I found this sight to be too funny.

I am pretty sure when Maisy decided to perch up here on the lanai counter top that “Freedie the Freeloader” was tucked away in his little den.
When anyone gets near his home, he generally likes to come out and see what is going on….

The cat was oblivious to the snake watching her….

About Freddie The Freeloader, our albino corn snake.

I know most people are freaked out by snakes. I usually am too.

We have had him for about 4 years. (a rescue) and he is clearly the easiest, lowest maintenance pet we have. Mostly because I don’t do anything with him. I have never touched him.

The kids and Jeff feed him and clean out his cage. He spends most of the year on the lanai, the colder months he is in the playroom. (always in his cage)

He does not make any noise. He really likes when the kids take him out and let him slide and slither all over the ground. I don’t think he even has teeth.

He sheds about 4X a year, so he is growing. He is approx 4 1/2 ft long.

He did escape one time. Clearly the cats had been sitting on the top of his cage and the screen broke through.

He was missing for about 5 hours and one of the cats found him for us in some plants around the pool. The cat did not even try to hurt him. She was just staring at him.

Since then, I ball up pieces of tin foil and set it on the top of his cage, the cats are afraid of tin foil.

How did we end up with this little guy?

Three years ago on Christmas day, as I was sick in bed.

(It ain’t Christmas until someone is sick, that year it was my turn.)

Jeff and the girls went to visit a cousin. The cousin had this snake in a tiny cage.

And it was not being taken care of properly. The girls begged. Jeff gave in.

They came home and “surprised” me.

Husbands excuse?????

“It is better to beg for forgiveness, than to ask permission”


A new conundrum.

We saw a cute boxer puppy yesterday.
Jeff and Lo were giving me the eyes. They had a fairly good sales pitch.
Outwardly, I was not buying.
Inside, I was screaming “Lets take her home”.

I have said many times that one dog is really good for us.
She travels well. She fits in our bed well. I don’t know if we can fit another dog in there…
She is a really good girl.
I know she would love to have a bro/sis to play with though.
And we have SO much love to share in this house.
I told them the Dog was way too expensive and if we ever got another one we would rescue, not buy. Jeff agreed, stating it would feel much better knowing we were helping a needy dog.
Lo said that buying is rescuing because we could “rescue her from the pet store”.
Clever girl.

Last night I spent about 2 hours looking at several boxer rescue sites.

Oh, there is a lot of them. Looks like most of them are taken by volunteers from local pounds and put in temporary foster homes until a perm home can be found.
Many are just abandoned. Or neglected. That just breaks my heart.
One dog, he was about 5 was found roaming the streets.
They tracked his micro-chip to a home. The home was now owned by a bank. How could you have a dog for 5 years and then just leave it?
I realize times are tough for people, but how could you just leave an animal to just fend for itself?

We are still thinking about it.
I have to weigh the pros and cons.

Something I did learn is that you are advised to NOT have 2 females or 2 males.
Even if they are fixed. That kind of bummed me out, because I wanted another girl.
(if I got a dog) They are about 10 lbs smaller than males.
But then again, if I were to get a male, perhaps he would be SO in love with me as Cocoa is enamored by Jeff. Jealous who?

I do know I would prefer an older dog-3 years plus. We would not even be against a senior dog (7 yrs +)
But then I realized they only live about. 10 years. I am already dreading Cocoa getting old and dying and she is only 3.

I am a real softie.
I still get sad thinking about my Beloved cat Junior who at 11 we had to put to sleep back in 1999 due to kidney disease. That cat was so awesome and affectionate.
He ruined me for all other cats…
Oh, who knows what we will do.
I told the kids that if we got another dog that means they can’t take friends with us on our summer vacations anymore because we won’t have room in the car.
Of course they are fine with that NOW…….