All The Flora With My Fauna And Is This My Prize?

I mentioned earlier that while in GA, Peanut and I walked daily and enjoyed our surroundings immensely. I did have a little bit of apprehension because there are a lot of bears in this area with newborn cubs/Mamas on the move. (My Aunt and Uncle had a trio in their yard last week) I kept wondering if I might be able to handle myself like an grown adult if we met up with any. Luckily, I wasn’t tested. I gotta watch out for copperhead snakes & bears. It’s a jungle out there.

I kept finding these lovely flowers on the ground, I looked them up with my Picture This App and they’re from the Tulip Tree. I know nothing about this tree, but dang the flowers are purty. Some other random lovely wildflowers and mountain Laurel. We also saw copious amounts of blueberry blossoms; surely by the time the berries have arrived, they’ll be devoured by bears and deer.

We have a sweet dogwood tree in our front yard. Do you see the dog at the bottom? That’s why they call them Dog Wood Tree’s. DUH.

All that walking can summon a nap from Peanut.

Now for the What The Heck part of my post.

I’m an admitted gum addict. I had a container of gum in my GA car for a while. I was almost at the bottom last week and noticed something odd.

I texted my girls and asked if they knew who it might belong to and neither had a clue. Do you think it’s like the box of Cracker Jacks with the prize at the bottom?

Weird, I thought that gum tasted a bit waxy. I suppose I should check to see if it’s a real diamond or a fake me out.

Raise your hands if you fawn over wildflowers like Peanut and Suz.

Who remembers Cracker Jacks? My Mom loved to get them for my girls when they were little, but I believe they are a thing of the past now. I mean, there are so many other ways to lose a filling these days.


32 thoughts on “All The Flora With My Fauna And Is This My Prize?

  1. Let’s hope that was an earring and not a nose stud, no matter who it came from.

    Cracker Jacks once sent me to the Emergency Room. Remember when they used to come in 3-packs, all bound together with that red tape? Once, when trying to get them apart as a kid, I hurt my wrist so badly, I couldn’t move it. I went to the ER and was diagnosed with a severe sprain and possible ligament damage.

    Thanks, Cracker Jacks!

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    1. Nance, the crackerjack story is horrible. What a terrible thing to happen just trying to get some sweets! I belive they owe you some really good prizes for all that you went through.


  2. I fawn over wildflowers (so many new ones I haven’t seen before, on the west coast) and I remember Cracker Jacks too!

    Never found a diamond stud in my gum but then I usually buy them in packs, not the containers…hmmm, I must be doing “gum” wrong, LOL.

    I have a Pacific Dogwood in the front yard and it is STUNNING right now.

    I walk the trails daily with a can of bear spray and a bear horn. I hope never to get close enough to a bear to have to spray one, hence the horn! So far have only seen bunnies and deer, thank goodness. Cougars are a thing out here on the island too. I hope I never encounter one of those sneaky BIG kitties. They were a real problem for a sheep farmer up the road from me last fall.


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    1. You will need to share a pic of your Pacific Dogwood. I’d love to see it.

      You know what? We keep bear spray near our exterior doors at the house in case one gets too close; you never want them to get comfortable close to your homes, but I never thought about carrying it with me. DUH!!

      Cougars! Dang, those middle-aged women are getting brazen, aren’t they? 😜😜😜

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  3. rae

    The tulip flower you write about is from the Tulip Poplar tree. It’s the Tennessee state tree and I have about 10-15 of them in my yard here in Knoxville. They are beautiful but are prone to drop their leaves early. Our yard can look like the middle of October in August! Ours are very tall so we don’t get to see the purty blooms much unless they fall to the ground.

    It’s hard to tell from the pic but it looks like you might have a Kousa (Japanese, Chinese, Korean) dogwood. The flowers tend to be more spiky or star-like than the flowering or mountain dogwoods. Mine is in full bloom here too. We have some flowering dogwoods as well but they tend to bloom in late March to early April (seems like it’s always at Easter) so have already lost their flowers. It would interesting to know if the climate/location makes that much of a difference in the blooming season.

    Yes, I remember Cracker Jacks too. I broke more than one tooth on that snack back in the day. It’s never occurred to me that they might be extinct now…I’ll have to look!

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    1. Rae, that is so interesting about the Tulip Poplar. I only saw the flowers on the ground, but maybe they were also WAY up where I was not looking.

      Well, I just looked it up in my PictureThis App (do you have that? If you like trees/plants, it’s a wealth of information. I use it all the time!) and it is a Kousa Dogwood!

      I remember the Cracker Jacks being hard and sticky; it probably kept a lot of dentists in business. I recall losing a filling on a Now And Later, and my father said I could never eat one again! 😜


  4. I fawn over flora and fauna and you certainly have a beautiful place to do it.
    As for the Cracker Jack prize… only you could find a diamond in a package of gum!
    You truly lead a blessed life.

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  5. You can definitely still buy Cracker Jacks. And it’s still very good. The toys are lame, though. I remember cool temporary tattoos and magnifying glasses and toy combs and now they’re all stickers. Lame stickers. It’s such a disappointment.

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  6. I used to love Cracker Jacks. I love flowers and I love seeing the wonderful assortment people grow in their yards. Maybe I’ll get into that at some point. Better yet, maybe Tank will plant some for me since he does that as a side hustle. I think I probably don’t pay enough. I do not find myself in wilid flower areas very often, but they are lovely.

    The random earring in the bottom of the gum box is a little gross, is it not? I canot believe it isn’t yours. Eek.

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  7. I fawn over wild flowers and worry about anyone who doesn’t. I mean, when beauty is right there in front of you, enjoy it. I remember Cracker Jacks and how I was forever disappointed by the prizes in the boxes. I was a critical girl, I guess– because I felt like I’d eaten the stuff, that I didn’t really like, and gotten little for me effort. A preview of adulthood, maybe? 🙄

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  8. I loved Cracker Jacks!! That’s a throwback.
    So, maybe the earring came from the factory that made the gum? EGAD.

    There’s so much beautiful nature near your Georgia home. Dogs come from dogwood trees. I thought everyone knew this? 😊

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  9. The earring is grossing me out!!!! How in the heck did it get in there if it isn’t yours or your girl’s????

    The flowers on your walk are beautiful but the thought of a bear popping out of no where would have me a little freaked out. Be careful!!!!

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  10. Pat Birnie

    Your property is so stunning. I loved Cracker Jacks, especially the odd peanut in the mixture. Such a mystery about that earring! Wonder if it will ever get solved. I need to start buying gum and get me some diamond earrings.

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  11. Bijoux

    Bears…..hmmm, see my upcoming post! We had a HUGE tulip tree behind our last house and I loved the flowers that fell off of it. We have numerous dogwoods here and they have been very pretty this year. I only chew gum in church to keep me awake. We need more info on the diamond earring mystery! My oldest daughter had a baseball themed wedding and we had cracker jacks at each person’s place setting.

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