean, those little outfits literally made my ovaries hurt. So, yeah Phantom Pain IS a real thing.

The baby shower was a bonafide Tea Party, right down to the little finger sammies and scones. Who knew fingers tasted so good? So darn good that the Queen came back for the occasion.

It was a lovely shower, but after driving over two hours to get there, I needed to get back home before the couch came calling for me; my energy level is still limited.

So, what do you think? Pajama Dress or Party Dress?

This pic was after I’d arrived back home. I paired it with some wedges and a little denim jacket. It was so comfortable, I could have fallen asleep in it. I got a lot of compliments, and it was all I could do not to shout: Thanks, IT’S A NIGHTGOWN! But I quietly reminded myself that I’m a classy lady.

That’s called growth.

Oh snap, I just realized I forgot to get a matching bonnet; how embarrassing!

Have you ever been to a Tea Party? Would you be embarrassed to go out with me in my nighty?


40 thoughts on “Laura Ingalls Attends A Tea Party.

  1. I’d never be embarrassed to go out with you. A woman who wears pj’s to meet the queen? That’s pure class.
    I am upset that the Soma in our mall only sells undies though. Those dresses are sweet!

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    1. The Queen was so quiet, but I kind of expected that.

      Our Soma doesn’t have a ton of dresses and they usually put them in the back of the store; they’re very soft and comfy. Kind of like bed clothes. 🙂


  2. Bijoux

    I’m so glad you showed the dress because I was really curious what a Laura Ingalls dress would look like. All I could think of was that 1980’s The Limited style called Outback Red. Do you remember that?? I kept one of the dresses for so long, I was able to wear it when I helped at my son’s Pioneer Day at school!

    I think the dress is cute and comfy looking and I think wearing the denim jacket with it was a grand idea.

    Yes, I went to a high tea once at the Ritz Carlton downtown. It was something!

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    1. I wish I remembered Outback Red dresses…but I don’t. I can’t even find a good image to jog my memory. Maybe it was more of a midwest or northern thing?

      High Tea at the Ritz sounds super fancy and they might have kicked me out in my Pajama dress. 😉


  3. “a little on the Laura Ingall’s spectrum” — hahahahahaha! I’ve been to High Tea at fancy-shmancy hotels quite a few times and it’s always stunningly expensive for what you actually get. Guess we’re paying “for the experience and ambiance.” The life-size cardboard cut-out of the Queen was a classy touch at the shower, LOL!

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    1. The food portions are small but surprisingly filling. I imagine at a fancy hotel, they would charge a lot of $$.

      The full-sized Queen lives at this Tea House, and I’m told there is one inside the window that holds either the open or closed sign; she’s a working queen.


  4. *I wrote two posts over the weekend between basketball games while camped out in a hotel/high school in Milaukee. It was the only thing I could accomplish while there. I don’t recommend it though. You’re better off enjoying life and barely having time to write a post. 😉

    ONLY UGLY GIRLS NEED PRETTY DRESSES . . . stop it. That is killing me. It reminds me of my mom repeating to me: THE PRCIE OF BEAUTY IS NOT CHEAP when she used a curling iron on my hair and burned the skin off of my ears on the regular. I was in 3rd grade.

    Thanks to that rock I live under, I’ve never heard of SOMA – at least I don’t think I have. Now that I know – I must check it out. That ’13 dress is lovely. Such a cute picture of you and your girls.

    I cannot believe that Laura Ingalls dress is a nightgown. Who could sleep in that? It’s so long. And sort of off the shoulder – how would it stay put when snoozing? It would drive me batty if I was trying to get some REM sleep.

    So exciting about the first grandbaby for Kelly and Don. Your ovaries hurting – are you sure that isn’t related to your recent proceedure. 😉 How do baby things get cuter over time? And the clever little inventions to make caring for babies easier. There are butt cream spatulas now.

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    1. I suppose you were ‘held hostage’ and took the opportunity to write. It’s hard for me to sit in one place for too long, and I resent my laptop and desk.

      I could never sleep in a gown; I’d have to call 911 to untangle me as much as I roll around.

      Baby Butt Spatula. Sounds like a bad idea. 😳


  5. I thought for sure you were going to say that someone at the shower bought the mom-to-be that nightgown. Now THAT would have been something.

    I’ve never seen a nightgown with all that smocking. But the dealbreaker for me would be the fabric. If it was jammie-type fabric, I wouldn’t try to pass it off as a dress. I trust your judgement that it wasn’t.

    Kudos to the host for getting the cutout of Her Highness. Great addition.

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    1. Nance, that would have been the best, especially since it was April 1!

      Their dresses are made of a really nice, soft fabric, but I wouldn’t consider it feeling like ‘jammies’. Although I hardly wear Jammies, so what do I know?

      The Queen resides at this Tea House full-time. She was so lifelike; I loved seeing her face there.


  6. I think that 2013 dress is spectacular! Nicely done keeping it in good enough shape to be able to wear it ten years later.

    I think that the difference between pajamas and real-world wear is accessories and I think if you paired it with a jacket and adorable shoes, I’d never even notice! If I wore that to bed, all the extra fabric would be soooo frustrating whenever I had to turn over in the middle of the night. I can’t imagine!

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    1. Thank you. Their items are not inexpensive; therefore, they do hold up well.

      I love your thought process on the accessories: BRILLIANT!!

      I agree, I could never sleep in something long; I move way too much.


  7. That dress is lovely, and the fact that it is also comfortable makes it even better.

    This year, two of my best friends will become grandmothers. I am so excited for THEM. I am not at all prepared to be one. I will gladly observe from a distance and babysit if asked. My ovaries are still healing from perimenopause.

