Feeding the masses while avoiding mass hysteria and finding essentials.

The Coach found out that two of the college softball girls that he assists with are in lockdown in their dorms and couldn’t get home; they’re international students. (New Zealand & The Netherlands) They don’t have vehicles and have limited funds.

So, he decided to cook/provide food for them.

Then he found out that there are three more at that school and seventeen more at another local college locked down and away from family. International students have a harder time getting home with all this; because of funds and travel restrictions.

He was up bright and early Saturday morning and fired up his little smoker. *giggle*

He rubbed down slabs of ribs and smoked them to perfection.

Saturday the whole ‘hood smelled like ribs.
Sorry, vegetable-tarians. 

Many friends heard the news wanted to help as well; several people stepped up to donate meals, sides, some fresh and a lot that can be frozen that they can eat later.
It was all then delivered by a Professor to the Atheltic Director and then dispersed in a very social-safe-distance type of way.

I know I’ve said this before, feeding people is his love language.

Hence, my weight prob. He really LOVES me.

When he ran to the Hardware store (Ace is the Place!) for some charcoal, he hit the paper/disinfecting jackpot. Ladies, this is the new sexy; much better than flowers or chocolate.

They would only sell two rolls of Paper towels and three rolls of TP, but hey, it’s something.
Clorox is liquid gold.

Of course, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t let him know that I prefer NON printed paper towels.
Yes, even in a crisis I can be a booger.

Honestly, paper towels last a long time around here because we use cloth napkins (since 2009) for all our meals.

I would have fit in well at Downton Abbey.

If I were at Downton Abbey, I would HAVE staff and not BE staff, right?

I’d hurl if I had to empty a chamber pot and I don’t think they allow hurling at Downton Abbey, so I’d be one of the uppity sisters, but not the one who died tragically young.

How are my people holding up? 

Suz Vlogs; noisy neighbor, dirty hair, butterflies

Happy Saturday.
I never post on the weekends, but I feel like we all need some distractions at this time.
I’ve also never done a vlog.
This is unprecedented and pretty boring.
Also, I sound very nasally because lately, I am.

Yes, I talk to the butterflies and the bees; they don’t mind if I’m especially nasally this weekend.

I mentioned this week that Lindsay’s juice bar closed down. They had just received an order of produce so yesterday she and the other peeps had to clear everything out.

She brought over a ton of fresh produce last night, way more than we can ever use. I’m giving a handful to my friend down the street (a family of 6) and keeping just a bit for the two of us.
The rest is going to our friends in Fort Myers who cook and feed the homeless every weekend in a public park.

Don’t you love it when a negative can be turned into a positive? That’s some good science right there.

Dust off the video button on your smartphone and share part of your day to distract the rest of us. Pleeaaase!!!