Under the Sea with Me

I promise, I am almost done talking about Costa Rica.
What? Did you just make a face? Listen….you go on and on about your stuff and I listen…so when I want to talk I expect you to listen as well. We have a commitment here to each other. Right?
Oh, wait, never mind….

Every day we were treated to a glorious sunset.
  We spent two different days on two different boats.
I’m not a huge fan of boats ever since I watched Jaws.
You would think Titanic or Gilligan’s Island would have had more of an impact on me, but it didn’t.

 Did I ever mention I am not a fan of the ocean either? 
I mean, I’m not a fan of swimming in the ocean because I am not a fan of being touched by fish. I’m a good swimmer, not by olympic standards, but I can doggie paddle better than both our dogs. 
{NOT me}

 Sometimes, even when I am swimming in my very own chlorinated pool, I will shriek when my bathing suit ties touch me or are viewed in my peripheral. I swear it is a fish trying to attack me  or an octopus. I never worry it is the Octo-mom though. I’d see her coming with all those kids.
[Not me again}

I purchased an underwater camera and it worked pretty good. {not me.}

We did witness several mating pacific turtles from the boat. For the sake of their privacy, I did not take a photograph. Do you know sometimes the mating process takes a couple THREE days to complete.
Ocean Viagara? Poor girl turtles.
{Not Me}

In case you don’t have the discovery channel, I’ll let you in on a secret: The ocean is full of critters and fish.  We saw a few Eagle Rays, which are different than the sting rays we have in Florida.
{Not Me}

Do you know they have whales in Costa Rica? We could actually hear them underwater!
I would have been pickled pink if I had been able to spot a whale from the boat.
I would have been all sorts of other colors had I spotted a whale while IN the water.
{Not me}
 Living critters were everywhere. And for the sake of fun again…I sucked it up and joined my peeps. {Not me}
 I’m not good at the snorkel part. I tend to hyperventilate trying to breathe through that hose like apparatus.
I opted for just a mask and a noodle to float on.

I’m all bad-ass when I have a noodle to protect me.

I’m sorry to say, this IS me.

 I look like aqua man gone bad.
Someone had too much salt last night. Me and this guy.

Raise your hand if fish freak you out too.
I mean, not when they are on my dinner plate, just before-hand.


{Almost} Everybody’s Gone Surfin’

Growing up on the East Coast of Florida, I knew several kids that surfed. I called them the “rich kids”. Because they were. Therefore I never surfed. 
I bet you’ve never heard that woe is me tale: “I was too poor to surf.” I can spin anything to my needs.
My sweet girls have grown up on the west coast of Florida and there ain’t no waves to surf here….but there are plenty of “rich kids.” They must do something else…like play virtual surfing games in their glass houses. 
Another item on our “Must Do” list for Costa Rica was to take surf lessons. Well, that was NOT my list, but it was on some other people’s lists. 
We drove an hour and a half to a famous surfing area; Tamarindo Beach
Can I just tell you that all five four girls started drooling as soon as they saw the surf instructor Jonathon? 
He was young….I could have been his Mother!
Although, he is way tanner than I could ever be, so he really could not be my son. 
Unless I adopted him….but he said no way Chica! 
 You grab your own board and carry it a few blocks down and then one block over to the beach area…while Mom {the paparazzi} rides in an air conditioned van to the beach area. 
This was the only day I brought my “BIG” camera….but I did not have my zoom lens….the water shots would have been so much better. I think we’ll go back next week for a do-over. 
 Surf instructions on dry land first. Makes sense…less of a drowning hazard that way. 
 The girls were all EYES at the instructor. The Coach could drown him with his pinky toe…but he paid attention too. 

I’m proud to say that everyone ‘got up’ and surfed. The waves on this day were not huge. Some were minuscule and some were large…but you work with what you’ve got. 
The Coach~If you are super talented, you only need ONE foot to surf with. 
Linds~I was so proud of all the new things she tried on this trip. She inherited a bit of the sissiness in me….but it was not evident last week. 
 Lolo was a pro. On large waves and on the littles…she made it to the shore almost every time. 
 Like a boss….Of course, it is not the size of the wave, but how well you can maneuver it. Right?
 Two of our peeps were hit in the head by their own boards half way through this little expedition and discussed important topics on the beach. The important topic today was Johnathon’s abs.
 Here he poses with the girls. He was actually taller….but bent down for the photo. Must be a Costa Rican custom of some sort. 
Another day of making memories with my peeps…and making memories never gets old with me.
So tell me: 
Have you surfed? 
Would you love to try it?
Would you only love to try and surf if Johnathon was your personal instructor?
If you answered yes to the third question, you are a perv. And my friend.