Crouching and Crabbing

Remember this lovely photo from last week?

Well, do you have any idea what my sweet girl was messing with?
Only one of her favorite things ever.

I came down to the beach and she said:
Mama! Quick come here!
You’ve got to see this!
Me: ????
Lo: DON’T STEP ON ANY SHELLS OR ANY HOLES…they are all hermit crabs!

{can you see the video? I can on ONE of my computers, but not the other}
Yes, there were at least a bajillion of them. All cute and special…all lacking free will.

Did you know that if you drop a piece of lettuce on the ground, you can start a hermit crab civil war?

You can.

Then I forced her to stop messing with them so I could get some good silhouette photos.
I’m a mean one~~~~Mr. Grinch.

Lolo starts her 2nd year of college today; surprisingly she is not majoring in Marine Biology OR posing. 

Flashback; The Croucher

January 2000
 Naples Beach.
Lolo loves dirt, sand and critters.
August 2012
 Costa Rica, Providence of Guanacaste.
Lolo doing what she loves to do.

Luckily, some things {and people} never change.

Thank you to my smart and attractive friend Mark for teaching how me to make my photos ginormous.
And I thought he was only a pretty face.
If you can see the above photos…you can thank us both.