I imagine that most people think I only like turtles dogs. But this is not true. I like frogs too. I think they are cute cute cute. Not so much a fan of the poop they leave on our porch, but I’ll take the good with the bad. They do eat bugs… mmmm…Mosquitoes… and I like mosquitoes less than frog poop.


This is Rupert.

He is portly. He oversees all at our pool. He sits like a fat, happy lifeguard. But can’t save a life if his life depended on it. I got Rupert for Coach shortly after we put in our pool…we had intentions of putting a tube up his butt backside and having water squirt out his mouth and into the pool.  I think he prefers not to have a tube up his backside.

*This reminds me, at what age do I need to start having a colonoscopy?*


Ok, on to more of my frog friends. These two cuties hang out with us too. They seem so content. Eyes closed, face to the sun. Happy frogs. I want to be a happy frog in my next life, but I wonder, can I be a ‘vegetarian- happy’ frog?

P1030758 P1030755

I found these two cuties in the yard recently. I imagine the one in the back was saying “do you smell something funny?” Is there anything cuter than a frogs butt? NO.P1000228_thumb[1]

  When we were leaving the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary on Friday, I saw the cutest frog table top water fountain. It was the cutest I say! I was so tempted to purchase it for myself, but resisted. It was even sweeter than this one:


I remembered that years ago I had a cute table top fountain, but it kept running out of water. I know some of it evaporates, but this drying up crazy fast. Then one morning, I found one out why the water was going so fast: the cats thought it was a drinking fountain!!!!

I am thinking pretend frogs may make better pets than MY cats… Well, I take that back, have you ever had one of those wet, sticky frogs accidentally land on you when you walk out the door or under a tree? Not a cute moment. The screaming from me sounds more like a “help, I am being attacked by a ax murderer” moment.

Happy Monday!!!!

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My favorite color is green. I love all shades of green.

Recycling green is so gorgeous….


Recycling green is almost as great as my green eyes…oh the green things my eyes have seen!!!

I painted our mudroom green. Pretty great, for a mudroom…


I painted our guest room green. Goodness..I love our guest room.


I painted the plant ledge in the dining room green. Good Golly, I love my green ledge!


I have some special “green” tacked in the mud room…it has been there for years, I can’t believe it has not been grabbed yet…


I love my outside greenery too…I planted a few tomato plants in pots a few months ago (thanks to my MIL)


and I noticed this weekend…I have lil’ baby green tomatoes!!! This makes me so happy.


Are you GREEN with envy over my  green ‘maters?

What is your favorite color?????

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I may be MIA for a few days…I have my Great family here from Georgia, they keep me going and going and going…good gracious, we are a goofy group!!

Happy MOndAy!!!

H= A ‘Handfull’ of my favorite H vocabulary words.

Hogwash! I just love this word. You should all vow to use it at least ONE time daily. I say break it out at your next business meeting or PTA event. Please put an exclamation point behind it as well for more impact. 

Hoity toity: hoity-toity pompous, self important and snobbish.

That is what my Dad’s third wife (Mama Kong) referred to me as. (mind you, I was only 21)  If the shoe fits, I will wear that title. By the way, anyone who wore shoes inside the 7-11…she referred to as Hoity Toity.  Yep, she was waaay classy.   Classy=ending up on 2 daytime talk shows (one of them Maury) 2 weeks after your husband dies. I should write a book.

Hog tie: What the police have to do to some crazy folks on ‘Cops.’  Speaking of ‘Cops’, a few weeks ago Coach came out of his man cave and said the funniest line ever to me: “I have been watching cops for so many years, and today, finally today, I recognize someone I know on Cops.” Knowing the group he grew up with, it is a huge surprise this took so long. 


Holier than thou: What I feel at times, but really, it is just a passing phase. I promise.

Homo sapiens: Who I hope is reading this blog. Or is it WHOM? Does that make me more hoity toity that I am concerned with grammar rules?

Homo phobia: Not this girl. I embrace anyone with taste as good as or better than mine. I actually need more gay friends. If they are hoity toity, all the better.

Honey Comb: That silly cereal commercial with the song that I can still sing verbatim. “Honeycomb’s big, ya ya ya, it’s not small, no no no.”

Hook {a girl} Up: I shall use this in a sentence. Me holding a nice shoe and speaking to the shoe salesman at Macy’s: “Hi, can you hook a girl up with this in size 8?” If he knows what is good for him, he will, or else I will shout HOGWASH!! and then HOG TIE him right there in the ‘better shoes’ department! christian-louboutin-prive-paillette-platforms

Just kidding. I don’t use the work hook-up outside the house. I have my limits. barely.

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I could not think of a great I word today. But I do have some interesting tidbits from Sunday.

The girls and I were driving out to Lo’s school for scrimmage softball games. A few miles from our house we see this flashing sign on the side of the road:

Caution Caution Caution

Watch for Loose Cattle.

The girls and laughed it up. Of course, you know with my wacky brain…I was picturing LOOSE cattle; Cows with push-up bras, high heels and deep red lipstick. .

And I totally thought of YOU (Caution) as well. 




Then, midway through the third game of the day, Coach casually shouts in the direction of the spectators:

“Is there a Dad here brave enough to go catch that baby alligator in right field?” 

A moment passed amid gasps and still no one volunteered. Coach ran out there and shooed the ‘baby’ alligator out of the fence line.

I would not classify him as a ‘baby’…more like a teenager. He was about 3-4 feet long.

Needless to say, the rest of the game the outfielders were more concerned about what might be behind them than the balls coming at them.

Hopefully, the lil’ guy went back to the lake and told the tale of his day!


Coach told us later on regarding the lil’ gator: I think he was scared! How does one know if a gator is scared??


I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Minus reptiles and running  bovine!!! 



Happy Monday to everyone.

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