Visiting All The ‘Ists, Easter Guilt And I Can Only Remember Nonsense.

Hello. My name is Suzanne and I’m falling apart.

Well, at least that’s how it felt last week when I made appointments to the following:




Physical Therapist (*put off for another week, but my shoulder is haunting my dreams, so let’s get moving Suz)


I had two very vivid dreams about my Grandma this past weekend. Easter was always her favorite holiday and I might be feeling a bit guilty for not planning anything this year. I just wasn’t feeling it. Sorry Grandma! Sorry Jesus!

Easter at Grandma‘s house. 1986. I was wearing Pantyhose and all the hairspray.

In one of the dreams, Grandma laid down in a bed, on her side to go to sleep but didn’t have a pillow. I asked if she wanted a pillow, but she stated that using a pillow will only hurt your ‘writing arm’. I took this as her right arm since she was right handed. This resonated with me because I’ve been having issues with both of my shoulders and I think it’s because I sleep on either side all night long. I’m not going to try this pillow nonsense, because Grandma (in my dream) was sleeping on a water bed, so that theory has many holes in it. Not the bed, just the theory.

I wish I could remember This instead of That

Lindsay called me the other day after she had a visit to the dermatologist. She explained to the Dr. that years ago, while High School, she took a medication for a severe acne issue she was encountering and had a terrible reaction to the RX, but couldn’t remember the name of the RX. She was hoping her Mom would have some sort of recollection, but honestly, I completely forgot about her having a terrible reaction in the first place. What good am I if I can’t remember something important like that?

Linds (senior year) and her favorite Mom (even though she can’t remember important things.)

What I DO remember though, is every time I hear the song Paradise by Coldplay, that Lindsay had a friend who told her that she thought the song was called Parasite. I’ll forever hear Chris Martin singing: Para, Para, Parasite.

I also remember when she was in writing class, she had to write an argument Pro or Against a subject, that she decided to write about Gay Adoption (Currently, that would be Same Sex Adoption, right?)

She told a classmate what she chose to write about, (hopefully, not the same Para, para, parasite person) and the friend asked how do people know if babies are Gay before you adopt them?

*Hold on a moment, while I laugh my Azz off, yet again*

I remember those things vividly, but not the prescription that made my daughters’ throat close at an alarming rate.

I’m sure if I cleared all the song lyrics, pop culture fun facts and butterfly information from my brain, I might be able to recall an Algebra equation, Bad Medication reactions and how to spell Wednesday without sounding it out with an emphasis on the unnecessary D.

Am I alone in remembering nonsense over important things?

In hindsight, I should make an effort to not miss holidays; that list of Doctor appointments is a reminder that my time is dwindling. 😳


37 thoughts on “Visiting All The ‘Ists, Easter Guilt And I Can Only Remember Nonsense.

  1. My mind is filled with completely useless minutia, so much so I fear the tilt button will pop up the next time I try to file away an important fact. Love that photo of you and your daughter! As fur you and the hairspray, I resemble that too closely to comment.

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    1. Useless Minutia. That would be a great blog title. 😜
      I also worry that if I try to retain anything new, it will delete something important. Like, I’m at my limit already at 55.

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  2. Bijoux

    You are not alone in any of this! My kids bring up stuff all the time that I don’t remember. Just this weekend, my oldest told the story where I made her go to school one day in 4th grade, even though there had been a ‘threat’ made and most kids stayed home that day. I have no recollection of this whatsoever!

    I freakin love that photo of you in 1986. Your hair was gorgeous. I still like curls over the straight look. By the time it comes back, I’ll be too old to use a curling iron.

    Heading to the dermatologist in one hour and the gyno this Wednesday. Ugh.

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  3. It’s shameful the amount of cranial clutter I have. I can call forth 50-year old Elton John lyrics from albums bought in high school, but my children call me out on stuff all the time–“Mom, how can you not remember that!?”
    My defense is always that I was juggling a teaching career and child-rearing at the same time.

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  4. Goodness, that is a lot of appointments. Sorry you don’t live closer – my Coach would have your shoulder on the mend in a two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

    You appeared in my dream this weekend – I can’t quite pinpoint what was happening . . . something about me showing up to a place and then you were there and you were helping me sort out my accomodations. It made sense in dream world and I was so glad you were there, so HEY – THANKS. 😉

    My best buddy from high school came in town this weekend and he reminded me of a time when we stayed down town at my sister’s apartment in the city during college. I had NO recollection. Plus Mini was telling her visiting friends about a time she went in the basement to get a gallon of milk in the fridge and threw it at her brother, it broke. When she went back down to get a 2nd gallon, she dropped that one. How do I not remember THAT? I pride myself on remembering everything – what is going on? You are not alone.

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    1. I love it when I invade people’s dreams. I had one this weekend that involved a high school friend helping me organize; I texted her on Sunday, thanking her for helping and making a cameo in my dream. HA, I was there helping You. how fun.

      I wish I had your Coach on speed dial. I saw this guy a few months ago to help me with my vertigo; he did help, but not 100%, so I need to go back and have that worked on and add in both shoulders. *sigh* it’s always something!

      As Moms, maybe we block out some memories. Or we just don’t have enough room. ;(


  5. You always make me chuckle. And how cute are you guys! I ONLY remember stupid funny nonsensical things, but not important things. I literally search my blog all the time to remember what happened or what our traditions are or who did what. The blog is my memory bank, and I’m ok with that. Maybe you wrote about her reaction on your blog?!?

