I sprouted butterfly wings and said DUH to myself more than I care to admit.

I forgot to share these fun pics from when we were looking at wedding venues a while ago; I really hate the thought of possibly neglecting you. And you. And of course you in the back, thequiet one. This was a beautiful, historical garden that was on the ‘maybe list.’ Well, for me it was THE LIST.

Can you believe it took me SO many years to sprout my darn wings?

Oh, how we loved this place, but Lolo had major anxiety/worries about the fact that if it were to rain, then we’d have to have a big tent and that would change the atmosphere. I was all: It won’t rain on YOUR PARADE ’cause mama said so!

So, the garden didn’t make the cut, but we loved the place none the less; I mean they had a BUTTERFLY GARDEN for heavens sakes.

King and Queen of the butterfly prom

Unsolved blonde mysteries

The Coach and I, much like a lot of other people started watching Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix a few weeks back. I can take crime shows or leave them; crime isn’t my thing, therefore, I’m NOT a criminal. My girls LOVE them and so does their father. He’s been watching them forever (or is it for forever?) and I remember giggling when Lolo started in law enforcement and her dad said in earnest to her: “I watch The First 48, so if you ever need any help, I’m here for you”

I digress.

While watching our first episode, three quarters through, we agreed with each other that “we hoped this story has a resolution, we don’t want to watch and NOT know what happened to this poor guy.” And then we remembered the title of the show we were watching. Well, it IS called UNsolved mysteries. Duh.

Damnit Janet.

If I had a nickel for every time this made me laugh, I’d have at least 45 cents.

Have any nickels smacked you on the head lately?

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend my friends.


Gifts that delight and are my ears even connected to my brain?

I forgot to tell you and I’m sure you were wondering, but I had a nice mother’s day with my girls and my soon to be SIL.

Oh….to be in the same house and talk. And talk. And talk. It was heavenly.

I mean, it’s different than the 587 times that we’ve face-timed each other.

Can we all just think for a minute how lucky my future SIL is to have me? I mean, he IS so lucky because I am the MIL of dreams.

Perhaps I should rename my blog: Mrs. Modest the Mostest?

Oh, today is Nathan’s birthday! Happy birthday Nathan!


He makes our Lolo so darn happy. She told me once that after meeting and falling in love with him “you know when you’re out and you see a good looking guy that catches your eye, well, now they all look like potatoes to me.”

Cheers to finding the main dish and not caring about potatoes!

Now, back to me. me. me.


Gifts from my girlies on Mother’s day; a cute mug, Reeses, tulips, nail polish, a t-shirt representing Lolo’s school, and a succulent embroidered hand towel.

Lolo taught herself to embroider even before the pandemic.

I taught myself how to grow out of my own clothing.


I went to go see my dermatologist this week and then I thought since I was out, I would treat myself to some chick-fil-a.

I’ve been deprived of chick-fil-a for at least 8 weeks.


WAS it packed? YES. But they are such geniuses; they doubled their drive-thru line.

Doubled in width, not length if that confused you.

DOUBLED. It took a few more minutes than usual, but it was worth it.

Cute chick-fil-a girl: What would you like to order today? 

Me: A diet Arnold palmer and a cobb salad, please. 

Cutie: We don’t have any salads today.

Me: Ok, a chic fil a sandwich combo with a diet Arnold palmer, no fries; the superfood salad instead.

Cutie: We don’t have any salads today. 

Me. *dead face because we both have evidence that I’m an idiot.*

I’m constantly surprised at what comes out of my mouth.

Happy Friday. Anyone doing anything fun yet?


I’ll be hanging at the homestead; piddling in my gardens, sorting photos, watching Dead to Me on Netflix, thinking of other ways that I’m wonderful, complaining about laundry, etc…

Living the flipping dream.

Be well, my friends.


Image 5-6-20 at 7.13 AM


That time I almost bought things that I don’t need, enjoying May and all my friends are turning 50.

I hopped in my car from the gym the other day and dropped my phone in the seat next to my lap. When I arrived at my destination, I picked up my phone just in time to verify which address I wanted the 14 Amazon echo Dot’s that I’d ordered to be delivered to.
What the what?
Yeah, my thigh thought we needed those.
*that was a close one*
Smartphones might be a little to easy to work where my leg is concerned.

It’s May! Well, it’s actually May 4th.
I always enjoy May; it brings Mother’s day and our wedding anniversary.
And this May, we have a weekend with our besties planned, then I have a ‘surprise destination’ trip with girlfriends and we also have a date with Billy Currington. All.GOOD.STUFF.

This week one of my favorite friends turned 50 and boy oh boy, does she make 50 look good. She claims that ‘stress’ will do that to you! Gosh do I love her and I so wish she had less stress in her life.


Here we are on my 40th birthday almost 11 years ago. 
We’ve been friends for around 20 years; and dare I say, I think we look better now!

Have a fantastic weekend doing whatever it is that you do on the weekend. If you need me, I’ll be enjoying friends, the Coach and perhaps a margarita. Cinco De Mayo baby!