Stream Of Consciousness: Dirty Floor-plans & Mother’s Day Thoughts.

I had nothing in particular to share today, so how about a stream of unconscious post?


We’re back home in hawt Florida. I love our time in GA, the weather is generally more pleasant and the house is less work there, but here I have My Butterflies & My Flowers and they both bring me joy.

On one of our walks in GA, Peanut and I were passing by a wooded area and I had a flashback memory from when I was a kid.

I played outside all the time and was alone quite a bit. We had a generously sized back yard that had a chain link fence. Beyond the fenced-in area there was a stretch of woods, then a canal, then a main thoroughfare, then the Palm Beach International Airport. (it was loud)

In the canal, there were often alligators, so I didn’t play on that side of the fence as much, but sometimes. Now that I think about it, I don’t know that I was told NOT to play around the alligators.

In the wooded area near the alligator canal, I would find little clearings of land in-between the trees and with my imagination, I would design my home there. Here is a bedroom space, next would be the kitchen, a bathroom, etc (like this pic above that Peanut asked me to share)

At the back of our property line, against the fence were giant Australian Pine trees.. Under the Australian pines, I would use a rake and sweep the pine needles into living spaces, making little walls/floor plans out of the pine debris and adjusting the size of my rooms when it struck my fancy.

I was six years old and designing my dream home. I mean, it was dirt and pine needles, but you gotta start somewhere.

This memory came to me while walking, but we’re also trying to come up with a floorpan for the New House, so it’s all relative. We’re gonna use a professional, and not me outside with a rake and pine needles, so no need to worry.

We arrived home in time to meet the girls for dinner, which is special. I’ve not mentioned it here, because it’s my blog even though my children might think it’s all about them, (kidding!) but Lolo has moved further north (rude) and is almost two hours away from her beloved Mother. But she made the trek to spend a few hours with us, and I appreciate that. I can’t imagine if my kids didn’t want to spend time with me; how sad would that be? Anyhoo, they went in on a great gift for me, my jaw dropped and I said: My blog friend Kari has one of these. I’m so excited! (I’ll share when it’s put together)

Speaking of Mother’s day. This thought has been in my head and I want you guys to chime in as I appreciate the varied differences in my blog friends. I was checking out of the grocery store last week and the clerk said: Have a Happy Mother’s Day! How did she know I’m a mother? Is it my haircut?

I appreciate the comment, but what happens if I were not a mother; either by choice or I couldn’t but really wanted to? If you fall into that category, what do you think about the sentiment? And how would you respond?

My writing time is up!


44 thoughts on “Stream Of Consciousness: Dirty Floor-plans & Mother’s Day Thoughts.

  1. I’m strangely disappointed that you’re not going with the rake and leaf piles form of architectural design. Missed blog fodder there for sure.
    As for the holiday sentiment, I’m not a mother but am constantly referred to as if I am. It doesn’t really bother me but I do wonder why everyone just assumes. Sometimes it’s fun to see people’s reactions when you answer none to their how many kids do you have question. It’s none of their business but you know they’re dying to ask why.

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    1. I know skipping that part of the design process will leave me nothing to blog about. 😜
      I think that if I were not a mother, it could possibly bother me that someone would assume so. I’m just guessing, but it feels like a sticky situation.

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  2. Don’t play with the gators, Suz! They’ll mess up the walls of your house!

    Oh the Mother’s Day comment. I am sure that person was just trying to be nice, but yes, what a minefield for potential awkwardness or hurt. I really kind of hate Mother’s Day and would abolish it (and Father’s Day) if I had my druthers. There is just TOO MUCH potential for bad feelings and hurt that surrounds the holiday.

    I hope you share details about the house plans! Such a fascinating process.

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  3. So many people just blithely toss greetings and comments around, never stopping to think that there are Individuals for whom they are not okay. These people never mean any offense because they don’t have the depth of sensitivity or awareness to realize that there are others in the world different than they are. They’re being Nice rather than Kind, and there’s a big difference.

    I’m so glad that your childhood dreams have come true for you (without alligators, too)! I often think about how I used to dream about parts of my life and how I got to live them for real, as a grownup. It never ceases to bring me incredible Joy, and I know you feel the same way.

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    1. I’m incredibly grateful to live out so many dreams…or even things I never dreamt of.
      I had another thought this morning about the Mother’s Day wishes. Even if a woman isn’t a ‘mother,’ could she still enjoy the Mother’s day greeting in honor of her mother? Or her Sister? Something for us to ponder.


    1. I believe it’s true: we make assumptions all day long about a whole lot of things, and rarely pause to think if they hold true, or like that cute saying goes “jumping to conclusions does not count as exercise” 😀

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  4. DG

    I am not a birth mother but I have 4 wonderful step-children but I am very aware I am not a mother on Mother’s Day. My own mother passed away at 59 in 2006 so the day has been a bit tough for me since. My step-children honor me which is wonderful but I don’t feel they have to as they have a mother. There was a time when I hated when people said Happy Mother’s Day to me, now I just say thank you as I do mother my step-children but I can imagine how hard that would be for someone who always wanted children and couldn’t have them.

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    1. DG, you lost your Mom too young; I’m sorry. You will always feel a hole in your heart, especially on Mother’s Day. I felt it this weekend for a few moments…it bites.
      Step Mothers are integral in our lives, and you should not sell yourself short; it’s a big job with lots of layers to work around.
      Coach’s Step Mom never had kids and didn’t raise Coach because she’s only a few years older than he is. I always wish her a Happy Mother’s day though, because she’s a beautiful nurturer to us and our kids; she’s been their Grandma before they were born, and to me, that is being motherly.


