Lillie~Loves~Popcorn Update, Sunrise Or Sunset, Someone Has A Birthday

Thank you all for your good wishes last week regarding Lillie.

I wish I could say it’s been smooth sailing, but that would make me a liar and I’m not a fan of my pants being on fire. We’re still in the thick of it and my heart hurts on the daily.

Lillie enjoying happier days last year.

We’ve had some setbacks and you don’t need to know the not-so-fun details, but one funny, well, kinda funny thing I’ll share: Her lack of appetite. It’s been an issue since surgery and I need her to eat so I can hide her meds in the food. For a day chicken breast worked. The next day, it did not. Then I went to cheddar cheese; it worked for a day, then it didn’t. One night the Coach was eating Smart Pop and shouted from the next room: I’m eating popcorn and she wants some!

I mixed a bit of popcorn with some of her wet food. She picked out the popcorn, but then ate some of the wet food. The next day, I did the same thing with some of her kibble and wet food. She ate fairly well, I mean, it’s about 1/3 of what she generally will eat, but I feel like when she eats, I want to give myself a Gold Medal. This ‘win’ generally only happens in the evenings, not in the morning. Who knew that Popcorn is a meal incentive? Well, I mean, I knew that, but I didn’t know she knew that.

I’m trying to keep a positive attitude and hoping my little snickerdoodle heals and proceeds to live out a long life with us.


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A few weeks ago I went to a family birthday party for a two year old; my first cousins grandchild. My second cousins child. Actually second cousin calls me Aunt Suzanne, so she’s also my Niece. So my great nieces 2nd birthday party.

Are we as clear as mud?

Anyhoo, my almost niece, second cousin introduced me to one of her friends who is about her age; 28-30ish. My almost niece/second cousin always lived on the East Coast of FL until a few years ago, now she lives on my coast; The Cool Coast. I asked the Friend if she was from This Coast (pointing to the ground) or The East Coast (pointing behind me).

She looked puzzled so I thought I would make it easier for her.

Do you watch the sunset at your beach or do you watch the sunrise at your beach?

She looked even more perplexed by this complicated geography question I just threw at her; she shrugged her shoulders and replied that she didn’t know.

My almost niece/second cousin let me know that her friend lives on the East Coast, but she doesn’t wake up early enough to see the sunrise.

I thought to myself: she should still have a general idea where she resides.

I guess if you can’t see it, it just doesn’t happen; similar to that elusive refrigerator light. Does it go off after you shut the door? It’s just one of those universal mysteries I suppose.

I hope that little story made you giggle and you’re not depressed over Lillie. Leave that to me.

I have a birthday on Saturday and generally, I’m very excited about My Day. This year? I’m feeling very meh.

If we were to meet in person this weekend and finances weren’t a bother, what would we do together?


The Lillie Update, Weird Things And My Not-So-Beautiful Mind

Thank you all for your sweet words on my Monday post.

Lillie made it through her surgery and I was able to pick her up yesterday (Wednesday); I gasped and choked up a little at seeing the amount of sutures (40-50)on her little lady body. *sigh* Talk about a Tummy Tuck. She was shaking when the tech brought her to me, but after hearing my voice, she perked up a bit and wagged her little tail. We can always gauge her wellbeing by her tail wag.

Weird thing

The Dr. said that he even had to remove her Micro Chip as it was in the way of things. I secretly wondered if he removed it so that he could come back later and steal Lillie from us. Just because he has a fancy degree, doesn’t mean he isn’t a thief.

I’ll not share a photo of her sutures because it is a lot to see and I’m not here for shock and awe.

Her cone still had the tag on it from the Vet. Just call her The Canine Minnie Pearl.

She has a pain patch taped to her foot. The Dr. said I have to go back to them on Saturday morning between 6-7am (part time DR’s!) to have it removed or take her to our regular vet on Saturday and let them take it off. I asked if I could just do it myself because I practically have a Fancy Degree (I paid off my loans!) but they said it’s a fentanyl patch and I


She has to wear the Cone Of Shame for two weeks and then we go back and hopefully, have her sutures removed. In between, there are lots of medications to take and we are to use cold compresses on her several times a day for three days, then warm compresses several times a day for four days. Now I have that Katy Perry Song in my head: Hot N Cold.


We’ve been dealing with this Group of Specialist Veterinarians for how long now? (goes to check email) Four weeks. Four weeks of emails and paperwork and each and every time they put “Lillie” in quotation marks. As if I’m faking her name for heavens sakes!


I forgot that when I took her first thing on Monday for all the bleeding, I was so tired and out of it, I could not remember the names of her medications; one that she’s taken forever for skin allergies and one that my regular vet gave me over the weekend at the last minute appointment.

