These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Sharing is Caring and I Care Hard. A few years ago I did a favorite things Kitchen Edition, but these today are not related to any ONE thing. And as usual, I’m not compensated for any of my favorites.

A New Dawn

Have you tried the Dawn spray? As if Dawn could be any better than it already is.

I love my countertop tray of Mrs. Meyers cleaning stuff, but occasionally you have to pull out the big guns and I keep my big gun under the counter: Dawn Powerwash spray. I think it’s magical and they are trying to use less plastic with the reusable sprayer.

This spray is great for ridding your dishes/pans of anything greasy, but also it’s a miracle worker on my gas range top. I will admit, that I don’t clean my range top daily; we cook so much, I feel like it’s just gonna get dirty in a hot minute, so why bother? When I finally do a deep clean, I spray this magical potion on it and with a bit of elbow grease, and it’s almost shining like new.

I have special eyes

I love to brag about my good vision…all thanks to Laser Eye Surgery. But the downside I’ve found is that my eyes, much like my personality are dry. I use moisturizing drops a few times a day, but when I wake up in the morning my baby blues greens are redder than green. ONE drop of this and they clear up before someone can ask: “Are you stoned?”

I buy them in a two pack at Costco. Two pack. Two pack. Tupac.

numbr wun dawg

Wait, how did that one eared dog get in here? Lillie hacked my blog!

Honestly though, she is a favorite around here…

Nailed It

OPI Nail Envy

I do get a mani-pedi on the regular, but this has been a life nail saver.

You’re supposed to apply two coats and then every other day add another coat and after a week, remove the polish and start over. I generally forget to add the other coats after the initial two. What can I say, I have a hard time following directions. Still, my nails are stronger than they’ve ever been even though I’m constantly digging out weeds, moving rocks, squishing aphids…generally playing in the dirt like I did when I was four.

My True Emotion

My favorite emoji that generally sums up my thoughts about the world and its inhabitants.

You know exactly the face because you also make it.

Celebrating Bev

In honor of my Mom who would have been 79 today, my dear Friends Dawn and Stacy joined me for Mexican food and a margarita.

A few of my Moms favorite things aside from her family: Mexican food, Margaritas and Latin men. Yesterday I enjoyed all three two of them.

Behold The Blackberry Basil Margaritas; they were as delicious as they were pretty.

When is the last time you had a margarita that was so good you wanted to immerse yourself in the glass?

That’s all the nonsense that’s fit to print.

Actually, my fingers are just tired of typing.


Until next time XOXO

We Did This While They Did That And Everyone Enjoyed Themselves

The Coach and I arrived home on Wednesday from Georgia; we had a lovely ten days there. TEN DAYS. Well, I had a lovelier time; the Coach worked most of the time because he feels the need to keep me in the lifestyle I’ve grown accustomed to.


He knows he’s the one who has created this monster.

He even drove to Nashville for two days to coach a softball tournament while we were away.

This visit might have been the first time I actually relaxed while we were up there and I think it’s because we had no guests this time. Generally we have a houseful and even though all of our family and friends are self-sufficient, it can feel daunting to have people around all the time. I like my Suzanne time.

I finished a puzzle and started another. Read a book. Watched some movies. Walked the ‘hood. Snuggled with Lillie. Enjoyed the views. Spent some time with my Aunt and Uncle. Drank Dog Joint juice. Saw lots of birds and I might have pee’d a little upon seeing a Zebra Swallowtail as I’ve never seen one in person.

It’s the little things ya’ll! Well unless you’re peeing yourself, that’s kind of a big deal.

I didn’t want to bring Callie on this trip because she’s been so wobbly and I thought the stairs and steep driveway might be an issue.

Foreshadowing: The stairs are an issue for me too.

My sweet as heck Mother In Law came to our house and stayed with Callie for the entire ten days. Sue drove two hours, leaving her husband and her dogs to come stay with our dog.

How lucky am I? Very.

