Middle Age Hair And Hot, Solid Bears

I’ve had this dream for a while to chop my hair. All of them. It was short by any standard unless you compared my hair to Jamie Lee Curtis or Kojak, but still, there was hair. 

Thanks to genetics, age, menopause, and (maybe?) anesthesia from my most recent surgery, my hair is Thin. Not just Thin. It’s Thin Thin. 

I almost had to convince my stylist to do it. My reasoning: If I hate it, it will eventually grow out.

*Me looking around for a Gold Star because I used Logic properly and it didn’t hurt.*

This was my inspiration photo:

KIDDING! But, that poor, sweet girl up there. I wish I could return and tell her, “It’s all gonna be ok; just wait and see.” I’d also tell her, “quit it with the Side Eye you little turd.”

It’s fairly short at the nape of my neck, and I love it so far; so much quicker to blow dry, and I’m not feeling as sticky in the heat. 

I declared to my family and on FB: I’m officially a Middle Aged Mom because I have the haircut that says so.


A woman I knew for a long time, she worked for us. She had really thin hair, which made my current situation look thick. It always baffled me that she kept her hair shoulder length; it was stringy and never looked healthy. One day, she said something to me that she’d love to cut her hair, but her husband liked long hair. 

Me: Sounds like he should grow out his hair.  

I mean, for real. Does he love YOU? Or the idea of YOU having long hair?

That’s a head scratcher, which I’m trying to avoid because: Thin Hair.

How hot is it you ask?

I came clean and shared with you my Gummy Bear Addiction a while back, so this isn’t new news, but my Car Gummy Bear Stash are not super excited about Summer returning. I went to snack on some the other day, and they had become a Solid block of Gummy. It’s so warm out that our large pool is 86*.

Do we heat our pool? Never, that is the natural solar heater in the sky.

Did you know that Middle Age is classified as *40-60 and not really HALF of your life? 😳 I mean, if I were literally Middle Aged in that aspect, I’d have to live until I’m 110 and I don’t think any of us want that.

*I also read that Middle Age is 45-64. Who really knows and WHO cares, really? I’m just happy to be here!

* Is it Middle Age? Or Middle Aged? Again, I’m content to be either.

Anyone else take a Hair Chance lately?

Does the thought of Middle Age(d) OR Old Age scare you?


49 thoughts on “Middle Age Hair And Hot, Solid Bears

  1. Love the new do! The short cut with long layers really flatters your face.
    But 86 degree pool water? Ugh. Might as well crawl into a hot bath.
    And whether you call it middle age or middle aged, all I know is that I feel every one of my years now and that’s no fun.

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    1. Thanks on the hair compliment.
      I like a warmish pool; 86 is pushing it.
      I hate that you are feeling your years!! I’m guessing it’s your knee that causes the most pain.
      *Knock on wood; I’m still feeling pretty spry. I mean, at least for my age, anyway.

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  2. That hairstyle suits you — looking good! By either of those definitions, I have left middle age behind now. My hair is a little thinner, I guess, but not too bad. What I notice is that it’s more brittle and drier than when I was young.

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    1. Thank you, Deb.
      I wonder if the dryness/brittle issue is because your hair is gray now. At least more than before and gray hair usually has a different texture.


  3. Terrific hairstyle. It’s perfect.

    Did you keep the gummi wad and just gnaw off a piece every now and then, like a plug of chaw? You know, you could put it in a jar, cover it in vodka, and have Gummi Bear Vodka in just a few days.

    Just sayin’.

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    1. Well, you know I had to take a bite o the Gummy Block and see if I could still enjoy it…but nope, too hard to get them apart.
      I never thought of the vodka idea, and now they are in the garbage. 😦


  4. That hair style is super cute. Love it. I’m not sure how you define thin hair, but yours does not look like it falls in that category. I should know, thin hair is my specialty, unfortunately.

    What in the world with the husband who liked her hair long? I laughed at your idea – how ’bout he grow his hair out?

    I did not know that middle age was 40-60 years. Just goes to show you that we really didn’t need all those math classes in school, because whoever came up with that isn’t following basic math principles. I’m embracing the mentality that I’m as old as I feel, and I’m moving pretty good – so that counts as young-ish, right?

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    1. You move a lot, and I’m sure that is part of why you feel good—Motion is the Lotion. Isn’t that what they say? Or is Motion the Potion? Something like that. I’m sure the worst thing we could do to ourselves is become sedentary.

      I’ve heard other Men mandating how their wives wear their hair: Um, see ya later. Like Never!


  5. You move a lot, and I’m sure that is part of why you feel good—Motion is the Lotion. Isn’t that what they say? Or is Motion the Potion? Something like that. I’m sure the worst thing we could do to ourselves is become sedentary.

    I’ve heard other Men mandating how their wives wear their hair: Um, see ya later. Like Never!