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  6. Yes, the farther you go into your fifties, the more your appointments become your social life. The only way I remember some things is by looking back in my volumes of journals that I’ve kept through the years, but that takes time! I hope you find some shoulder relief! -Jenn

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  7. Pat B.

    As always, you made me laugh out loud! Well, your daughter’ dim classmate did. I hear you on the memory issue; it’s ridiculous the nonsense I recall (like my phone number from 1965, when I was 10!) but when my son talks about breaking his arm I actually cannot remember. My excuse is that I had 4 kids, including 3 wild boys, and we seemed to be at the hospital all the time! Oh of course I can remember all the moments that I feel guilty about when it comes to my kids. The brain is like that isn’t it? Both my husband and I are really healthy and active, but at 67 & 70 it’s crazy how many appointments we have had since we returned from 3 months away. I cannot image what it would be like if we were in poor health? PS super cute picture of you youngsters

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    1. Pat, I’ll never tire of someone trying to figure out if a baby is gay or not. That will always be a hoot!
      Three wild boys? Yeah, you get a huge pass on lots of stuff, and I have a feeling ‘they owe you’ big time!!
      I hope you guys enjoyed the heck out of Mexico; now it’s time to pay to price for having fun away. 🙂


  8. I have so much flotsam and jetsam junking up the ocean of my memory it’s a wonder I remember anything at all.

    Like you, I feel like I’m falling apart. I too have seen the derm, the gyn, the pod, and the acupuncturist in recent months. Plus the dentist and, in a week or so, the optometrist. FUN TIMES, SUZ. Hopefully, with their combined powers and maybe some duct tape, you and I can keep it together for awhile longer.

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    1. “Junking up the ocean of my memory” You kill me. Yes, it’s so true, and I’m happy to know, that at least I am not alone in this.
      Suzanne, you trumped me in Dr. Appointments; you must be exhausted.


  9. For sure. If I didn’t have the entire Garth Brooks and Bon Jovi oeuvres in my brain, what could I be doing with my life? I feel like my brain is half song lyrics from the 1990s, a quarter half-remembered plots from books, and only a quarter of it is devoted to actually important things.

    (If this makes you feel better, my mother lost my vaccination card and when I went to college, I had to have all my vaccinations redone. Meanwhile, my husband’s mother kept extensive notes in his baby book of all his vaccinations and a very detailed health history. I think parents all have their own strengths and you’re not the parent out there who doesn’t remember ALL the gory details.)

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    1. All the books you read. Yeah, I’d never be able to remember all the plots, endings, etc…At this point, I could probably read the same book twice in a year.

      You had to get all your vaccinations AGAIN? Holy Mackeral. That’s not good. Honestly, I’m shocked my mom kept up with mine. Or maybe I never got vaccinated? It was the 70’s, no one really cared. 😉


  10. Anna told me at her college graduation that she had planned to drop out of college during Christmas break her freshman year. I had completely forgotten about that. That was only four years ago.

    I believe some of this memory stuff is also due to covid/lockdown. However, menopausal brain fog is a real thing. At least, that’s what I tell myself to keep myself from crying….🤣

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    1. I think you blocked out the dropping out of college part; you were protecting yourself. 🙂

      Menopausal brain is real. So is pregnancy brain. Our hormones affect all the important parts.

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  11. Hey, I had a dream this weekend about you and some dude named Ernie. You were helping him sort out accommodations or something. No idea who this Ernie fella is, but he seemed glad to have your help.


  12. Could the RX have been Accutane?
    Omg, that photo of you and Coach. Adorable on so many levels. I could have told you it was 1986 by the hairstyles alone.
    I know what you’re saying, regarding holidays. It feels like life is just flying by. I just realized I have like three months left in this house, and that I need to start eating all the things in my freezer. I know that’s a random thought but eeeee.
    I am going to the dentist today, which, given my chatty hygienist and chatty me, is going to take up my whole afternoon.

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    1. Hmmmm….maybe it was Accutane? That would make sense!

      Best of luck at your Chatty Dentist appointment. I can’t imagine the stress of moving out of a house you’ve been in so long….Stay Strong.


  13. I dislike doctor’s appointments on principle, it’s like the fickle finger of fate is hanging over your head until you go. Hoping yours are just as boring as can be. As for holidays, I have a love/hate feeling about them. Yes, they show time is passing in a fun way, but do I really want to remember that time is passing?


  14. M

    Awww…what sweet photos! I had to laugh out loud about your hairspray comment! Those were the years!

    You are not alone. And to think I used to have such a great memory! But nowadays, I’m lucky to remember what I’m supposed to be working on these days. Sigh….

    Your daughter’s friend slayed me with the question about how one would know if a baby is gay! These kids….so funny! My son invited one of his friends to play paintball, and when we passed a gas station that had “Free Vacuum” signs all over, he thought that they’d give you a vacuum cleaner to take home! He was so excited at the thought of that — and my son was hesitant to let him down…”Ummm…no, they don’t give you a free vacuum to take home; they have these vacuums you can use for free!”

    My husband, who is 7yrs older than me, had to see his dermatologist, his orthopedic office (with a concern that could’ve been addressed with a vistit with the podiatrist), and his dentist — all in one day!! Poor guy!

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    1. Three. Doctors in one day?! That is a record. I will never see the free vacuum sign again and not think about that kid and his thought process about the sign!


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