This Mother Needs A Day Off and Walking To Extreme Thinness.

The Week before last I’d noticed Peanut had some sort of injury to her front left paw. *Did she hurt it while moving furniture? While pressure washing the roof tiles? Who knows. The Coach and I looked several times at her paw and couldn’t find anything obvious.

Finally, a day later after watching her toddle through the grass holding up her bad paw, I realized it was her Dewclaw; it was split to the base. OUCH. Luckily, my vet let me drop her off the next morning and they would fit her in between appointments to address her work injury.

I dropped her off early in the morning, we were departing for GA that afternoon and I had loads of stuff to do in/around the house and off property. I hated leaving her at the office, but HOLY MACKEREL was I able to get a boatload of stuff done without her around. I felt so accomplished and when the vet called me at 12:30, I’d checked everything off my list.

Our Vet ended up taking most of the nail off, and didn’t need to sedate her.

I told the Coach later on, that I forgot how much time I actually had to myself when I wasn’t tending to another being; maybe I need to take her to Doggy Daycare a few days a week?

I’m not gonna do that because then I couldn’t be a glutton, but I do understand why Mom’s need to have a day off from their kids. I’m surprised I lasted as long as I did with my girls before they started Kindergarten. Of course, I was young and had some actual energy.

*I can only hope to the Good Lord that she hasn’t noticed those Work Injury Lawyers on TV and she refrains from suing us for her pain and suffering.

Some lovely Iris’s I came across at our Ranch Property while visiting the other day

The weather in GA has been phenomenal; such a nice reprieve from our summer temps in SW Florida. Peanut and I have been walking daily; I have one specific trail that I like since it’s close to our house and fully paved. There are many primitive trails here, but I refrain from those during the warmer months because copperhead snakes are prevalent and they blend in with the landscape. I love nature, but not venomous snakes. After an uphill/downhill 50-55 minute walk, this girl is beat. Peanut as well.

Our third day here, I asked the Coach: Do you even recognize me? All this walking, I must’ve lost a lot of weight and I’ll probably require a new wardrobe.

He replied that he couldn’t actually see me, but could hear my voice. So yes, I probably lost about 130lbs.

I like when things work fast in my favor.

Anyone come across a Copperhead lately? And I’m not talking about the fiery redhead in your ‘hood.

We’ve come to a Very Big Decision with the 113 acre Ranch Property and it’s not what I had imagined a year ago. I will have to gather my thoughts and share soon. Can you even guess?


39 thoughts on “This Mother Needs A Day Off and Walking To Extreme Thinness.

  1. You were a very nice bit of Sunshine to have on my computer this morning! Of course we will be eager to hear what future plans are in GA. So thankful you are having a good visit and the weather is cooperating. Have you all gotten some of the rain?
    Another question – – do you watch the TV show, “Critter Fixers”? It is about veterinarians in southern GA. It’s great and well-done. I mention it because they have some unusual cases but I have never heard of them treating a split dewclaw which means I learned something new today. It’s always a good day to when we get more education.

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    1. You always brighten my days with your sweet comments! We had a bit of rain overnight and a few overcast mornings; but it’s been a nice change from HOT and HUMID 24/7.


  2. Hey Suz,
    Glad y’all were able to discover what was bothering Peanut and were able to get it fixed. Poor baby! What a beautiful walk. Deep blue skies! Glad the weather was kind. We are now dealing with heat and humidity where I live. I don’t mind the heat so much, but the humidity sucks. I don’t know that I’ve encountered any copperheads recently. Also, I understand completely about trying to get things done with pets around! Hope you have a great Mother’s Day next Sunday! Mona

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    1. If only dogs and cats could tell you what the issue is, instead of making us guess. Kinda rude.
      I’m so over the heat and humidity, but I suppose that’s what you get when you live in paradise. 🙂
      Happy (early) Mother’s Day to you too!!

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    1. DG, there are snakes in NY too. But maybe not the venomous type where you reside. Most snakes don’t bother me, but I’m pretty shook about having too share my yard with copperheads.


  3. I like knowing you’re walking your way to thinness. That sounds healthy and you certainly are in a pretty place to go out a’walking. Happy to read about Peanut. You are living the high life right now!

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  4. Ouch. Poor Peanut. Glad the vet was abe to fit her in and give you a break. I’m gonna have Fridays off next year and I am so looking forward to having a day off – we all need a day, at least once in awhile.

    I dislike walking on a treadmill, but if I ever saw a snake while out walking – I think I’d start walking indoors only.

    The big decision? Hmm. You are considering building a small neighborhood to house all of your closest friends? Or you are gonna build a butterfly sanctuary – so large that you’ll attract all sorts of visitors.

    Coach and I have a big decision to make too. If I get a sec, I’ll text you to fill you in. ;0

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    1. You are going to fill in those Fridays, I just know it.
      Butterfly season is shorter in GA because there is an actual winter here…so I’d only be able to raise them a few months a year. Not totally out of the question though!
      Most of our people have already picked spots on the property for themselves; which is wild since I don’t remember asking them. LOL.


  5. Poor Peanut! You have to stop working her so hard, even though she may be excellent at pressure washing roof tiles. I don’t know if you have Workers’ Compensation insurance in the States, but In Canada businesses try to avoid those claims to keep the insurance premiums low! 😁
    Intrigued to learn about your Very Big Decision!


