Following Up With My ‘Ists; My Poor Eyebrow, My Sad Toe, I Don’t Appreciate ‘Shoes In The House’ Rules.

A few weeks ago I called to make an appointment to see my Dermatologist, whom I love. Sadly, she was super busy, but I didn’t want to wait until mid May because melanoma doesn’t care if she’s busy. So I made the appointment with her PA for this past Thursday.

*Years ago I noticed a weird little bump/lump area on the top portion of my left eyebrow; I scratched it and the darn thing flaked right off; RIGHT OFF! It left a tiny indent, and then I never thought about it again. UNTIL a few weeks ago, at that same exact spot I woke up with a flesh colored mole there. OVERNIGHT. Like, what did I do yesterday to deserve this? Did I forget to recycle something?

Within another few days, the darn thing was larger and I was kinda freaking out on the inside, but on the outside I was only slightly freaking out.

I win the prize for the quickest Doctors visit ever.

I arrived for my 4pm appointment at 3:58, checked in at the front desk and before my tush could hit the waiting room chair, a young lady came for me.

Me: I can’t believe you made me wait this long.

She took me into an exam room, asked a few questions, departed and came back with the PA. I showed her my cancer spot and she played it down, saying it was more of a sunspot. (but used really big words to begin with, you know, to throw me off)

She said she would need to freeze it off and whipped out a GIANT bottle of liquid nitrogen. I was thinking: The spot isn’t that BIG! The freezing part was weirdly cold. I mean, I should have known since she did use the term FREEZE.

It took all of 1.5 minutes for the freeze/burn, then I showed her a spot on my thigh that was worrying as well, and she said It too, was nothing to be concerned with.

Hell. This woman is not dramatic enough for me…so I departed.

I was finished and at the checkout desk at 4:05. Fo’rizzle, my dizzle.

I know what you’re thinking. The most important part of this story has not been discussed.


I’m glad to know you cared enough to ask, but my left brow is probably ruined. Surely, I had this coming; probably gave side eye too many times. Right now it’s kind of blistered up, but who knows what it will look like in a few weeks. Please send thoughts and prayers.

My Poor Toe, My OK Arches!

On Friday (the fun never ends!) I saw my podiatrist to have her end the suffering of my left big toe. I’d been having ingrown issues and I was tired of farting around with it and asked for the more permanent solution of Chemical matrixectomy. I’d had this done on my right big toe many years ago with good results and I knew it was the only answer to my poor, innocent left big toe. By the time I actually got to my appointment, the issue had been taken care of by my sweet pedicurist, but I knew it was only a matter of time that the issue came back. It’s not a terrible procedure, especially if you edit out the part of the numbing needle that might be as big as one of Coach’s fishing rods. KIDDING. It’s quite uncomfortable for about 28 seconds, but after that though, nothing is felt.

Anyhoo…I’ll skip over the details of that and let you know that my Podiatrist and I had an in-depth discussion about Wearing Shoes In The House VS No Shoes In the House. This convo was brought on because she told me I have good arches, which is strange since I thought I’d had fallen arches, and then I thought I had high arches, turns out, according to her, My arches are just fine.

Kelly, Don, Suz and Coach at Arches National Park in 2015. 🤓

No mater what state my arches are in, I can not for the life of me go barefoot and I spend copious amounts of money on quality shoes with arch support. She totally supports Wearing Shoes Inside because it helps to alleviate all sorts of feet issues, like pain and plantar fasciitis. I’m never thrilled attending someones home if they have a no-shoe policy. It literally pains me.

I can *somewhat* see why people might have this rule. Outside is dirty. Inside is clean. Right? But, who reading this eats off the floor? Not this girl because even though Inside is Clean, the Floors are not always, and I’m ok with that because I choose to avoid pain; our floors are 90% hard tile.

I’m sure this is an unpopular opinion, and I’m ok with that. When you come to my house, you can leave your shoes at the door OR wear them in because I want you, my friends to be comfortable. even if my disgusting floors will cause you to catch every disease imaginable

Who will lose sleep over my eyebrow?

Are you Shoes On or Shoes Off? If so, would you still visit me if I’m wearing shoes?


Signed, your friend Suz with the weird eyebrow and sad feet.

33 thoughts on “Following Up With My ‘Ists; My Poor Eyebrow, My Sad Toe, I Don’t Appreciate ‘Shoes In The House’ Rules.

  1. I often wish I could have parts of my body frozen to the point where they’d fall off, but sadly they’re a good bit larger than your eyebrow flake. Glad you were able to get it taken care of quickly though.
    As for shoes, we don’t require their removal upon entrance. I know this is awful, but I’ve always equated that request to the plastic on the furniture people. I don’t plan on serving a meal on the floor and to be honest, I don’t find stinky stockinged feet conducive to polite conversation either.