  6. DG

    Love, love, love your hair! I turn 50 next year and so I am growing mine out this year so I can have a snazzy makeover picture, of course I also plan on losing a gazzilion pounds so we shall see.

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  7. Love the hair!

    My hair is thinning (started in my 30s), on top only. It’s a genetic thing, apparently. As a result I have to make each of the remaining hairs on the top of my head do the work of 10 of its missing sisters 🤣 (and believe me, I do).

    If I am middle-aged I will live to be 126 and be completely bald by then…and nobody wants that, either 😉.


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    1. Genetics can either be wonderful or a Cross To Bear.
      I suppose I’m making my remaining hairs pull the weight of many too; they must be exhausted.


  8. I kept my hair really short for years and years and then the pandemic came and I grew both my color and the length and I just haven’t gone back to shorter hair. I saw someone I hadn’t seen since 2019 on Friday and she said, “you look so good now” which made me wonder if I really looked like crap in 2019, but also I think that people are just impressed that someone with shorter hair can grow it out.

    ANYWAY. That was a lot of words signifying nothing. Your hair looks great and if it’s easier to style and care for, so much the better! Go you!

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  9. M

    Oh, I love the new ‘do, Suz! I know nothing about hair styles or fashion but this frames/showcases your beautiful face wonderfully!

    I am a Hair Chance taker. I usually wear my hair long-ish but about every couple of years, I’d get so sick of my long-ish hair and just get a drastic haircut! It feels so refreshing! I used to think, “Oh, but I like my hair now”, doubting getting a haircut — but I always also say, “But it’s just hair; it’ll grow back!” It’s funny that going from shoulder-blade length hair to above the shoulder length hair always gets me. The first few days, I’d catch a glimpse of myself and do a double-take, “Who’s that?” LOL I’m planning on another such drastic cut in the next month or so!

    Sigh…I guess I’ve been middle-aged for a while, I guess, if middle age starts at 40. But it’s all good! I’m still learning and I’m soon retiring, a perk of this age! One of the things I learned a couple of years ago is that I need to move. I had a really painful frozen shoulder that required a shot and months of physical therapy. The physical therapy motions were things we were doing in my Yoga class….and I thought to myself, “Oh! Maybe had the pandemic not happened and I continued to go to my yoga classes, I would’ve avoided the frozen shoulder!” I thought I needed to baby my shoulder when it was a little painful — but it’s better to move it afterall.

    I love a warm pool but that is hot! Is it hotter early this year? I remember when we lived in TX and people were having to put ice in their water to cool it down so they can enjoy it!

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    1. Good for you with taking Hair Chances! How fun to make a drastic change, but it’s never permanent.
      Yes, we have to keep moving or else. A sedentary lifestyle is the New Smoking—not good.
      It’s usually this hot here already and I’m not a fan.


  10. Oh my goodness, that gummy bear mass is something else! Whew!

    I LOVE your hair! It looks so kicky and youthful and fun. Really great cut.

    I am not a Hair Chance Taker. When I was a high school freshman, I took a chance and cut it to my chin and then I had Triangle Hair until it grew out. No thank you. The other chance I took was in third grade when I got a perm. The boys at school promptly made fun of me. So I am stuck with my same just below shoulder length hair until death, I’m afraid.

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    1. What a sad waste of precious gummy bears. 😳
      Thank you for the sweet compliment.
      I’m trying to picture Triangle Hair…it’s not coming to me. I can see how having something traumatic happen with a cut, especially at an impressionable age, can leave a mark on you.
      Just after high school, I attended Beauty School and had every color and cut imaginable. I’m lucky I had hair left at graduation.


  11. Babe, I hear you on the thinning hair. Although I have noticed a significant improvement using Nutrafol, the Ordinary serum for scalps, some other spray serum, praying to the hair goddesses, etc.
    Your hair looks really fantastic in that cut, but I think it always looks great.
    When I was 11 or so I cut my hair like Madonna in Papa Don’t Preach and regrets, wow, regrets. My hair is currently long-ish, which I like because I can pull it into a bun when I need to.

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    1. Nicole, I started Nutrafol a while ago and it might have been working, but now, since my surgery, the hair situation has become more dire. I hope it’s temporary, and the Nutrafol will start doing its magic again.
      I didn’t know The Ordinary had anything for hair. I’ll look into that.

      Papa Don’t Preach Hair. I think it was similar to Marilyn’s trademark look, right?


  12. My hair chance of late is to grow my hair out into a long curly [more like frizzy] ponytail. It’s the easiest *style* I’ve had in years. That being said I’m also thinking about getting my hair cut short again into a layered style like yours. You look great.

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    1. I think a lot of people just ‘Let It Go, Let It Go’, during the pandemic.
      I wish I could. Mine would be haggard and look terrible in a pony or bun; much too fine and thin nowadays.
      Thanks for the sweet compliment; it’s a fun change for me.

