A Feast For Your Eyes And (maybe) Ears

I’ve had some photos sitting in my phone, just waiting for me to share with you, my dear friends.


Last week after coming home from Texas, I was enjoying my coffee on the lanai with Peanut when I spied something PURPLE across the yard. The closer I got, the more my jaw dropped, which is dangerous since our yard is full of pollinators.

It was SO much that I had to take a video to share with my people.

It’s a Crimson Cattleya and obviously, NOT in a crotch, but hanging out. I honestly don’t know when or where it came from and I don’t fertilize my orchids, so they are just out there, just doing their own thing and obviously, doing it well.

Speaking of hanging out, these two were gifted to me from my MIL about 15 years ago as little tiny babies. They bloom twice a year and always give me the giddies. Two different plants, An up-close of the root system and blooms of the Delicate Violet Orchid. (Hey, it’s a freaking slideshow. Who knew I could do that?)

Below is a pic I snapped on March 28th of a very healthy Phalaenopsis; it had six or seven shoots of blooms at once and yes, this IS a crotch orchid. But the really cool part is that you can see the Delicate Violet Orchid in the background; it looks like skinny stalks hanging down when not in bloom and then BAM: BLOOMS!

Mother Nature is magical!

A while back our friend Don sent us a snapshot of a huge staghorn fern he saw while on a job site in Palm Beach; the clever homeowners put orchids in the center of the ferns. *Lightbulb moment* I started dropping unbloomed orchids in some of our reachable staghorns and one has already started blooming.

I’m A Plant Recycler

You might wonder where my orchids originate? Like am I out there buying orchids willy nilly? NOPE. I mean, I might buy one a year, my MIL might gift me one a year and occasionally friends donate theirs that won’t bloom and these babies like to multiply. We also attend charity events and sometimes they gift you with the table centerpiece; I’ll generally showcase that orchid in our kitchen until it finishes blooming, then I’ll move it outside and it will be a crotch orchid, or now, a staghorn orchid.

This phalenopsis is from an event in February; they bloom a long time.

And, for those who don’t care for plants (what kind of a monster are you?) here’s a sweet video of Peanut enjoying an apple snack. Note, she is the only person (😜) who I’d tolerate making all that noise while chewing and not shank her for it.

When is the last time you had the giddies? Was it over a plant, food or a critter?


24 thoughts on “A Feast For Your Eyes And (maybe) Ears

    1. I agree; it is incredible. The blooms were vibrant for about seven days; now they’re fading, and some have fallen off. Also it’s over 90* today, so I’d start fading and falling down outside as well.

      I know. Those last few extra chews got me!


  1. LOVE the orchids! I have never had an orchid rebloom for me! Of course, I can’t put them outside with our crazy weather! Love the vide of Peanut! Yes, only a cute critter like that can get away with chewing sounds!

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      1. Pat Birnie

        Those pictures (and your yard) are spectacular. You really do have a green thumb. And that video of Peanut – oh my god. So funny and wow she is a noisy chewer.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. These flowers and blooms are beautiful. Love the color. Breathtaking. I’m not a gardener. Not that I don’t enjoy looking at pretty flowers growing, but I don’t spend the time to get them going. Maybe someday? Or better yet, maybe Tank will someday plant a bunch of things for me . . . this is his area of expertise, but he’s not volunteering his services and I can’t afford him.

    Peanut is a riot. Very thorough in that chewing process. Her facial expressions are priceless.

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    1. I’m sure there are lovely flowers that Tank could plant for you each spring; that would be a beautiful Mother’s Day Gift. Right?

      Peanut is serious about her food, but who around here isn’t?


  3. PLANT GIDDIES ARE REAL. You already know how much I enjoyed this post. I might have even bookmarked it so I can return to it on a rainy day. I’ve also taken plants in for friends who thought theirs were dying. Plant 101 should be taught in schools, in my opinion…

    Those flowers you have are incredible. I love that you can grow your orchids outside. My northern plant heart envies you.

    I also love dog munchies. 💕

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  4. Bijoux

    I’m so jealous of your orchids. I’m down to one and it looks healthy, but hasn’t bloomed in about 3 years. What gorgeous color and variety you have.

    On a side note, your grass sounds crunchy🤣

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  5. Oh my gosh — that Cattleya is STUNNING. All the plants are, really, but that color is so vibrant. Nature IS amazing.

    I have one (1) orchid, and have had it for four years now. It has bloomed twice. I just got it repotted by someone who knows what she’s doing (i.e. not me) and I hope it will bloom again. I love that you get multiple orchids a year! And that they then have new lives in your yard! So cool!

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  6. There are so many things I accept from my dog and cat that I would never tolerate from any human being. Oh, licking your butt in front of me? Nice job grooming! Oh, laying in the middle of a high traffic area during dinner prep? You just want to be with us! How adorable!

    My husband says that our dog and cat are people, just not humans, so I think that it’s common to call dogs people!

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  7. I AM HERE FOR THIS CONTENT. Ah, Florida gardens. How incredible is it that we live on the same continent and you are surrounded by orchids and I am surrounded by snow?? Well, technically the snow has melted, and not much is going on in my yard, but a teeny bit of green is starting to peek out of my garden…

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  8. If I thought my orchids would survive a trip in the mail they would be on your doorstep next week! So far, I’ve only gotten ONE of the six to re-bloom – and I think that was a freak accident. I’ve tried putting them out in the summer, leaving them in *sigh*

    But your orchids are STUNNING!

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