So, I do this thing when I can’t remember the name of something, but I can usually SEE some of the letters in my head.

Sometimes it works in my favor, sometimes I just look like an idiot.


Me to the Tech on Monday morning: Oh, she takes, ummm, she takes, it has a Q in it. And a P. Hmm…

The Tech starts spouting out medication names like we’re on a gameshow and money is involved, finally bingo!! Apequel.


I wasn’t even close on the last-minute med, and I believe the tech might have thought I was under the influence of who knows what. Fentanyl?

I don’t think I mentioned it before, but once the diagnosis of a Mast Tumor was revealed, she’s been on Benadryl and Prilosec. This type of tumor puts out histamines within the body and can also cause stomach ulcers. Now we’ve added to those Gabapentin and something else. Wait. I can almost see it… that has the letters C, P, N and R!

You read it here first, there will be a movie made about me one day and it won’t be anything like A Beautiful Mind.

I wish we could fast forward to her feeling better, but that’s not how it works. That’s not how any of this works.

Are you old enough to remember Minnie Pearl?

Do you have a technique to help find those lost words in your head without looking like an idiot?


Signed, “Lillie’s” Full Time Nurse 😉

Lillie’s Lump Diary

*I’ve started this post at least four times in the last few weeks, but it was becoming a too-long-for-me post.*

I’ve been putting off on updating everyone about Lillie’s lump. Mostly because it’s a long, drawn out ordeal that includes four, no, SIX seven, doctors appointments in the last month or so. After lot’s of tests, biopsies, ultrasounds, etc, she has a Mast Cell Tumor. Thankfully it has (at least as of two weeks ago) not spread to her lungs, spleen or liver which would be fatal. We are having the tumor surgically removed tomorrow. When we first started on this journey, it was a small, indiscreet lump that has now grown faster than the random hairs on my face.

Lump photo from my phone archives-August 3rd.

At first I took her to my regular Veternarian, but it was actually the Fill-In Veternarian and I had almost zero faith in his ‘guessable’ diagnosis. So, since then I’ve been to a Vet Group that has all the specialists in one office which I thought would be great because One Stop Shopping; they can do ultrasounds, biopsies, X-rays all right there. The trouble is, they are all part time in that office, so getting things done in a timely fashion is almost unheard of.

All this waiting in between is making me nuts because this tumor is growing fast.

~I failed to mention that a few days after the first visit with the internist who took cell samples, her lump started to bleed. And bleed. We were trying to use an ace bandage with gauze underneath to stop the bleeding. That didn’t work great. We resorted to using her Thunder Shirt with guaze underneath and that wasn’t much better. I’d put in a call to the internist for help on Thursday after she worked on Lillie on Monday, but of course, she was gone and would not be back into the office until Tuesday. Did you know that Lillie sleeps in the bed with us? Two mornings, we woke up to what looked like a crime scene on our white sheets. We could not get the bleeding to stop for several days. *sigh*

Lump photo from my phone archives August 9th.

After about a week, the bleeding finally stopped. For the time being.


On Saturday morning she was restless, wouldn’t eat and was shivering; with my not-so-real Doctors license I decided she had a fever. I took her to my regular Veternarian and luckily, it was the ONE Veternarian at that office who I have a lot of faith in. He said she had a mild fever, but her skin/tumor was infected as it was bleeding again. He gave her a shot of antibiotics and some mild pain reliever to use for the next few days.

Later on Saturday and onto Sunday this thing would not stop bleeding. We would take turns just holding her with gobs of paper towels, putting mild pressure on the wound and soaking up the blood.

At bedtime we put gauze on it, then an ace bandage and her Thunder shirt over the top of it.


I woke up around 6:45, rolled over to pet Lillie and her wound had soaked through lots of gauze, a huge ace bandage and her thunder shirt. I decided to take her to the emergency vet (which is also where she will have surgery) and see if they can do anything to stop the bleeding OR to have the surgery today. They explained to me that this tumor is not healthy tissue, so once it starts bleeding, it will not heal. Sadly, the surgeon would not be able to do the surgery today.

The sweet ER Dr. wrapped her up really well and she hoped this would last until tomorrow morning when we drop her off. I don’t think it will, but it’s more fashionable than what we’ve been doing. EDITED TO ADD: The cute, professional wrap made it to 3:50pm before it soaked through. 😩

MEOW. This morning after seeing the emergency vet.

This poor girl has been through hell. Please send up some good mojo, positive vibes and/or prayers to the Big Man Upstairs that her surgery is successful.

Signed, Lillie’s Tired Mom.