Reminiscing About When I Was Two (humans), Staying Up Until Two, And Having Too Much Fun.

I took myself away for a few days and visited my dear friend D’Anne in North Texas. She and I have known each other since 1992; we worked together at Dunder Mifflin and were first time preggers together. Basically, we met at work each day, discussed when and where we would eat as we were always famished. We also attended birthing classes together, which I had forgotten about until she whipped out this photo of our Graduation Day.

I’d also forgotten that Coach had knee surgery while I was extra pregnant. He probably did that so I didn’t get all the attention.

I’d not been to D’s new home nor that neck of the woods, ever. Ya’ll we were so close to Oklahoma; I’ve not been to Oklahoma, but I hear it’s OK.

It was a lovely time, the weather was perfect, not too hot, not too cold. We only had one plan and that was to see Drake Milligan at Billy Bob’s Texas in Fort Worth. (I didn’t know who he was, but D had seen him before and was a fan. He was on America’s Got Talent, and is from Fort Worth) The SHOW was outstanding; D, her Sister and I had a blast. Everything’s bigger in Texas, including my personality.

We decided to save a Cowboy and ride a bull. If you know, you know.

One of the funniest things happened when we were trying to get off that fake bull. You can’t see, but on our right side it dropped low and there were steps going down. But, the Bull was on a deep decline/angle. We had to get off one at a time, mind you, this was at least 12:30 am and cocktails had been ingested. D couldn’t depart the bull, till I got up. But I couldn’t get up because her sister had slid down onto my shirt.

D: Suz, you need to get off, so I can get off.

Me: I can’t; your sister is riding my ass!

D: Hell, she’s been riding mine for 60 years!

Then the three of us were hysterical and it was even harder to get off the bull while belly laughing.

We ended up being out until almost two a.m, watching people dance and enjoying ourselves.

Two a.m!! Where is my gosh darn gold ribbon?

Other sights to be seen: Texas Longhorn cows, a skinny cowboy, my small -vs-D’s swimming pool sized margarita, The Fort Worth Stockyards, a sunset from D’s backyard.

There were lovely patches of Blue Bonnets and Indian Paintbrushes along the highway; I was mesmerized by the vibrant colors…but when the speed limit is 75, you’re not able to photograph them and also survive.

Photo by Janice Carriger on

I wrote about Kelly, D’s son who left us in 2021; D and I talk about him all the time and it wasn’t even 24 hours before we had our first good cry. It happens. But we also laugh a lot…there’s a balance and I’m glad I can be that kind of friend for her.

So, home again, home again, back to the grind that is regular and amazing life.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever seen the famous Texas Bluebonnets in person! If not, when is the last time you rode a bull or a cowboy? 😉


36 thoughts on “Reminiscing About When I Was Two (humans), Staying Up Until Two, And Having Too Much Fun.

  1. I’ve never seen the bluebells but this is a super bloom year so they must have been amazing.
    Though my SIL lives in Texas, we’ve never visited. I doubt anything screams you’re enjoying your time there like a photo of 3 margarita filled women riding a mechanical bull though. Well done you.

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  2. This sounds so wonderful. What a precious friendship you have. And I laughed long and hard several times during this post. You crack me up.

    Despite growing up in cowboy country, I’ve never ridden a bull or a cowboy! Just horses. Really missed the boat, didn’t I.

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  3. I chuckled at Coach’s surgery so you didn’t get all the attention. Love that picture. Sounds like a wonderful visit. There’s nothing like a good girls’ weekend with great friends. The photo of the three of you on the bull is a riot, add the dismount details and it was even funnier.

    I was JUST in the panhandle visiting Uncle in Amarillo. I’ve never been there in the spring, but I think I might be heading back in May to help him out again. He is leaning towards moving to Chicago and going into hospice here.

    I’ve never ridden a bull, but I have babysat for a cowboy – the one who now lives in Dallas and played for the Bears. He once forgot to pay me after he attended a Merle Haggert concert. I was in high school and the next morning he was at our front door, apologizing for being so excited about Merle that he forgot to pay me. We STILL laugh about it every time I see them.

