All the good stuff: dolphins, ducks, zebras, rugs and an eagle.

Last Saturday was an epic day for me. Nothing big or crazy happened, but the small things that happened were ALL positive. I had some good mojo flowing.

It started with my cup of coffee. I was drinking it and looking out onto the bay. (When our little condo isn’t rented, we use it when we have time) I saw a porpoise frolicking around our dock and I’m just a tad bit obsessed with dolphins.

What a way to start my morning! I was thinking of joining him in the water, but then I remembered I was still sipping my coffee….what kind of person can have physical activity before they’ve finished a cup of joe? 

Shortly thereafter I had to head home to release some butterflies. 

On the way home I watched as several cars in front of me stopped to let a mama duck cross with her 6-7 babies. I just love it when people care. It was a very busy street, so otherwise, they might not have made it. 

I had two healthy monarchs and then I checked my gardens. I planted passion vine a long time ago and I always have a lot of Gulf Fritillary larvae on them. I had been reading about Zebra longwings lately as I see them in our yard too, but I’ve never seen the larvae before….until Saturday! I found one and I thought I might pee my yoga pants.

It doesn’t take much to get me excited lately or pee my yoga pants for that matter.
Also, if you plant it, they will come.

On my way back to the condo, I hit green light heaven. If you live in my town and you know of the street I had to take for the 8-9 miles…it’s riddled with traffic and stop lights.
I had every GREEN LIGHT. I couldn’t believe my luck!

Then there was a Pottery Barn Rug sale event that landed in my lap. (laptop) I got the most beautiful wool rugs for SUPER CHEAP and I couldn’t believe how happy that made me. Cocoa had many accidents on our dining room rug and we threw it out months ago, so I’ve been on the hunt for one there and a matching one for our sitting area. booyah!

Later Coach and I went out to dinner at the Marina. After eating we were walking around and looking at all the BIG boats and just chit chatting, working off some of our dinners when out of the blue a huge bald eagle flies right over us only about 15 feet in the air.
I was giddy with joy! And maybe giddy with that glass of wine too.

I don’t recall having a day like that or perhaps I was just more in tune with all the positive things. I’m going to try and relish the little good things daily and see if maybe it’s happening more than I think.

Has anything awesome happened to you lately? Sharing is caring.

This and that

This: I’m having a grand month with the monarchs. I’m not working as hard at it as I had been this time last year, which was becoming a bit overwhelming with all the feeding/cleaning/maintaining.
But even so, I’ve released 15 so far this week without stressing myself.

I’ve also given some plants and caterpillars to Lolo and Lindsay’s kindergarten teacher for the school. She said they’re having a blast watching the caterpillars eat and are anticipating the arrival of monarch butterflies.
See, I knew my obsession would pay off sometime, I’m gonna be richhhhhh. 
Or maybe not so rich.  

That: Lolo and Nathan came for a visit the weekend before last and brought along “Mad Dog-Mattis” for a visit.
He and Callie had a ball…it was nice to see Callie having some fun. She’s been pretty low-key since Cocoa has left us and she seemed to really enjoy having a friend over for the evening.

Mattis has grown so much. And yes, SO MUCH HAIR.

I’ll be very excited to share some great news about our Lolo soon; she’s got some big changes coming and we couldn’t be happier for her. For right now, she’s still the cutest Popo in town.