    I enjoy it when bloggers publish new content every day. Thank goodness for humans who can multitask. 🤣❤️

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    1. Thank you, Kari.

      I’m ready to be a Grandma…but other people are keeping that dream from happening. I really deserve better. 😜😳

      I find it daunting trying to keep up with daily blogs. I suppose I shouldn’t feel that way; it’s not required reading/commenting. Right?

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  8. M

    Doesn’t it feel really good to shop and find a lot of good clothes that fit you well? I’m short so it’s quite hard for me to find clothes in styles I like that fit me well that for a while, I totally gave up on shopping!! So congrats on your haul! LOL And you looked great in that nightgown! 🙂 I won’t have known looking at your photo!

    I’ve had High Tea n a very fancy hotel in the San Diego area. I am not a big sandwich fan (I used to say I’d only eat a sandwich if I’m really hungry!) so I thought it was so expensive for what I ate! LOL But of course, I understand it was the ambiance and all the things that people find so fun! I’ve gone with friends a few times to a tea house, more low-key and a lot less expensive — and it was fun!

    How fun for your friends — first grandbaby! Congratulations!

    A funny about Soma. My husband is the main dog-walker in the family and there are so many dogs in our neighborhood so he meets a lot of dog-walkers. He met a woman who walks at our local Soma and she offered to share with me her discount! I never considered it because I don’t know her — but if someone offers, they won’t mind if you take them up on it, right??> 😉

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    1. Thank you. My nightgown dress was so comfy and easy to wear. I’m also petite. 5’2, and sometimes it’s a pain in the short-azz to find clothes that fit but don’t look like old lady clothes.
      These dresses are a good length for me as I refuse to wear heels…I’ll go with wedges occasionally, but usually it’s flats for me. They did have a few other cute dresses, but I didn’t even try them on as I could tell they were long; like for supermodel gazelles!
      I’d push someone down for a discount code. Take it!! 🙂


  9. I guess I need to go to Soma! I would definitely consider that a dress. It seems much too long to be a nightgown. I would kill myself getting out of bed for my middle-of-the night bathroom visit. It is so cute, too!

    I have plenty of time to blog but sadly not much material.

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  10. I would be SO DELIGHTED if I complimented someone on a dress and they said, “Thanks! It’s a nightgown!” It’s very cute. You are so lovely, in that dress and the other one. “Only ugly girls wear pretty dresses” – PSHAW, I say to that.

    Seems to me that a lot of dresses are leaning toward the Laura Ingalls end of the spectrum, and while they are lovely on Other People, they just look frumpy and bulky on me. Oh well. Now I’m off to Soma (a company I am completely unfamiliar with) to check out the wares. I would love to have a 4/7 success rate for any clothing item!

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    1. Suzanne, if it were a party that I’d hosted, and I knew the guests better, you can bet your sweet bippy I would exclaim: IT’S A NIGHTGOWN!

      I hope you have some luck at Soma. They do have lovely dresses, most of them being long, which doesn’t always work out for my 5’2 self. Now that I think of it, I should have bought a lottery ticket after my shopping expedition.

      They also have the best seamless undies!


  11. Well, it does kind of look like a nightgown but pairing it with the denim jacket was the perfect idea! I LOVE the dress in the first picture! II have a really nice dress that I wore for my daughter’s bridal shower 8 years ago. I really love it and have not had an occasion to wear it since! No showers or weddings in the near future!

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  12. Pat Birnie

    That 2013 pic of you and your girls is so lovely! I love you even more now that you knowingly wore a nightgown to a shower — I’m not sure I could have resisted telling people??!! As someone who sleeps in the bare minimum, I cannot fathom sleeping with all that fabric and smocking. Like Beth I’d probably fall trying to get out of bed for a 3 a.m. pee.

    I’ve been to tea twice at a little tea house near me and thoroughly enjoyed the delicious treats. So…the queen would be expected to be quiet, regardless, considering she is, you know, dead.

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    1. Thank you, Pat.
      I too sleep in as little as possible, and that dress would have me in a hissy fit in a matter of minutes. I could possibly strangle myself on a Tuesday. Can you imagine?
      We can’t say for sure the Queen is dead when she was clearly at the Tea Party. 😜😳


  13. Well, if you call it a dress instead of a nightie then I guess it’s a dress. And you accessorized it perfectly!

    And really, who in their right mind would sleep in that? I’d be tossing and turning all night, trying to unwrap my legs.

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  14. I love both those dresses! I have seen women wear slip-like dresses that could be in the “sexy nightgown” territory and they look great; I don’t think yours looks like a nightgown at all, honestly! It seems like it would be a really bulky nightgown.

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  15. bibliomama2

    I love a white and blue dress. When you said Laura Ingalls I was expecting gingham – I don’t think that looks prairie-ish at all, and it’s very summery and pretty. Would go perfect with the jean jacket. I never wear anything longer than knee-length for sleeping.
    I never pass up a chance to buy tiny clothes either. I was telling a friend the other day that even though I’d never pester my kids about it, I never thought I would be one of those women who longs for grandchildren, and yet…


  16. The dress is very pretty and summery – – and not Laura Ingalls to me. I put it more in the early to mid-seventies with the “Flower Children”. It looks “freeing to the Spirit” inside. You always look beautiful and classy. It’s all about the attitude. As always, thanks for sharing your fun times with us. Very thankful, also, that you have healed enough to go to a party. Isn’t it wonderful you didn’t need your golden purse for an accessory?

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