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    1. I’m not sure how I blocked out the knee surgery part as remembering how I had to help him shower, while I was a big as a house was comical and dangerous.

      Spring in Texas is magical!

      Sweet and funny memories of your Cowboy and Merle. (who I would have loved to see perform.)


  4. That sky. Those flowers.
    Was she pregnant with Kelly when that photo was taken? I remember you writing about his death. So much love to her.

    I’m so happy you were able to get away and visit with your friend. It looks like you had a lot of fun. ❤️

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    1. Yes, D was preggers with Kelly while I was carrying Lolo. We were only a few weeks apart with our first pregnancy and 7 weeks with our seconds. I’m such a trendsetter 😜😜

      She’s walking a path none of us could imagine. Thank you for the love.

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  5. I have not seen the Texas bluebonnets (wrong time of year when I was there) but I have been to Fort Worth (loved it) and saw the longhorns. I was in Texas for a work trip and we had a tour day that included Fort Worth and the George Bush* Presidential Library (which I enjoyed way more than I had anticipated).

    Your night out sounds like a hoot! Catching up with old friends and letting loose is the best, isn’t it? 😁


    *the younger Bush – the one who was president during 9/11 – that guy

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  6. M

    Oh, this makes me miss Texas a bit! It sounds like you had a lot of fun! It’s so nice that you and Kelly are still great friends! Your description of the night out is perfect! I was LOLing about the entire thing of her sister riding your ass and Kelly’s response! So funny!!

    I love spring in TX — those bluebonnets are very pretty! Of course, that’s where I developed allergies, to the point I needed cortisone shot every spring so I could breathe! And sometimes in the fall, too!

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  7. Pam

    You were totally in my ‘neck of the woods’ as they say. Golly, I wish I could have given you a big hug and said ‘howdy’ to you. 🙂 I love bluebonnets. My favorite flower. I am always so happy when they are abundant here in the spring. I’m glad you could be with your sweet friend, bittersweet for sure.

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    1. I thought of you while we were traipsing around, wondering what neck of the woods…but thinking you were in the Fort Worth area.
      We drove through so many small towns, I was mesmerized by all of it.


  8. I haven’t ever seen the Texas bluebonnets, but now I want to! In my head, Texas is one big giant wasteland with tumbleweeds blowing across it, but that can’t be right, can it?

    I’ve never ridden a bull or a cowboy, but I’m not averse to either!

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  9. Pat B.

    I have never been to Texas; seeing the gorgeous flowers bumps it up higher on my list. You crazy girls staying up until 2 a.m.!

    You are a good friend to be comfortable talking about her son and letting her cry and laugh. It’s what a parent who has lost a child needs, but many ‘friends’ are afraid to go there. She’s lucky to have you Suz.

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    1. Oh, we can’t help but ‘go there’. We talk about Kelly a lot. I was able to visit his grave site and it was as lovely as I’d been told.
      If you can’t cry/laugh with your friends, what’s the sense? Right?


  10. Suz, I do wish we lived close together because I think we would really hit it off. Every single thing in this post had me smiling wide. So many things! Coach getting knee surgery to get some attention. Saving a cowboy. Riding asses. OKLAHOMA IS OK. You are too fun!!!

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  11. Suz, what a fun adventure! Glad y’all got to get together and have a great time! I’ve been to Billy Bob’s before. I’m not sure I was legal at the time though. It’s been a few decades. BTW, Fort Worth is having their Arts Festival this weekend. I have gotten to see the bluebonnets and Indian paintbrushes, just not this spring — YET! This weekend come hell, Cowboys, Bulls or highwater, it’s happening! Awesome pictures, btw! I’ve never ridden a mechanical bull. On bucket list. Cowboy? Well, he never actually herded cattle, but he’s got the hat, boots and belt buckle, so that’s close enough for me! 🙂 Mona

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  12. Texas bluebonnets? Nope.
    Rode a bull or cowboy? Nope.
    But I have seen Indian paintbrush, so there’s that.

    I’m not a country music fan, but Drake Milligan was really good on AGT. Glad you enjoyed the show!


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