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  13. Bijoux

    Your hair looks very cute and fashionable! I think I’ve read that a short haircut will make hair grow thicker, but maybe that’s an old wive’s tale (let’s call it middle age wive’s tale!). And yes, I’ve heard about women whose husbands want them to keep their outdated long hair styles. It looks terrible and makes me wonder if the husbands DON’T want their wives to look good?

    Hot enough to melt gummy bears and heat a pool?? That’s some Arizona sh*t right there! I would take that over our constant rain/drizzle and 45 degrees.

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    1. It’s a wives’ tale that cutting it will make it thicker. BUT shorter hair, with some sort of weight somewhere (like a bob), will make thin hair appear thicker. Which is what I’ve been doing for the past few years, in some form. This cut now, also has a weight line to make it appear like I have more hair than not.
      Yep, it is some Arizona Shit here, plus the lovely humidity. JOY.


  14. I’d kill to have hair as pretty as your’s. Love the new look — it’s sophisticated and put-together. Unless you’re 16, I think the current trend of long hair with center part is unattractive in 95% of women. In the spirit of New Year/New Me, in January I cut my hair into spikes requiring lots of gel. The products had names like “Pig Snot” and “Surfer Hair” (not kidding). Yuck! – will just have to live with that “wild hair” idea for another 3-4 months.

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    1. Thank you so much for saying I appear Put together and sophisticated. 🙂
      SPIKES! Go You! I bet it’s fun to have something so low maintenance, with weird names of hair products aside.



    I’d keep that gummy wad. They make those enormous gummy bears, so you have the Florida equivalent. 😊

    I know of women who have said that about their hair/husbands. That sounds very Laura Ingalls Wilder.

    Since menopause, my hair has been falling out a little more when I brush it, but not noticeably.

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    1. Thank you so much, Kari.
      Well, you know I TRIED to nibble on the Giant Gummy Bear, but it was a no-go. I hated throwing it away…such a precious commodity for me.

      Can you imagine if your husband told you how to wear your hair? Or clothes? I mean, I pity the Fool who would mandate something like that to us.

      To avoid hair falling out while brushing it, just avoid brushing it. Need any other help today from me? 😳😳

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  16. Great haircut! Love it. I’ve known a few husbands that make their wives keep their hair longer…and I’ve always thought to myself that they were lucky they weren’t married to me because they’d have landed in divorce court so fast their head would spin.

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  17. I love your new haircut! Looks thick and beautiful! I have shoulder length hair and keep it longer so I can put it up when I exercise or it’s hot outside. One of these days I’ll cut it short because I am sick of blow drying it! It’s scary that I am past what is considered middle age but yet I don’t feel elderly!

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  18. Yeah, honestly, old age scares the crap out of me. I just turned 54 last week and even that doesn’t sit well with me. Especially when my younger wife is freaking out about turning 46 in July. Oh, honey…I WISH!

    We have the opposite problem up here. I keep a stash of Mentos (you know, the freshmaker) in my car. First time I went to bite into one in winter and I damn near chipped a tooth. I’ve since learned to let them warm up in my mouth before chewing.

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  19. Pat Birnie

    Your hair looks really nice. Thinning hair is such an issue for middle-aged (whatever that is) women. I have so many friends that are dealing with it. I have to be very careful not to complain about how long it takes to dry my crazy thick hair.

    I would have eaten that mess of bears – just gnaw off a chunk and get chewing. I bet that they were very sticky though. As I catch up on my blogs your title made me wonder if was connected to Nicole’s most recent post and book review. (aww too bad, I can’t create a link embedded in her name, boo hoo)

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    1. Pat, I have a couple of friends who are sixty and still have the MOST THICK hair ever. It’s not really fair; I mean, can we find a middle ground between super thick and super thin?
      I tried to eat the gummy bear CLUMP, but it wasn’t working out for me. 🙂


  20. Suz, I love your new do! You look fabulous, dah-ling! And what a sweet picture of you when you were little. How old were you then? Also, my entire body is falling apart, which is no fun at all. I just turned 58 and still haven’t gone through menopause. What is up with that? Well, the new gynecologist is wanting to find out, which is good, but ugh. As to your question of whether I’m scared to get older, well, if my body doesn’t shape up, that may not be an option. So, yes, my 50’s have been scary and bumpy so far. However, older is better than the alternative. I think. Hoping my 60’s are better. Mona

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  21. bibliomama2

    Let me be the 181’st to say that haircut is everything, and your eyes really pop wearing that colour.
    I once had a friend with a peanut-allergic child bring a bag of peanut butter cups on a child-free girls weekend, but she left it in a hot car and the result was similar to your giant gummy bear-berg, but chocolate, so even worse, in my opinion.

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