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  2. DG

    I am a fan of shoes inside but for me that usually means a hard bottomed slipper since I leave in Western NY where they say we might get snow today, snow, WTF. Anywho, in the summer months I wear a slip on shoe with good support. Is it possible to get a pair that are only worn indoors to take with you to other peoples homes?

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    1. Snow. In April. I agree: WTF.

      I do have ‘inside shoes’ that I wear, but occasionally my outside shoes come in because: life is busy.
      I’ve not been to anyones house in a while that asked for no shoes as most of our ‘people’ are on the same page.
      A while ago, this did come up while visiting an open house looking at real estate. I didn’t like the house…maybe because my feet hurt? 😜


  3. Bijoux

    Girl, I hear you on the dermatological worries. So far, I’m only 1 for 5 on the precancerous moles. My poor hubby though has been battling squamous and basal cells for years. He’s having his 3rd Moh’s surgery tomorrow. I hope your results are negative on the mole and that your eyebrow heals up nicely.

    I always thought it was best to go shoeless?! Maybe that’s just for babies learning to walk? LOL! I prefer shoeless, but I do know that’s not as fun with tiled floors. Our first floor has a lot of ceramic tile, and boy do I wear out my socks quickly.

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    1. I feel for your honey. I hope this is the last of his issues and his results are good; keep us posted.

      I’m not sure about babies/toddlers, but my Dr. said we should all be wearing supportive shoes all.the.time.


  4. Feel free to wear shoes in my house, unless you want to put your feet on my couch or chairs, then slip them off. I employ a vacuum and a mop/swiffer, so no big deal. There are other things far more worthy of my distress.

    I’m with Bijoux, though: I always thought that shoeless was the Ultimate For One’s Feet. Consider me schooled.

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  5. Probably gave side eye too many times . . . killing me. I did see a dermatologist last month, and the appointment was crazy fast. I had that Kristy McNichol mole (blood blister?) on my face AGAIN, but it did go away like a day later – of course, after I spent a small fortune to have it looked at for 3 minutes.

    I had my first ingrown toenail in January. So unpleasant. What did I do to bring that hell into my life? I’ve had turf toe, and that is a painful diagnosis that’s hard to shake and guess who is NOT playing soccer or football? Why must we be plagued by such nonsense?

    We are shoes off in the house, but that’s because we have kids who walk in mud and stuff, but come to think of it that hasn’t been an issue for years since they’re older. Plus there’s a dog living here now (how did that happen, I ask myself on the regular), so the floors are far from clean. I wear shoes indoors whenever possible. My poor low back demands the support, plus my arches appreciate it. Not sure if mine are high, fallen, or if they just like to complain.

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    1. I’ve never heard of turf toe, not sure what you did to get that, the ingrown toenail and the Kristy McNichol mole. 😳 Are you also giving side eye?


  6. Amen to wearing shoes indoors. I have to have a slight heel at all times due to a wonky knee. It is rather hellish if I have to spend time at someone’s home in my socks or bare feet, especially if we are standing around. One of my children had to have plantar warts blasted off by our doctor and I remember having to hold hands because it was quite a nasty procedure. I can’t imagine what it was like to have that on your face! Poor you, but I am so glad you don’t have to worry that it is something worse. -Jenn

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    1. I’m already over all my procedures from last week. Just wondering what next week will bring? Maybe a cold sore? 😳😳

      I wish I could go barefoot, but it ain’t happening in this lifetime.


  7. M

    Yes, you do win the prize for the quickest doctor’s visit! Five minutes and that included a procedure (hey, a quick freeze is still a procedure, right??? 😉 ) I hope your left eyebrow does not suffer and will be back to its pretty state when all’s healed.

    We are not a no-shoes household. I wear my flip-flops 95% of the time (Clark’s — I find it has enough support for my feet) and my boys are barefoot more often than not. We do not like to wear shoes so they usually come off as soon as we get home; it’s like, “Remove your shoes and stay home a while” feeling. But we also don’t hesitate to wear shoes in the house if we’re not home to stay, like if we are running around and coming in just for a few minutes. Our downstairs is all hardwood floors mostly — the kitchen has tiles. I used to be able to walk barefoot but my old feet would rather not, thank you very much! 🙂 So yes, I will still visit you (and you can visit me) if you’re wearing shoes!

    Love the pic of the arches (and the use of it in your post, clever you)!

