Thank You & Cuteness Overload

Thank you all for your well wishes, prayers and all that Jazz regarding our Nathan. He completed The Crucible challenge uninjured. He was able to make a phone call on Sunday and of course, who did he call? NOT ME. He called Lolo and they spoke for over an hour. He’s doing well and I know she was so happy to hear his voice. Still, we will not see his face until August.

He did send me a text though, so I still love him.

I will be mostly MIA this week. The Coach and I traveled to our GA place and will be working on some projects and visiting with his Dad who is coming up for the first time.

Spring is IN the air. The trees and flowers are budding and blooming. Guess what else is happening? Butterflies! I’m a bit obsessed with the Tiger Swallowtail. Mostly because I don’t have them in Florida, but also because I’m obsessed with butterflies in general. Am I telling you something you don’t know? HELL NO. But I love that these guys are all waking up from their winters nap just to tell me hello.

Can you visually take any cuteness? I’m just warning you because if you can’t, this will hurt your eyeballs.

This is how they rolled for the first part of our drive. If I weren’t driving, I would have died from the cuteness, but when you’re driving, dying from cuteness is frowned upon.

Speaking of driving: Good Lord, the traffic. I’ve never seen it so bad. Apparently people ARE traveling for Easter/Spring break, but they are driving. It took an extra 2 hours this time. My body was so stressed/tense when I finally arrived to our house. Thank goodness Wine was all the help I needed to de-stress myself.

Callie is absolutely in love with little beds. I never knew. Here I was buying these HUGE and expensive XL beds for her and all she really wants is to curl up like she’s a damn chihuahua.

They love laying in the sun and took the opportunity to share the last sunny spot as it was dwindling. I died right there looking at them. Luckily, the Coach knows CPR and brought me back to life.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

I hope all my sweet friends had a nice Easter.


Bee Well.

The Lillie Diaries; Get This Dog A Blog

How about an update on our Lillie Bell. Lillie of the Valley. Silly Lillie. Little Bit. It’s a wonder that she even knows her name.
She is doing just fabulous, thank you for asking.

I just checked the calendar to see how long it’s been since she adopted us and I’m surprised to see it’s only been six weeks.

One thing that amazes me so much is that she listens so well. She follows me around the yard, and if she straggles or starts to wander off, I call her, and she comes running, which isn’t easy for someone with extremely short legs. (that’s my story too, and I’m sticking to it!)

lady ma, I just chill here and u tak care of da crawly tings dat will fly and teaz me

She hasn’t grasped what or why I’m cleaning out cages and moving milkweed plants/cuttings here and there for my caterpillars, but Coach doesn’t really get it either, so it’s ok.

She doesn’t understand the sit command, but she does know how to ‘stay’. I have NO idea how she knows this, but she does. When I take the long walk down the driveway to take out the garbage or retrieve the mail, she will follow me to a certain point now and stop because she knows I’m going to say STAY. The first time I told her to STAY, and she stayed, I said: WHAT THE HELL? WHO TAUGHT YOU THAT? **crickets** It must be top secret because she wasn’t telling.

Ma Lady why U laugh an show me ur teef 2 every time U look at me.

We’re still working on the peeing-in-the-house issue, but I feel that eventually, it will not be a thing. Please Lord, let it not always be a thing.

I took her to the Vet last week, and even our Vet was surprised to see me with a little Rat Terrier: What happened to you and your love of boxers? What can I say, I’m evolving. Lillie has lost weight since she’s been with us; I’m sure it’s all the exercise. (she previously lived in an apartment with an older gentleman, so I don’t think she was very active; perhaps that’s why she loves watching TV so much. I swear I heard her whisper Wheel Of Fortune when I picked up the remote once or thrice.
Our Dr wasn’t worried about her weight loss, though; she said she looks perfect at 12.6 lbs.

ma lady I sit wit U in car all day if dats how long it taks 2 get sissy grate dane out of wating rum.

She’s such a curious little booger which is funny since I was always told that Cat Are Curious; take that Cats. She loves to chase lizards, birds, squirrels and has eyeballed a few of my butterflies. After dinner yesterday we were walking around the property and she was intrigued by a bird that was taunting her.

Ma. Ma. Ma. lady. u hear dat? it’s jus on da uderside of big wall. I need squakin bird.

She still sleeps in the bed with Coach and I and generally her favorite place so snooze is at the back of his legs. Luckily he’s very aware of her being there because I think just one of his calves is entirely bigger than her.

I love her so much and I tell her at least 59 times a day just in case she forgets.

Don’t even think for a minute that I’m giving less love to Callie because that ain’t happening.

Callie is in denial of her 70lb size and really loves being cozy in the beds I purchased for Lillie; she cracks me up.

Well, that’s all I have to say about that. Until next time.


2021 Can Return The Unwanted Gifts, My New Bestie And I’m Starting To Feel Like A Chatty Cathy.

Happy Friday to all 8 of you!

Baby, it’s hot outside.

My heart breaks for all of you who are going through winter hell right now. Pretty shitty of you 2021. NO power? NO water? That’s horrid. I spoke to my girlfriend who lives in North Texas and they were without power for over 40 hours. She said it was 45 degrees INSIDE their home and they slept in ski clothes. That does not sound pleasant at all. I certainly wish we could send some warmth and sunshine to everyone affected. As I type this (Thursday afternoon) it’s 85*. I took the dogs out to the sundeck for a bit to catch some Vitamin D and enjoy the breeze and butterflies who were swarming us.

I’ve dealt with no power/water from hurricanes, but we were never COLD at the same time. I’m sending good vibes, positive mojo and prayers out there for all affected because I just can’t imagine.

Transition to Lillie and my needy ass self.

Do I blog talk too much?

Thinking of taking a break. Not for me. FOR YOU. I feel like you might be over of my being repetitive about dogs, butterflies, Georgia, and my disdain for olives. Goodness. Just typing that word and I can smell ’em. Oh and teeth. Here I go again…

I have this image of me taking a long blog break, I come back, start to type something and then I have to say: Oh, I can’t share that with you because “WE WERE ON A BREAK!”

Friends might have been my most favorite (light hearted) sitcom ever.

But before I jump ship, your life would not be complete without knowing this: The Coach and I can NOT get over Lillie’s apparent overbite. She shows us her teeth even when she’s not threatening to eat us. We giggle about it all the time. And that led me to wonder: Does SHE actually have an overbite or is she afflicted with very small lips? OR is she smiling at us? Maybe she’s JUST one of those weird people who smiles all the time.

WHO KNOWS? This is The Question for 2021.

It’s both the weirdest and cutest thing ever. She reminds me of this guy:

Also, I’m completely smitten with her, you could say borderline obsessed.

Totally didn’t need to type borderline.

Did you notice I referred to her as a ‘people’ up there?

That’s all I’ve got to say about that. (~Forrest Gump!)

The Coach is coaching ALL weekend, so if you need me I’ll be working in the yard, brushing Lillie’s teeth OR stretching her lips.

Whats on the agenda for the weekend? Do we even call it a weekend anymore?