Would you like Fries to go with that history lesson?

Is it just me or are you also thinking aliens fly by our planet and lock their doors?

If I could get a flight to a planet that didn’t include hate, I’d pack up my people and be the first in line. Well, I’d be in line after those people who need a little more time and veterans. But then, me and my people.

Luckily, we had a nice reprieve from the crappiness of the world on Fathers day. The Coach only had one request: time on the boat together. Who are we to deny him his one request?

The weather was nice; hot but mostly overcast so we didn’t die from the heat. The water was as FLAT as a pancake for most of the day. Or, if you’re one of THOSE people, it was as FLAT as the earth. Lolo and I had an in-depth conversation regarding those, um, what do you call them? Special people?

It was a great time together and we were visited by many, many dolphins and I just know they were all asking for me to take them home, keep them tucked in our pool and for me to be their Mama until the end of time. Or until we go to the other planet, whichever comes first.

We visited the interesting Cape Romano Dome houses again. One day, they will NOT be visible any longer as they are slowly sinking into the Gulf of Mexico. When we saw them in 2016 (the linked post) there were still six houses standing and now there are only four.

You can read the link provided about these homes, but the gist of it is someone built this unusual looking home back in the early 80’s on this tip of the island. They were a cluster of domes that were each a different room that created a funky home. Over time, the planet has gone to shit the island is eroding and the domes are in the Gulf.

Circa 2016-six domes were standing
Current sitch-four domes are still standing. Pic is a different view/angle from 2016 pic because I can’t keep my shit straight.

After our boating, dolphin cruise, history lesson we had a nice lunch at the marina. There was much talk/debate about which French fries are the best.

The Coach and I can’t talk enough about the extra CRUNCHY STEAK FRIES. That pic up there is only a quarter of my steak fry as I couldn’t think of stopping to take a pic before I started eating it. The girls both wanted TRUFFLE FRIES even thought we tried to influence them about how good the STEAK FRIES are.

Who knew, that they have a mind of their own? Well, I’m now on the fence as both were freaking delicious and are now living on my backside.

Which would you choose if someone had a shank to your back and threatened to push you off the flat earth?


Good FOR you Rapunzul

We finally have internet at our house. Is it 1997? Turns out we were hit by lightning; that’s the 2nd time this year and possibly the 367th since 1997.

In a recent conversation with Linds I said in an applausable tone Good for you. I really meant it and I then I got to thinking, you can say it one way and it sounds nice, but if you change your tone, it sounds so sassy. So, I got all squirrely and said GOOD for YOU.

I don’t always put monsters on my blog, but when I do it’s him.

I finished the conversation, but kept telling myself throughout the day GOOD FOR YOU in my sassy ass tone.

I might be nuts.

Honestly, I had nothing to blog about today.


Then I remembered possibly the most important thing ever:


I see my stylist religiously. No, not just on Sundays, but every six weeks we would visit and I’d have highlights and a trim.

I was due for that 7 weeks ago. So…..back to me doing math which is my least favorite thing ever. 7+6=13.

It’s been 13 weeks since my tendrils have been attended to. Salons opened a while ago, but my Liz doesn’t have anyone to watch her kids now that school and summer camp are cancelled.

Ma hairs are so long….

Ok, maybe not really long, but long for how I’ve been keeping it lately. And darker too.

Notice how I didn’t offer myself up to watch her kids. I’m nice, but not a maniac.

She offered to come to my house and I thought I would do that when I felt it necessary. But, I think I’m ok.

Am I ok?

I’ll see my girls on Sunday and get their opinion on the matter. They’ll tell me the truth. But it’s been kind of nice being (semi) low(ish)maintenance. Well, I’m still getting my nails did, because I’m not an animal.

I was so pleased to realize that I put on lipstick just before heading to the dentist where I had to wipe it all of. Wasted, yet again. .

And while I’m on the subject of the most important thing, I found out this past year that I have some gray hairs. I was so surprised to see them finally show up. It was like being 15 again and waiting for my period to come so I can suffer like the rest of my friends. I’m not so worried about them because I’m hoping they will have a coarser texture and it might look like I have SOME actual adult hairs on my head instead of toddler hair.

Also, won’t I be more distinguished? Is that how it works?

Anyhoo. For someone who doesn’t always have something to blog about I sure can fill a page.

*takes a bow* Wait, did someone just shout GOOD FOR YOU in the back row?

Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads, stepdads, Moms who are the Dads, Fur dads and doo-dads too.

What are y’all up to this weekend? Flying to Vegas or a weekend on the Riviera? Or are you cleaning your much too-used face masks.

*sigh* One day, this will hopefully be a distant memory.