Mother Nature Has No Modesty, The Most Innocent Gang & The Big Rub.

TWO posts in one week. TWO. *phew*

I told you guys that I’ve been spending copious amounts of time outside because of Peanut. I get to see so much ‘activity’ out there; it can be mesmerizing. Like seeing Procreation happen right in front of your my eyes. There are two monarchs here, and the male, he’s got some time under his belt as his wings are tattered and almost see-through, but still has so much energy for activities.

How apropos to be a male in any species and still have

Honestly though, I’m witness to so much sex happening in our yard that I don’t always pay much attention any more. What do you call that? Desensitization?


Remember last week when I shared about my Adirondack chair under the big ass oak tree? I’d noticed a chrysalis under the arm rest when I was picking up a dog toy, then I noticed more. Ya’ll I counted NINE chrysalis under that one chair. (here are four under one armrest)

Caterpillars so so funny because I often find them creating their chrysalis’s together; Power in Numbers or is it Gang Mentality?


My yard is always my favorite place to visit, but sometimes I must go inside and clean something, cook something, launder something, pay bills something, work on something or email something.

I’m sure you’re wondering about Peanut. Suz, what does Peanut need to do? Well sometimes she likes to go inside for a good nap, or to chew on something that isn’t one of her 295 toys, but first she must rub all her hairs on our furniture.

Sure, she’s cute, but we know full well I’m gonna have to clean up after her, for her entire life.



(I’m pretty sure she’s experiencing allergies as this just started a few weeks ago; currently working on that.)

Anyone else see Mother Nature put on a show for you lately?

31 thoughts on “Mother Nature Has No Modesty, The Most Innocent Gang & The Big Rub.

  1. Mother Nature putting on a show is still a ways off for us, unless you count a glaze of ice this morning.
    Peanut is so adorable. Even if you do have to follow her with a vacuum and spray bottle for the next twenty years.

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  2. You have a Butterfly Chair!

    I see you one Dog Hair and raise you two Cat Hairs, one being a long-haired menace. Mine climb on the back of the couch and drag themselves across the draperies, which, of course, are burgundy.


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  3. Around here Mother Nature has been menopausal lately. Hot flashes and mood swings: too warm & humid outside, them icy cold outside. As for a spectacle, a few branches from the trees in the forest behind our house came down in high winds last night. No one was hurt, but scattered around the yard they lend a certain devil may care charm to our property.

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    1. I hope YOUR Mother Nature gets her act together soon; has she not seen the calendar? Spring has sprung!

      The windy storm sounds dreadful; I’m glad all is well inside your home.

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  4. It is so wonderful and humbling that we can experience all these things in our own backyard! That monarch has seen some things for sure.

    Currently, we have a bunch of bunnies in our yard tearing around after one another. WONDER WHAT THEY WANT. Whenever I see the small mammals in a frenzy like that (our yard is host to many squirrel orgies as well), I always feel a little cranky on behalf of the females. They are running away! No means no!

    Peanut is very, very cute indeed.

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  5. My friend, I firmly believe you are the butterfly whisperer. They follow you everywhere. 💕

    BIscuits is still pooping in the house, despite the fact that he is two years old. I refuse to be mad because he is my therapist and does not charge me.

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    1. Oh my gosh: Biscuits!! What a naughty, naughty Therapist.

      I meant to say on your last few posts where you share pictures of Biscuits and Buddy snuggling, well those just fill my heart to the brim!

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  6. Not at all surprised that the chyrsallis-ie things (spelling?) are popping up wherever you are. And you notice them. I’m laughing at the many species whose males are ALWAYS READY AND WILLING. 😉

    Aw, Peanut. Her facial expression is so funny. Who could resist rubbing the couch when the couch fits her little body so perfectly?

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  7. What a fun post! I’ve missed reading your posts over the last several months! Also, I’m still horrified about what I’m finding on the inside of my house after not having been able to see over the last six months. I haven’t even thought to turn my sights to the outdoors because I’m too busy scouring the indoors. I know that before I went in for cataract surgery, the redbud trees bloomed as did the Bradford Pear trees. So I missed all of that. 😦 Anyway, it’s been a super busy week and I’m trying to get everything cleaned up for both Easter and, also, before I go in for my second cataract surgery next Monday. For a full week after my surgery, I won’t be allowed to bend over or lift anything “heavy.” Ugh. Maybe then I can catch up with stuff on the computer since I won’t be able to really clean that week. Also, we have a new great grandbaby coming TODAY! Yay! So I have a few things to do, then we’re heading out to the hospital! Anyway, your post popped up on my computer and I wanted to read it (now that I can do that again) and wish you a Happy Easter! Also, I fully get having an itchy dog! We’re now giving him vitamins that are supposed to help with the itch. He’s better — I think — although our sofa will never be the same! Ugh. Give your pup a good scratch behind the ears for me! Mona

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    1. I’m soooooo happy to see your comment, which means YOU CAN SEE. At least better than a few months ago. YAY!

      Take it easy; the cleaning will be there later. Actually, it will be there forever.

      Praying your next surgery goes smoothly.

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  8. The goldfinches are turning gold! We have a feeder that attracts goldfinches and they are getting pretty frisky. Yay!

    Our Hannah has some pretty hardcore environmental allergies. We bathe her in a medicated shampoo and she’s on Apoquel, an allergy medication that has been quite effective for her. She didn’t rub like poor Peanut is doing, but would scratch incessantly and chew her paws. But with this combo, we’ve been able to keep her skin issues under control. She also has food allergies, but we deal with that with a prescription food. I hope you’re able to find something that work for Peanut!

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    1. So, goldfinches aren’t always gold? I had no idea!

      Lillie used to take apoquel, and it was magical! I still have some and thought about trying it for a few days with Peanut, but I read that they need to be at least 12 months old; she’s only nine months now. I’m trying some Omega 3 fish oil now and hoping that will make a dent. If not, I’ll make an appointment with her Dr and see what we can do. Hopefully, it’s an easy remedy.


  9. Bijoux

    I mean, what Peanut is doing looks rather satisfying. Plus, Tom Petty playing in the background!

    I saw a bluebird fly into a birdhouse and poke his head out while I was walking at a nature preserve this week. That’s about it for my nature watch.

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    1. Peanut requires good background music. 🙂
      Yay for the Bluebirds returning; we had SO many of them here this winter and I honestly don’t remember ever seeing so many a few months ago.


  10. I love your yard. So much fun, so much sex. We were just in Maui and I did witness some gecko action. It seemed kind of…not fun for the lady gecko, let’s just say that.
    I hear you on the cleanup, not from fur but from paws. I get out my mop and spray bottle at least once a day since the yard is melting and Rex gets paw prints all over.

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  11. M

    Oh, Peanut! She does look like she’s enjoying (or at least getting relief) from it. We used to have cats and they’d do that — supposedly to transfer their scent and claim ownership.

    It’s been spring here and the flowers are a-blooming! And I’m a-sneezing! But it’s beautiful out — so I take my Zyrtec religiously and go for long walks with the dog and enjoy all the flowers around me. We have bees galore, too. Last year, they took residence on our roof. Sigh… I mean we love bees and know we need them but we don’t want them to live under our roof (ha!).

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    1. I’ve been taking zyrtec regularly for the last few months and even added in Flonase because things were not feeling so good with all the pollen. HELLO SPRING!
      Bee’s i n/on your roof…NOT COOL, BEES! Hopefully, they’ll find a better home this year.


  12. Although I have no need for physical therapy all of my maintenance appointments come due in December and January. You can be excused from Easter festivities this year while you continue to recuperate from surgery I think!


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