Where The Weekend Went: The Big Ears Are Better To Hear You With & Please Define Swimming Lessons. Plus I’m Bragging About Being An Earth Lover. Again.

Lolo has a small getaway next week, so we have Max this week. I don’t think I’ve seen him since Christmas which seems like a long time for a Grandma to see her first Grandson. Please don’t judge; we’ve both been busy. (Max and I)

Coach sent this pic to the family chat the other day and Lolo responded: “Between the two of them, they can probably hear smells”.

BTW, Peanut at times can be a complete asshole towards Max who doesn’t do anything to deserve it. She’s resource guarding us and food. I’ve had to be a referee to save poor Max from Peanut. And ten minutes after attacking him, she tries to get him to play with her and he’s all HellToTheNo! The girl is clueless.

We had a very quiet, low key weekend (aside from Dog fights) which is always a nice thing. I sent the Coach for a massage on Saturday morning (he’s been having neck issues which are causing headaches. I mean, his head IS LARGE, so that’s probably part of the issue. But a little self-care might help.)

I did a little garden work, a little house work, a little laundry and made time to dip in the pool on both Saturday and Sunday. SIDE BAR: Have I mentioned how clumsy Peanut is? Well, she’s not graceful at all, and I do worry about her falling in the pool.

(She has no fear, as you can see in this video from a few months ago)

I decided to take her in a few times to let her get accustomed to the feeling of swimming and showing her how to get to the steps. I won’t say she liked it, but she didn’t hate it either. I was wearing a rash guard, so I wasn’t too concerned about getting scratched all to hell. Max watched from the sidelines and I could read his mind: G’ma, I ain’t goin in dat baftub!

Does anyone else compost and love it? I mean, I feel a bit superior over Non-Composters, and I imagine there will be a Special Section in heaven, roped off for me and my kind. 😜

I bought myself the best gift back in 2012: a lovely large, rotatable composter. Ya’ll, that thing is still kicking! When we had the pool and pool deck redone a few years ago, the composter was moved over to the end of our driveway area, and never made it back. So, it’s a bit further away, but I still want to add to it. This year, I broke down and purchased a Countertop Composter, so I could slowly add to it, then when its full move all the contents to the big composter. The Coach and I easily adapted to this ‘countertop compost concept. (it has charcoal filters, so no smell)

My kitchen pig approves.

I was concerned about the countertop bin getting yucky; we add in coffee grounds, egg shells, veggie clippings, fruit rinds, etc…So I figured I would try to use some small bags for cleaning ease; these are amazing as they are COMPOSTABLE themselves. (they work great in our bathroom bins too) When they are full, I simply take a jaunt (Field Trip) with the dog(s) and my bag of goodies to the big composter. It’s a win-win, especially when I need to add in compost to my garden areas.

So, dish: Do you compost? Will you be there with me on the Club Level of Heaven one day? How about dogs with extra large ears who can swim…how do we feel about this?


36 thoughts on “Where The Weekend Went: The Big Ears Are Better To Hear You With & Please Define Swimming Lessons. Plus I’m Bragging About Being An Earth Lover. Again.

  1. That first photo is too perfect. Love!
    As for Peanut, maybe she thinks the pool is a giant water bowl and can’t figure out where to drink.
    Composting? No, I should… but don’t. I toss all fruit and salad/veggies scraps under our bird feeder after dinner and they’re usually gone by morning thanks to our parade of nocturnal visitors. Nature’s recyclers.

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  2. I wish we had room to compost in our wee yard. I love how in Canada they have green bins and do curbside composting. Whatever I think the birds and squirrels will enjoy does go outside, though.

    Your pool looks lovely. Maybe Peanut is just doing recon for a future big splash.


    1. I didn’t know Canada did curbside composting; how cool is that!
      I wish I could toss scraps to the birds/squirrels, but Peanut would be eating it first. 😳


  3. Ugh, I hate that Coach has neck pain and headaches. I can relate. I hope the massage helped.
    Your composter has completely captivated me. Please write a post about it because I aspire to be that level of hippie. So you just throw stuff in there and then what? It goes in the garden?
    I wish we could babysit Grandkittyyyy at our house, but I’m afraid our dogs would scare him to death. 😒

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    1. Kari, it’s right up your Hippie Alley.
      You add in kitchen scraps, veggies, and fruits only…no meats or oils. I add in plant clippings & dead flowers. You can prestart them with some compost material. (I think you can get it in store or online) and I even added a bunch of worms in the beginning from Uncle Jims Worm Farm; they live in there and eat and poop, eat and poop which makes everything into lovely soil. I then add that soil to my new, old, potted plants, etc…

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  4. We have “green bins” here in Canada – weekly, our bin gets picked up and composted by the Region. Anything organic can go in the bin including bones, meat, eggshells etc. I use those compostable bags too!