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  6. Oh, no! If there were venomous snakes around here, I would be so upset. I like to be able to wander freely without worry!

    I used to take Hannah to doggie daycare once a week and the best part was how tired she was the next day. I’d take her on a Wednesday and she would barely stir from her bed on Thursday. Oh, those were the days!

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    1. I’m pretty certain there are venomous snakes throughout the country. No?
      I was also thinking Doggie Daycare would exhaust her for the next day…so, like a two for one. 🙂


      1. I mean, we have venomous snakes, but not really? The timber rattlesnake and the eastern massasauga are the only two venomous snakes found in Wisconsin. Both species are rarely seen, as the massasauga is endangered in the state and the timber rattlesnake is of special concern. I walk pretty regularly in the woods and have never seen either!


  7. Maddie

    Omg I love guessing games! Any chance to play imagination and I’m there. Okay… I’m guessing that you you’re building the whole family compound after coming round to the idea of running cows, peeing outside (well maybe not that), and the many glories of having gently rolling hills of green and no HOAs while surrounded by your lovely family.

    That or you’re building a Butterfly Sanctuary. Scratch that – any place you dwell is automatically a butterfly sanctuary 😊

    I’ve encountered a couple of copperheads in my day. They look like sticks! Pretty sure I walked over one and didn’t notice until I turned around to pick up the stick which then moved in a very not-a-stick manner!

    We get black snakes too. They climb. They molt. They move really fast when you try to weed them. But we get along ok for the most part. My theory is they keep the copperheads away.

    I hope my guess is vaguely correct bc your Ranch property is *stunning* and basically my dream (except the house… whoa nellie on the house).

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    1. You are such a great guesser! I’ll share soon. You are right on the house.
      Walking over a copperhead gives me the heebie jeebies. They blend in so well, it’s crazy pants!
      The black snakes we have are harmless and I welcome them to our yard(s). I’ve aptly named them all No Feet.


    2. That has to be one of the greatest compliments “any place you dwell is automatically a butterfly sanctuary”, I love that!

      Once, on a hike, we accidentally got between a turkey and her chick, and she charged us like you wouldn’t believe it! And yet the snake encounter seems more traumatic by a mile!


  8. WordPress refused to publish my comment earlier. Hmpf. And there was nothing untoward in it, either. I’ll try again now (but it won’t be as good).

    I would be sick if there were copperheads in my neighborhood. I am so terrified of snakes. We occasionally get black watersnakes at the lake, and seeing them swim in the water makes me almost throw up. (And consider selling.)

    Sorry about Peanut. She should file for Workman’s Comp.

    Perhaps you’re going to use your huge acreage for an animal sanctuary, focusing on cows? That would be so nice!

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    1. Why is WP being a turd to you? Sorry about that.
      Copperheads, water moccasins and rattlers are really the only snakes that scare me. Luckily, I’ve only seen a moccasin in real life and that was when I was a kid.
      Peanut has demanded more cookies, or she is seeking arbitration. You really can’t trust anyone these days…😉
      Hmmmmm an animal refuge; with loads of cows. Now that would be enjoyable, wouldn’t it?


  9. Okay, I’ve read the suggestions above, and I especially like the idea of a butterfly sanctuary. I also like the idea of creating a commune with all of your friends. If I win the lottery or generate a lot of money, I want to buy land and build a lot of tiny houses so that friends and family can visit or live on the property permanently. OOH! YOU’RE MAKING UP YOUR OWN TOWN! Please say it’s that!!

    I’m sorry to hear about Peanut. I hate it when pets become sick or injured, but I’m glad he’s better. 😘❤️

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    1. A butterfly sanctuary. *sigh* I could see myself doing that. I mean, that’s kinda what I do in FL already. Sadly, the butterfly season is much shorter here since GA has an actual winter where its too cold for the butters.

      My own town. YES, please. Do you remember the children books by Richard Scarry: Busy Town. There would be nice people and lovely animals galore.

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  10. Bijoux

    Speaking of a day off from your kids . . . I’ve always been a bit shocked when I hear about parents who drop their kids off at daycare when they have the day off from work. I mean, I get that you need time to do stuff, but it’s still surprising to me.

    Are you going to sell your property to developers and go retire to Florida? Wait a minute . . .

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    1. My girls did one morning a week at a local community center…but not until they were five and almost in school. I do cherish all the time I had with them.
      HA!! Yes, doesn’t everyone want to retire in Florida?


  11. I cannot even guess but I will be waiting anxiously to hear what happens.
    Peanut! It’s like having a toddler in the house. Rex is going to doggy day care later this month for a day as it’s my son’s graduation day and I just don’t want to leave him alone for hours.

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  12. Aww! I’m glad Peanut is ok! Love Coach’s response to your asking if you looked like you lost weight! Lol! Well, are you selling that property already or maybe using it as an AirBNB? Can’t wait to hear! Oh, and I have never seen a copperhead snake in my life except for the zoo or a random nature center!

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  13. Walking to lose weight is SUCH A VICIOUS LIE. Oh, do I sound bitter? I mean, walking is lovely all on its own but man, the kilometers I have put in without losing an ounce. And I mean, who cares how I FEEL, it’s all about how I LOOK, right?
    Poor Peanut! We don’t clip Lucy’s claws enough, mostly just because I forget, because I have perfected a technique where she doesn’t struggle.

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