Suz Searches For Her Christmas Cardigan, Last Minute Celebrations, Just The Tip(s) & Dental Adorableness

Happy Monday before Christmas. Who here has lost all their marbles? I know it’s not polite to brag, but I have at least four marbles left.

Some notes of my past week.


*I’ve been playing Christmas music for days and it’s always funny to me to hear Dreaming Of A White Christmas or Baby It’s Cold Outside while it’s 85* and I can hear the hum of my A/C in the background.

*On the upside, we are expecting a cold Christmas. THIS IS UNPRECEDENTED; a high of 60 degrees. I’m so excited; I hope I don’t wet my skort.


*The Coach and I hosted a last minute holiday dinner for our employees; we weren’t going to do anything this year, but at the last minute we realized that we could fit everyone at a local restaurant at their outside seating area. Being that we gave people five days notice AND the location might have been far for a good amount, we had half show up up. Hell, People love free food and drinks! 65 people total came. It was a great night, I’ve missed our holiday parties and I might have hugged and kissed 60 people on Friday night. The best part is that I’ve handed my Party Planning Baton to my Mini-Me, Lindsay.

*CUE DEBBIE DOWNER: The worst part is that at any minute now I will probably have Covid, or worse, a cold sore.


*Coach said to me regarding Peanut: She’s becoming a little Dora The Explorer in the yard. Me: Well, I’d better get her a back pack! Speaking of Peanut; have you seen a cuter Underbite in your entire life? (She was napping on my chest)


* I just calculated all the tips ($1700) I’ve given this year for the ones who’ve provided services for me/us on a regular basis. (lawn guys, pool guy, hair stylist, fitness coach, esthetician, etc…) This is the biggest ‘give’ year for me as I’ve added so many people to my schedule. I wish I needed less maintenance, but how? It takes a village to keep me upright.

Well, that’s probably it for me this week. Wishing you ALL the very best! Thank you for being my champion, my friend and my co-host with all the silliness.


Tell me, how many marbles are you currently working with and will you spend Christmas Day inside or out?

I’d Like To Get My Day Back, Apparently My Love Is Worth Fighting For and Synchronized What?

I had such high hopes for Saturday.

Our Christmas Tree is supposed to reside where the three Sansevierias live.

Ahhhh, the weekend, time get all our shit in order!

Our first assignment was figuring out what replacement appliances we wanted for our hurricane ravaged Condo and get them ordered. My biggest dilemma was replacing the washing machine; the dryer survived because it’s a stackable unit, but I considered upgrading from GE (wasn’t overly enthused with it) to an Electrolux set. (I LOVE my Electrolux washer that we have at the big house) After much research, I still couldn’t make up my mind and ended up just getting the same model that we had. Meanwhile, as I was entrenched in the rabbit hole for ONE item, the Coach found and ordered the dishwasher, microwave drawer, range, fridge and fridge drawers for the bar area. He’s obviously impervious to rabbit holes.

We intended to bring ALL the Christmas stuff from the big garage into the house, then we’d plant some ixoras I had bought earlier in the week, spread 10 bails of pine straw and 50 bags of mulch, all before 4:15 because we had VIP tickets to a concert. (38 Special, Jake Owen, Brad Paisley)

I woke up ready to tackle the world, and sadly all I tackled was conceding to the same washing machine because by 11:00 a.m I was back in bed with a headache, sinus pain and achey bones. I laid around the rest of the day unhappy and fretting about bed sores.

An entire day wasted!

Fortunately, I was feeling much better on Sunday and all the Saturday things happened, aside from the concert because musicians are selfish.


We’ve hit a milestone here at Casa De La Busy Bee.

But first: Bitches be tripping.

The dogs are mostly getting along, but we do have a ‘possessive problem’ with Peanut; meaning she is possessive of Coach and I when it comes to Lillie.

This is how it happens: I or the Coach are on the couch (or bed) sitting with Peanut, Lillie approaches to get on the couch (or bed) and Peanut loses her shit and attacks. Lillie attacks back. If Lillie is the first dog on the couch or bed and Peanut joins us, it’s all hunky dory, so it’s apparent who the problem child is.

Let me tell you, there’s nothing more frightening than two crazed dogs baring teeth, barking, snaring and ready to kill each other over your love. Well, I guess two Large Crazed dogs might be worse.

*Before I finished writing this, I was putting the tree skirt under the tree, Peanut was investigating my every move, Lillie approached and chaos ensued.

Here is Lillie letting everyone know she is A Gift and Peanut is in timeout.

Anyhoo, back to the Milestone

Much like women who live together for any amount of time, you start to have synced cycles. (either that or we’re just bitchy at all the the same time)

There is also a phenomenon known as Synchronized Pooping. I might be the only person who knows about this until now, but I’m declaring it a thing right here, so it’s now official.

