Pre Thanksgiving {Putting Off Priorities} Peanut Update

I have a bazillion things to do, but here I am at my ‘puter.

Things I’ve said this past week:

What were we thinking?

She’s a hawt mess.

Good Lord. This DOG!!!

There is something seriously wrong with her.

My husband has repeatedly said: She’s a puppy.

Me: Nope, she has been dropped on her head at least thrice.

I will not share the nasty details of why I think this because it’s quite disgusting, but this girl was either trapped/locked in a crate/box for, I have no idea how long. I’m just hoping these disgusting habits can be trained out of her. I will be contacting a professional because this is beyond my wheelhouse.

ThankYouBabyJesus there are some cute antics that almost make up for the disgusting stuff.


Like, how long can I stay mad when she’s eager to assist with the laundry?

And there is nothing cuter than when she’s sleeping.

I take back the cute sleeping part because when it’s actually bed time, she wants to be ON TOP OF ME, which I can kind of understand, people dream of that stuff, but I’m a ‘need my own space’ while sleeping girl, so this has become a battle of wits. Also, does she have so snore so loud DIRECTLY IN MY EARHOLE?

We should have named her Bunny because look at her butt and look at that hop up the deck stairs.

We’re enjoying our Georgia time, but it’s a bit chilly for Lillie; who knew our Georgia rescue girl was really a Florida girl? Aside from the cold, she’s had some not-so-good days and just when I think it’s time to make That Phone Call For That Decision, she rallies and acts like her old self.

Ok. I really should be cleaning and prepping for guests and Turkey day; I’ve put it off for far too long.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends in the USA and Happy third week of November to everyone else.

I’m VERY thankful for all of you who visit my little spot on the Internet. XOXO

I’m Requesting More Hours In The Day and I’m A Glutton For Punishment: Our New Refugee.

I’m having a hellofa time keeping up with everything lately. Remember back when we were in lockdown and how we hated it? Well, I’d give my left middle finger to be locked down for a few weeks. I’m tired of going to the places AND doing the things.

Oh, and this:

*sigh*. We’re fine, just some rain & wind & wind & rain. None of which, is good for my hair.

I’ve not had time to write a proper blog post and when I’ve had a minute to do some blog reading, my blog reader is FULL of new posts. You are some talky people, aren’t you?

Can You Volunteer For A Lobotomy?

We added a small amount of chaos into our lives this past week.

Sure, she’s adorable looks like a fruit bat mated with an opossum when she’s sleeping. But that lasts about 10 minutes and the rest of the time she’s peeing, begging for food or peeing.

I’ve said forever that I would never get a puppy, nor would I ever purchase a dog.Well, I didn’t purchase, but she IS a bonafide puppy. She’s a rescue refugee from Ukraine.

To answer a few possible questions:

She’s an almost five month old French Bulldog that doesn’t speak French, Ukrainian or English.

After much debate we named her Peanut. Who would have thought naming a dog would be so hard…I mean, I had to share creative control with the Coach or else she’d be named Sasha or Nikita. He might have thought he was a rapper for a minute when he wanted to name her Shawty. Shawty?

Lillie has been fine with her; mostly indifferent, but she also has a little spring in her step.

Watching the damn rain.

I’ll share all the details soon, but first, we are busy with friends, family, Thanksgiving. You know, All The Things.

I’ll catch up (or not) with you guys later in the month, or when I have a free moment.

If you need me, I’ll be found wandering the yard (potty training) carrying training treats in my sports bra or in the house cleaning up pee.


The Lillie Saga~

*Let Me Get This Out Of The Way.

*I’ve started this post a few times over the past (goes to calendar) almost three weeks and I need to just put it on the blog and move onto sunshiny things.

Lillie’s surgeon, who removed the large mast cell tumor said she probably didn’t need any further treatment, but said I could visit an oncologist just to be sure.

I don’t know if I fully expressed how much of an ordeal it was getting her prepped for the mast cell removal and all the complications prior to and after surgery. IT WAS A LOT. I was so happy when it was all said and done and didn’t want to take any chances of having to put her (or us) through it again, which is why I decided on a consultation with the oncologist.

Well Dr. Doggie Oncologist said she should be fine, but let’s keep an eye on her for recurring lumps and come back in one month.

