The Empress’ New Table And I Need Your Opinion.

Ya’ll, this was a ‘grammar worry’ writing the title right up there; did I write it correctly? Let me know. *wipes blogging sweat from forehead*

I hinted a few weeks ago about sharing a photo of our fabulous dining room table at our mountain home. It was created to just the right length for our space, 92″ with a stained yellow Georgia pine top and a painted, hand distressed base of black; do you love it?

It was custom made and it turned out even more beautiful than we expected! This will be an heirloom piece that will outlive us and hopefully will be passed down from generation to generation.

Think of all the meals, laughter, wine, games, etc we will enjoy at this table for years to come.

Would you like to come and have a meal with us? Not hungry? How about just some wine and cheese because I’m always down for wine and cheese.

Think of how much WEIGHT WE WILL LOSE with this table in our dining room!

HA! Were you thinking: Suz, my eyesight IS going! The table IS in fact being created right now and I’m told it will be here before Turkey Day!

Speaking of delicious critters…when the Coach and I visited the furniture maker at his shop, behind his home on a large piece of farm property, this guy (a rescue pig or pig rescue?) was keeping watch.

He never even picked up his head, and I was wondering, is he DEAD? Or is he faking being dead because he sensed how much the Coach loves to cook bacon?

Anyhoo, back to the table, it was custom built by an Amish wood worker and then the local guy (David) does the ‘finishing’ of it; custom painted/distressed. The Tops of the table are made from local Georgia yellow pine. How cool will that be? Very cool.

My dear readers, please go back to the first photo up top. Do you see that the ceiling in the dining room is painted the same color as the walls. How do you feel about this? Are your ceilings white? How would you feel about an entire home that has painted ceilings. Every.ceiling. Really. I need to know because I’m meeting with my painter very soon.