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    1. I grew up hardly wearing shoes, then in my early 20’s wearing cheap pumps to work in all day long on my feet…I believe that was the downfall of my feet forever.
      Glad to know you guys are light on the shoes rules at your home too.
      I know, all that talk about arches reminded me of that amazing park in Utah. 😜😜


  8. That was extremely quick to get an appointment with the dermatologist. I had a funny (not like a clown) mole incident last fall, and they didn’t get me in for SIX WEEKS. So, being soul homeworky, I reasoned that they must think I’m fine and not dying to wait that long.

    It had nothing AT ALL to do with our healthcare system.

    I was fine. BUT STILL.

    I’m glad you’re okay, but microblading is expensive. So I hope you got your money back. 🤣

    I am a shoes off person, but I won’t tell you that when you come over because I don’t want you to feel bad about it.

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    1. My sweet Dr. (after I emailed her directly) could have gotten me in the day I was flying to Texas, but it was cutting it all too close, so I opted to use the PA the following week.
      That office is usually good with getting me in, thankfully.
      So, when you come to visit me, you can be barefoot, I’ll wear all the shoes and we will both be happy. 😉

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  9. Look, we have a dog who goes outside and comes inside without wiping her feet. I have plantar fasciitis. We are definitely team shoes inside. When people say we have to take off our shoes at their home, we will be there for less than thirty minutes because otherwise my feet will be in agony! I actually consider it kind of rude to suggest that I take my shoes off.

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    1. Pat Birnie

      Sorry to hear about your eyebrow but happy it’s only a so-called sunspot. I’m hoping you can get your micro blading touched up.

      I have had the surgery on both toenails – it was such a relief. I also have very high arches and cannot walk around in bare feet at all. However being Canadian, we do not typically wear shoes in the house. I don’t ask people to remove them but all our friends & family just take them off at the door. I wear slippers with good support in winter & a good quality sandal in the summer – so yes I have indoor shoes. If I go to someone’s house I take my indoor shoes! Ps arches national park is beautiful!!

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      1. You and I are in the Ingrown Big Toenail, High Arches & Can’t Go Barefoot Club: What a life we lead! 😜

        Yes, Arches National park is AHHHHHMAZING!


    2. Yeah, Peanut actually sleeps in the bed with us, so imagine all that I’m covered in 24/7. 😜😳
      Plantar fasciitis is nothing to laugh about; you need support.


  10. In Canada,generally speaking, we are a shoes-off in the house people. However, I will tell people to keep their shoes on if that makes them more comfortable (and me uncomfortable 😁). We have snow, ice, road salt (not anymore, where I live now) and mud to contend with and I prefer to keep that stuff outdoors. Also, we usually don’t have much tiling on the floors, preferring hardwood and rugs…I think this is why the shoes-off custom is so prevalent here.

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  11. You make me laugh! The arches photo gave me such a giggle.

    I am a No Shoes In The House person… but I wear shoes in the house because it is the ONLY WAY to keep my feet in some semblance of… whatever is between “agony” and “pain-free.” They are House Shoes though, and have never set foot outside. But I still get annoyed if people want to wear shoes in my house. If they want to bring House Shoes, fine! That’s great! But I don’t like regular shoes tromping around grinding public bathroom floor detritus and sidewalk flotsam into my tile.

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    1. I’m glad I made you laugh.
      If I get the chance to visit you, we’ll meet at a neutral location, so I can wear my public bathroom floor detritus and sidewalk flotsam shoes there and not inside your home. 😜
      *I made myself giggle so hard*


  12. OMG SUZ I IMMEDIATELY THOUGHT ABOUT YOUR MICROBLADING. You know I’m always going to be in your corner whenever there is an eyebrow/ cosmetic issue. HERE FOR YOU.

    I am shoes off in the house, at least outside shoes. It’s Canada. Things get wet and snowy and disgusting. However, my husband has arch issues and he has a pair of Birkenstock-like sandals that have special orthopedic support, and he wears those inside the house. If we go somewhere he brings them with him because up here, most people are shoes OFF. If someone was to bring a pair of indoor shoes with them, that’s super cool with me! I have had people do that, and maybe you could do that too, if you went to a shoes off house?

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    1. Thank you for having my eyebrow’s back. 😜
      Wet, snowy and disgusting. yeah, I’d have to change my shoes to
      ‘inside’ shoes, which isn’t a problem as long as I can wear some shoes.


  13. I’m glad you were able to get in the derm office so quickly. And that it was nothing serious! We are shoes on type of people. We don’t have pets that go outside or small kids most of the time. I do have a mat outside the door and a rug inside and will usually give a few wipes of my feet while entering. Unless it’s really snowy then boots off at the door!

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