The night that we had to put Callie down, I was hugging on Lillie when I felt some lumps. New lumps. It was just two weeks prior that I’d had a consultation with a Doggie Oncologist. TWO WEEKS.

We started her on an oral chemotherapy three days a week; along with Prilosec (to ward off stomach ulcers) and Benadryl. (the tumors put off histamines) she was doing fairly well, aside from her appetite decreasing.

Coach and I were gone for 12 days and my amazing mother in law became The Full Time Dog Nurse/Nanny.

When we got home, I found an even larger lump on her back and the others were increasing in size. Rapidly.

I’ll never tire of that photo.

I took her back to Dr. Doggie Oncologist yesterday and she confirmed my fears: The cancer was back and this time with gusto.

I had two choices. Put her on Palliative care for the duration of her days.

Or try another chemotherapy that she gets at the office once a week for four weeks, then every other week. She assured me that the injection takes less than 15 minutes and 80% of dogs have zero side effects; therefore she will still have quality of life as opposed to when humans have Chemo.

I opted for the injections. Even with those, we are just buying time.

You should have seen me in the Dr’s office yesterday. A blubbering mess. Wait, maybe you shouldn’t HAVE seen me. Anyhoo, I’m wrapping my brain around it all and we will move forward as best as we can.

Not looking for sympathy, really, but it’s something I need to blog about since it’s part of this blog’s history.

I have some funny shit to share and I’ll do it very soon. Like, maybe tomorrow.


The Empty Bed.

If you remember when Ian hit our area, I was in GA with my girlfriend Melissa, Lillie, my MIL Sue and her girlfriend. We arrived home the Sunday after Ian.

Our house had been kind of crazy that week with the impending hurricane. Lauren and Nathan were working around the clock, so we took in their dogs Max and Mattis, then the storm hit, we had no power, the house was hot, things were in disarray.

I didn’t take Callie to GA with me as she was having many ‘wobbly’ moments and our GA driveway/yard is steep and hard for her to navigate; plus I drove UP and was flying back. She would not be happy about air travel.

I arrived home as our friends were unpacking the contents of our flooded condo into Coach’s various garages. (this is the day I finally approved of all those oversized garages) Our friends came into the house to wash up before heading across the state (our power was restored that morning-so we had running water!) My girlfriend Marcia, who I’ve known since 10th grade, said I’m gonna say goodbye to Callie because it could be my last time to see her. I laughed because Marcia has been saying the same thing for three years.

Well, indeed it was the last time. Within two hours after I arrived home, the Coach and I rushed her to the emergency vet; it was to be her last day.

“Dogs come into our lives to teach us about love, they depart to teach us about loss. A new dog never replaces an old dog, it merely expands the heart. If you have loved many dogs your heart is very big.”  – Erica Jong

A few of you might remember when we adopted her in 2015. She was a bonafide Cow Herder who needed to retire because of health concerns. Well, it turns out that all her health concerns were taken care of almost immediately by us; heart worms, hook worms and an ear infection.

When she came to us she had never visited a Veternarian, lived in a house, had a bath….worker dogs aren’t taken care of like house dogs. It took her a minute, but she settled in nicely and enjoyed a temperpedic bed in every room just like an expensive designer dog.

She was so easy and the only thing she did wrong was dig into my area rugs the last few years. (I think she was trying to file her nails!)

I will miss seeing her fit her 60lb self into small beds.

Callie thought the Coach hung both the sun and the moon, but she and I shared sweet moments

Callie, like me was a big fan of bedtime. She followed me into our room every night and settled in her bed. Sometimes, she settled in too early; like if I went in our bathroom at 7pm to wash my face, she thought it was bedtime. She would follow me, settle in her bed and then when I departed, she looked confused, would drag herself out of her bed and follow me back into the family room or kitchen. She had this look on her face, like, lady, are we going to bed or not?

This usually happened a few times in an evening. She’d settle down in the family room on one of her comfy beds and patiently wait for me to head to bed for the final time so she could as well; it really wasn’t bedtime until The Mama went to bed.

The empty bed.

That first week I would wake up and look for her in her bed; she slept next to me every night for the last seven years.


Her first 8 years she lived outside and worked all day. Her last seven years she really enjoyed her retirement with our family; she traveled to the beach, to the mountains and had every thing she needed especially unconditional love.

To quote our family: She was the GOODEST girl!