  5. So we opened the ice cream shop on Mother’s day weekend, and I told the scoopers to make sure they said “Happy Mother’s Day!” to anyone who was obviously a mother, like there with her kids. Because I didn’t want to offend, but I’m sure we wished Happy Mother’s Day to some aunts or friends who were there with kids, but not their kids. So I was feeling bad about that. But then I thought, maybe it’s like wishing someone a Happy July 4th or Happy Veteran’s Day when they’re not patriotic or not a veteran…it’s just about wishing them a happy day on the holiday that’s being celebrated, you know? Like do you need to BE a mom to have a Happy Mother’s Day or can you have a Happy Mother’s Day by celebrating your mom or the memory of a great mom or just having an ice cream on a beautiful day. So many thoughts!

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    1. Congratulations on the opening of your sweet shop~
      I don’t know that we should feel bad about wishing someone a good thing. Right?
      I had another thought this morning about the Mother’s Day wishes. Even if a woman isn’t a ‘mother,’ could she still enjoy the Mother’s Day greeting in honor of her mother? Or her Sister? Something for us to ponder.


  6. Someone said happy Mother’s Day to me and I just said thanks and to have a good weekend. I do think it’s something that people, particularly in retail, are trained to say and they don’t think much of it. I can see how it would be hurtful, though, and try to be very aware of who I say it to. Interacting with people IS JUST SO FRAUGHT all the time.

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    1. I know it feels like dealing with folks is fraught constantly, but we probably make it worse in our heads. Right?
      I had another thought this morning about the Mother’s Day wishes. Even if a woman isn’t a ‘mother,’ could she still enjoy the Mother’s day greeting in honor of her mother? Or her Sister?


  7. First and foremost, I understand what you meant about the woods and creating rooms! When I was a kid, we used to play outside in the “little woods” and “big woods” behind our neighborhoods and do the exact same thing! It’s a miracle we’re still alive. We’d be in the BOWELS of those woods, with no idea who or what was around! AND ALLIGATORS? Your game of Life had an additional layer of danger added to it.

    I can’t wait to see what you have that I also have! 🤣🤣
    I’m racking my brain, trying to think of all things.


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    1. My parents used to joke that I could have been kidnapped, but the kidnappers would bring me back quickly since I’d drive them nuts. 😜

      Of course, it’s a daybed.
      Who doesn’t want to lay outside when it’s 98* and 97% humidity while swatting away nats and mosquitos? (sounds dreamy, doesn’t it?) 😳😜

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      1. I would have been returned as well. 🤣

        Mosquito netting, which we purchased after purchasing the daybed, is now required. We never opened ours, but I’ve heard it works. I’ve also heard that bubbles keep mosquitos away. I almost bought a bubble machine the other day on Amazon…

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  8. Particularly in retail, I think, they are told to wish mother’s (without giving any context on how to spot a mother) a Happy Mother’s day or whatever. I know I drove through a drive through on Valentine’s Day and was rather shocked when the (kinda creepy) guy taking my money wished me a Happy Valentine’s Day. It was only after I picked up my drink at the next window and the woman then wished me a Happy Valentine’s Day that it clicked…they were told to say it.

    But yes, I can see how it would be hurtful but I don’t think (usually) it is meant to be; so I choose to see it as someone wishing me a good day and leave it at that.

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  9. I love learning about your outdoor imaginary game – how cool that you were near a forest, but EEK to the aligators. I used to spend a lot of time outside when I was a kid. I lived in my own world a lot, or tried to create one.

    Thanks for reassuring us that you are gonna use professionals to design the house. I was nervous.

    On Mother’s Day, I do worry about women who didn’t or couldn’t or chose not to have children. You raise a good point. My heart hurt on Sunday thinking about Curly’s friends, the twins. I imagine they blow it off, but it might be easier said than done – what about a woman who has recently suffered a miscarriage. 😦

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    1. Yes, Curly’s friends suffered the biggest loss this year. I was actually thinking of her today when I had another follow-up doctor’s appointment; so very heartbreaking.


  10. bibliomama2

    I had a friend who is not a mother and who misses her mother very much describe being wished a happy mother’s day, and it’s really not something anyone should do if they don’t know a person’s situation – it is careless at best and very hurtful at worst.
    The story about you designing your fake play house is adorable. It must be why you’re so great at doing the real thing.


  11. I try not to say anything about Mother’s Day to anyone, unless I know that they are indeed a mother. Sometimes not even then, because often it’s painful if someone has lost their mother or has a bad relationship with their mother…it’s just such a fraught day for so many.
    I used to make “play houses” like that too! Suz! Are we the same person? I also love butterflies and flowers!

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  12. I worked at Brookstone during college, and one day a coworker told a customer she shouldn’t be using the massage chair because it wasn’t intended for pregnant women.

    You can see where this is going, right…?

    No, she wasn’t pregnant. What she was, was indignant that he’d assumed she was with child when in fact she was just heavy. Can’t say I blame her.

    It’s a birdcam, isn’t it?

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    1. I learned a long time ago you do not assume somebody is pregnant unless you were the one that impregnated them or you see a babies head. 😂

      Winner winner bird watching dinner!

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  13. I’m child-free and people say “Happy Mother’s Day” to me assuming I am one. It used to bother me, but now as a wiser older woman I don’t think a thing about it. I figure, it’s a holiday and people are spreading joy in their own way, so I graciously smile and say “thank you.”

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  14. Bijoux

    I love that you suddenly remembered a childhood memory like the one in the woods. I find that sort of thing to be very meaningful. I did notice cashiers saying Happy Mothers Day and thought it was a bit strange. But if someone said Happy Chanukah to me, I wouldn’t be offended. Lol!

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