    In my garden I was gifted with what I call “the trench of doom” (to be shared in an upcoming post), and I have been filling it with green waste and excess soil from the garden hoping it will fill it in and compost everything I throw in it in the meantime. Perhaps someday it will be renamed “the trench of bloom”? We’ll see.

    I worry about Peanut near the pool – I read that bulldog breeds have trouble holding their (ginormous) heads above water and need special life jackets so they won’t drown. Hopefully not the case for the French kind?


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    1. I love that Canada picks up your composting for you. I’ve never heard of adding in meat or bones, though…seems like that will attract all sorts of critters.
      I can’t wait to see your Trench of Doom turn into the Trench Of Bloom! ❤️

      I know Frenchies are not great swimmers, but since she’s so carefree around the pool, I’m hoping she’ll remember where to go to get out if she does fall in. Honestly, it probably won’t even happen since we are always outside with her. Am I a helicopter mom with my dog? Absolutely.

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      1. I wouldn’t add meat or bones to my trench of doom but the Region uses digesters instead of traditional composting that can turn anything organic into compost, so into the green bin it goes. I try to divert whatever I can from the landfill!

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  5. Hannah is on the same page as Max. She does not like water. She doesn’t like rain, pools, baths, or anything that remotely looks like it might clean her. LOL. Hannah is the number one supporter of Dogs with Giant Ears Against Baths.

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  6. Do you compost? No

    Will you be there with me on the Club Level of Heaven one day? I will aim high and try to be there with you

    How about dogs with extra large ears who can swim…how do we feel about this? Cute, cute

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  7. Those dogs have magnificent ears!

    I read every composting word with great interest. In the abstract, composting sounds AMAZING and I want to jump on that train so fast. Our neighbor does it, and has taught my kid a little bit about it, and my kid is keen to get started… but I find the whole thing SO intimidating! And what about raccoons/opossums/bugs/other nosy critters?

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    1. They’re ALL ears!
      Composting is really simple. YOu need a nice bin that rotates and closes securely. I’ve never had a critter get in mine and I have a lot of critters! (currently looking at the Raccoon paw prints all over my sliding glass doors) You can even add in your own earthworms, which I highly recommend. Uncle Jim’s worm farm online; Carla would love this aspect too!


  8. I love those ears. I’m laughing at Peanut picking fights and then wanting to play when she’s good and ready. Are you sure she’s not a teenager?

    I was yelling at my compter, CAN SHE SWIM? during the video. I feel better that she’s gotten a few ‘lessons.’ That pool looks so inviting.

    I do not compost. I don’t think there is a morsel that doesn’t get inhaled by my people. Seriously, you make it look so easy. Maybe I should look into it. I want to hang at the club level with you.

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  9. In Calgary we have a green bin program, which means that they take kitchen waste and yard waste in the same bin. I have a little bucket and I use compostable bags for all my kitchen waste – which includes, weirdly, meats and everything under the sun – and then empty those little bags into the big green bin. But in our new place, they don’t have a green bin program and I do NOT LIKE THAT. I mean, now I just throw my kitchen waste in the GARBAGE? Seems so wasteful. So I have been researching countertop composters, and I was thinking of the NOMI. But maybe I’ll check out yours! Apparently the NOMI makes compost in 4 hours, which seems insane.
    That was a lot of thoughts about composting BUT I am so irritated that I am not going to have a city wide program. I guess it’s because this city is a tenth the size of Calgary BUT STILL.
    Your pool makes me want to move in!

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    1. I love this Green Bin Program!
      Yeah, it stinks that you won’t have it at your new digs. I don’t know anything about the NOMI. I have a large composter outside that I love, it rotates so you can move stuff around, and it has a locking door so the raccoons stay out. The one on my countertop is really just a holding spot until it’s full, then I move it outside. Seeing that lovely soil in my big compost, though, is a thing of beauty. My plants love when I add in the homemade compost.

      FYI I tried to leave you two comments on your last post and they kept dissapearing. 😦


  10. I don’t compost but I do recycle 🙂 I feel for Coach’s neck, as I also have a large head (big brains teehee) and it is quite literally a pain in the neck. I go to the chiropractor every once in a while, and they put these muscle relaxing pads on it and then do a massage with something like an ultrasound wand and then he rubs it and adjusts it and boom, better than a massage for a $20 copay.

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  11. Heck yeah we compost, so set aside a spot for me, please! Tara just invested in some eco-bins, though we don’t have the fancy countertop composter. Unless you consider a cheap plastic container a fancy countertop composter, in which case, we totally have a fancy countertop composter.

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  12. Bijoux

    I like the idea of composting, but between the cold weather (how would I do it with 4 feet of snow on the ground?) and the wild animals who eat everything, including plastic bags, I really don’t want to attract any more to our yard.

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    1. I have no idea how composting would work during winter. Maybe it’s dormant? My composter is closed securely, nothing can open it and I’m sure the resident raccoons have tried their hardest!


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