Sue had her bestie stay with her and they had a blast and said it was like being at a resort, minus a cabana boy. Now I know what to get her for Mother’s Day! Never mind that we had men working on the pool deck for six of those ten days…it didn’t matter to them at all, they sat under the chickee hut chatting and having drinks while the men worked away. {Will the pool deck ever be done? Who knows?}

Sue and Penny having cocktails by the pool after Coach, Lillie and I arrived home. #BestHouseSittersEver

When they departed on Thursday morning they asked when I might want to ‘get away’ again. Don’t tempt me ladies!

Anyhoo, all is good in my ‘hood.

I had a ‘funny thing Suz did’ post to share today, but since I just shared with you this past Monday that I drank Callies joint juice, I’ve decided to only share ONE stupid thing I did a week on the blog. You know, that way you won’t feel like I’m a danger to myself. Or you.

Raise your hand if you also have an amazing mother in law in your life or if you aspire to be one. Share away!


Time Alone And Planning For The Future By Compiling A List For My Possible Replacement.

The Coach had away games all weekend so I was solo. Lone. Single. Wait, I’m never really alone, am I? Lillie and Callie were here and Lillie follows my every move while I’m gardening, watching mindless TV, reading, performing laundry miracles and puzzling.

Callie has been going through some more health issues over the past few months and I honestly thought she would be gone by now; she’s very wobbly and was falling down a lot, but seems to have either recovered or just gotten used to it. The dog has 47 lives.

Her newest hobby aside from falling down is barking at nothing though the front or back glass doors. This of course alerts Lillie to also bark at nothing. My response at least 4x a day: Lillie, Senile Sally doesn’t know what she’s barking at, so why are you getting involved?

Leaving And Hating Chicken Wings

The Coach is SO busy with work. I mean, if people would stop wanting new kitchens, baths, and countertops for a little while I wouldn’t complain. I have several closets that have NO doors on them since August because the shop is just too busy for little old me. He’s also planning two large charity events over the next year for Veterans. And he’s added assisting the college with his hitting expertise to his already busy schedule. The daily practices. The traveling. The work. Oh my.

Just before he departed on Friday I said to him: Please, for the love of everything, don’t drive distracted. I know you have a lot going on, but if for some reason you don’t come home to me on Sunday, I will forever hate Softball.

Coach: that’s not nice or fair; what if you were driving to pick up chicken wings and you died, should I forever hate chicken wings?

Me: Yes. Clearly yes, that’s how it works.

Actually I was thinking: why would I ever drive somewhere to pick up greasy fried chicken wings. He must want me to die from high cholesterol.

I really don’t mind him going away for the weekends; he loves helping the kids and of course, they love him. We’re pretty independent people so neither of us mind time alone or apart. I think I spent so much of my childhood alone, I can easily entertain myself.

There’s probably some people who would give their left middle finger to have a weekend away from their spouse though. If something ever does happen to him, I think I’ll shop for a new husband at the Reservists office; they are gone one weekend a month. right?


I’ve thought of my mortality quite a bit the last few years. I mean, none of us are getting out of this alive. If for some reason I die before the Coach, I want him to find the best replacement for me. I know it will be a damn struggle, because I’ve set the bar so high.

*laughs uncontrollably*

You know when you’ve been with someone for 37 years, you evolve. You change. You have habits. You have habits that people who love you for 37 years don’t seem to mind. But I do wonder if some of those things that don’t bother me, might send a newbie running for the hills.

So, every once in a while I’ll chirp up and say in my nicest voice to the Coach:

I’m not saying this to be mean, but if I die and you start dating someone MAKE SURE DON’T DO THIS: *insert constructive criticism* because it might scare off a person who hasn’t learned all the wonderful parts of you.

So a list is being compiled. He said he will bring the list to his very first date so he doesn’t forget anything.

I’ve been trying hard for many years to keep this under wraps, but now it’s out there for everyone:

I’m the best wife ever.

Where’s my award?

My possible future replacement should send me a handwritten note in calligraphy on handmade paper and delivered by a white dove. ASAP.

So, spill the beans.

Do you dread time alone? Are you attached at the hip to your partner?