I used to marvel at this Magic Trick with Cocoa and Ozzie, then Cocoa and Callie, then Callie and Lillie and on Monday morning, I witnessed Lillie and Peanut pooping in unison; it’s like they were putting on a well practiced ballet for me.

Are you gonna break up with me because I didn’t document this magical event with a photo or video?

Have you had anyone (humans or pets) fight over your attention?

What about Simultaneous Pooping. Have I opened your eyes to something new & magical?


Your friend Suz, who might be injured at the hands paws of those who adore her, so I’m wishing you a magical Christmas now while I still have all my digits.

My New Best Friend & My New Tasting Room. Hey, It’s All About Appliances!

A while back, I’d ordered some puppy stuff from to be delivered in Georgia for Peanut. The Fed-ex guy dropped the box off at the door, and before he could hop back in his truck, I ran out the door to shout Thanks! He was surprised to see me home and, without stopping for a beat, asked me: 

Hey, do you have an ice machine? 

I replied yes, and wanted to also boast about my dishwasher and oven, but he immediately grabbed an empty Big Gulp from his cupholder, handed it to me (with the straw and lid still attached), and asked if I could fill his cup with ice. 

*Suz looks around to see if she’s on a hidden camera show* 

It dawned on me then that I’d read on the ‘hood Facebook group that John, our Fed-Ex guy was a beloved staple, so I asked him to come in while I got his ice. 

He entered the foyer and spoke to both dogs; we chatted across the room while I filled up his cup.

I handed him my precious ice filled cup, he thoroughly thanked me, wished me a great day, and departed for his truck. I’m pretty sure he was heading to the neighbor’s house for a ham sandwich. 

gratuitous photo of Peanut for our Christmas card photo. By the way, that IS her face. 24/7.


Who doesn’t want to combine laundry time with wine time? 

Ernie, you’ll appreciate this appliance part of my post. 

We have fridge space issues at our GA house. We dislike the kitchen fridge; it’s so inefficient space-wise.

My biggest complaint is that I never have space for my white wine. I really needed (ok, wanted) a designated Wine cooler. But, where do I put one? No space was available in the kitchen, mudroom, or pantry. I could easily fit one downstairs on the terrace level, but that was inconvenient for me and we all know I don’t want to be inconvenienced. For a minute I thought about putting one in our home office, just off the bedroom. That would have been very convenient for breakfast mimosas, but let’s be real, it’s too far for happy hour.

I didn’t need a large cooler, just big enough to keep a few bottles cold. You know, for say Tuesday night.


Let me introduce you to my new Tasting Room. Would you like a crisp rose’, a Sauvignon Blanc or perhaps some Tide Pods?

I’m kidding I don’t have Tide Pods, they’re too tempting!

I found this skinny wine fridge online, ordered it from (where I’ve bought fans, plumbing & lighting fixtures) on Sunday, and it arrived on Tuesday. OF THE SAME WEEK. It holds seven bottles and is only 6″ wide. It’s like my laundry room was waiting for it!

Raise your hand if you’d like to come over and work on some stain treatments AND a glass of vino!

Am I the only one who has invited their delivery guy INTO their home? Am I crazy-crazy or crazy good?


Pre Thanksgiving {Putting Off Priorities} Peanut Update

I have a bazillion things to do, but here I am at my ‘puter.

Things I’ve said this past week:

What were we thinking?

She’s a hawt mess.

Good Lord. This DOG!!!

There is something seriously wrong with her.

My husband has repeatedly said: She’s a puppy.

Me: Nope, she has been dropped on her head at least thrice.

I will not share the nasty details of why I think this because it’s quite disgusting, but this girl was either trapped/locked in a crate/box for, I have no idea how long. I’m just hoping these disgusting habits can be trained out of her. I will be contacting a professional because this is beyond my wheelhouse.

ThankYouBabyJesus there are some cute antics that almost make up for the disgusting stuff.


Like, how long can I stay mad when she’s eager to assist with the laundry?

And there is nothing cuter than when she’s sleeping.

I take back the cute sleeping part because when it’s actually bed time, she wants to be ON TOP OF ME, which I can kind of understand, people dream of that stuff, but I’m a ‘need my own space’ while sleeping girl, so this has become a battle of wits. Also, does she have so snore so loud DIRECTLY IN MY EARHOLE?

We should have named her Bunny because look at her butt and look at that hop up the deck stairs.

We’re enjoying our Georgia time, but it’s a bit chilly for Lillie; who knew our Georgia rescue girl was really a Florida girl? Aside from the cold, she’s had some not-so-good days and just when I think it’s time to make That Phone Call For That Decision, she rallies and acts like her old self.

Ok. I really should be cleaning and prepping for guests and Turkey day; I’ve put it off for far too long.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends in the USA and Happy third week of November to everyone else.

I’m VERY thankful for all of you who visit my little spot on the Internet. XOXO