The Only Kind Of Dogs We Have Are The Weird Ones

Since we’ve had temporary custody of Max our Grand-dog, I’ve caught him watching TV more than once. I suppose it’s a good reprieve from following my every move around the house/yard or barking at things outside that don’t exist.

Usually I catch him staring at the boob-tube when the Coach is enjoying a dose of Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer.

Wait, did your Dad refer to the TV as a boob tube too? What does that even mean?

Max is very interested in the Cesar Milan show, but of course, he’s never interested in being a proper dog while in public with other dogs. *sigh* We DO need Cesar IN PERSON.

The whole reason he is staying with us is because he’s a train wreck for Lolo while living in VA; you can’t take him out on a simple walk for potty/exercise because he loses his marbles when he sees another dog. Here at Casa De BusyBee, he can roam the property with no other dogs in sight other than Callie and Callie doesn’t bother him at all; she’s just happy to be here.

In general, he’s a wonderful dog; a snuggle bunny, but he much prefers people to dogs. All in all, he’s a rescue who comes with baggage, so we put up with the shenanigans and give him as much love as possible. Honestly, I could eat his face because he’s yummy.

He’s excellent at creating a spreadsheet.

Recently the Coach and I were watching Alone on Netflix. (Originally on History Channel) Have you seen this? We think it’s pretty interesting. Anyhoo…while watching one night one of the ‘survivors’ see’s a huge bear, he tries to scare it away by yelling BEAR. Max looks up from my lap, notices the bear and starts growling.

OMG.We were laughing hard. This little 25lb dog wants to talk shit to any other dog on the planet AND bears. I’m guessing before he was snipped he had gonads the size of King Kong. I for one, will not tell him that he’s not the bad ass that he thinks he is because his confidence is endearing.

Anyone else catch your pets watching TV? Or making excel spreadsheets?


This {cute dogs} And That {talented friends}

We went to the East Coast for the day to see our friends Don & Kelly; it’s been 2 weeks since we’ve been together; we might have a problem. They have a sweet boxer and their son has two sweet and rambunctious boxers; boy do I miss our boxers; they were such cute characters.

Milo, Tyson, Floyd. A trio of fun.

On our two hour drive back home I looked at our local Boxer rescue webpage seeing if they had any old girls available. Just when I said we were not getting ANY MORE CRITTERS.

*removes gray faced ladies from cart, closes tab and breaths deeply*

Do you watch The Voice? I’ve never been a huge fan of competitive tv shows, but I’ve occasionally watched this one, but never a full season. I suppose, I just can’t commit. BUT, this season we will be watching because our friend Ben Allen is a contestant. In addition to being very talented, he’s a really nice person; he told us about this opportunity back in December, but with COVID, things were postponed. Ben and his band performed at our HoeDown party in 2016, he’s joined us for our Songwriters For Vets charity events, and this past Christmas, he stopped by our cocktail party and sang a few songs for us.

*sigh* I almost remember what it was like to have parties.

It’ll be fun to see how he does. Well, I kind of already know, but I’ll not spoil the fun for the rest of you.

That’s all the fun I have to share today. I hope you all had a nice weekend whether you watched boxer butts wiggle or just your own.


Old ladies {and} hair seem to be a running theme.

I had an epiphany this past week. If I were a normal human, it would be about something really deep and life changing. But my epiphany came when I was at a red light next to a bus for an assisted living community. I noticed a photo of an older couple on the back of the bus and they were so smiley and happy. Then I noted the ladies’ hair style.

Surely, this question can’t offend anyone, well, at least I hope not but do all older ladies have the same hairstyle?

Wait, what even constitutes being an old lady anymore since people live to be 100 or more? 79? 85?

I digress; this all led me to wonder what my old lady hair style would be and what day next week will I wake up with it?

Image borrowed from House Beautiful.

Who else misses the Golden Girls? *Suz raises one hand furiously while holding her bat wing with the other*

And then I delved even further into my head and wondered if I’m ALREADY equipped with my old lady hairstyle. I mean, I have a version of the classic bob. Is that old lady-ish? Am I one pin curl away from needing assistance and living with a gaggle of Golden girls? These are the things that fill my head and keep me from remembering simple algebra or where I left my cell phone.

Speaking of old ladies

It was yet again time for us to make dog food for Callie and Max. The Coach and I had a conversation prior to going to Costco for the ingredients that went something like this:

Coach: Do you think we should make our full batch of food? I mean, Max is going back to live with Lolo soon, and Callie, well Callie might leave sooner than that.

Me: OR she might outlive us. Lets make a big batch and put that positivity out in the universe.

Coach: You’re right, and she’s doing so good, she might be the one animal we have that perhaps will just ‘go in her sleep’.

*Suz rolls her eyes knowing full well we could never be that lucky*

Big batch of dog food it is!

I’m not sure if I shared how freaking happy they are to ‘lick the pans’ after their food is prepared; they know as soon as I get the food processor out that today will be a glorious day! *turn down your volume or put in some earplugs.*

Their biggest challenge with licking the pans (I don’t know this from experience) is that the pans actually MOVE. Look at me, giving the dogs a treat AND exercising them at the same time.

Smartie pants Max finally learned to put his paw foot down and lick until his licker was tired.

This is our last week in September. Goodness, that escalated quickly! So, next week things will be normal? Boring? Standing on my tippy toes: PLEASE, PLEASE!?!?

Well, that’s all the nonsense I have for today. Did you have an epiphany this week? Did it involve serious thoughts like mine or are you focused on minor worries like world peace or politics?