If Everyone Did What I Wanted Everything Would Be Hunky Dory. Also No Fugly Dresses Or Bangs For Me.

Remember our lovely Christmas card photos? Nathan made the cut since there will be a wedding in ’21. {Lawd, please DO NOT let it be a MASK wearing wedding!}

Speaking of Nathan, he’s {temporarily} left his Law Enforcement job to join the Marine Reserves; he’ll be gone for six months; Lolo dropped him off on Monday. Why join the Marines now? At this stage of his life? Because it’s been a dream of his since forever and he started to pursue a military career as a teen, but life happened, things were delayed. Now, he needs to do it before he ‘ages’ out. Lolo is fully supportive as he didn’t flinch when she said she was moving away for 18 months to pursue her Masters Degree. It’s like they’re grownups or something.


Why do the children do things that I don’t want them to do? Anyhoo, Lolo finished up her Master’s program a Just before Christmas (all high A’s even though I gave birth to her) and is back at their home and now he’s left, she’s scrambling to find a job to pay the mortgage. Oh, the job thing, Mama isn’t so happy about the direction it’s going, but she assures me all will be good. More on that later if I don’t shank her first.

So, the Marines, the crazy thing is they quarantine them for two weeks in a hotel. He’ll be in a room alone with no phone, no TV, no internet and no fresh air. What the fresh hell are the Marines trying to do our soldiers? Oh, toughen them up? It’s becoming clear now! He told us that 30% don’t even make it through the two week quarantine. What? It sounds like there are parents who are raising sissy La-La’s who can’t go without their Tik Tok or Insta-Face.

Anyhoo, our Lolo is very sad of course, she’s going to miss the heck out of him.

If you are a praying person, please send some up for Nathan as our biggest worry is that he becomes injured in bootcamp or someone in his group does get Covid and this delays his ‘being done with bootcamp’ and moving into ‘Wedding day’ territory. Wedding plans are in place for October 2021. Deposits have been made, contracts have been signed and I’m thinking of Mother Of The Bride dresses.

You know, I want to be very subtle and not attract any attention as it’s LOLO’s day.

Hideous dress photo borrowed from Here

Speaking of hideous dresses, last night I had a very vivid dream that I cut my bangs and they actually laid flat and perfect and not the way they actually would lay with my hideous cowlick. I need to stop thinking about cutting bangs because it’s infiltrating my sleep, but at least once a week I think about cutting bangs. What is wrong with me?

So to re-cap, please pray, or send good vibes & positive mojo for Nathan, remind me that orange is NOT my color and hide my hair shears.


Happy 9131.06 Days

My sweet, sassy, hilarious, intelligent & oh.so.colorful baby turns 25 today. It was just yesterday that I FINALLY got her potty trained and now she does this to me? Grows UP? The nerve. I’m so blessed to have her as my daughter, confidant and friend.

My girls really do read my blog and they really DO think I’m funny and I didn’t even have to threaten them about it. So, wish my sweet Linds a happy 25th birthday and if you have any sage advice for her, she’ll read and possibly take some of that sage advice.

Happy birthday my sweet Lindsburger! XOXO

The One Where We Find Joy Even If The Universe Has Other Plans; NO CARDS FOR YOU.

I saw this video earlier this week and it really made me laugh; it’s a knee slapper if you’re into that type of slapping.

I didn’t ask for any gifts, but that robe DOES look cozy. We don’t exchange anymore because we just buy what we want all year round and this year, we bought each other a house. BUT, I did ask for a dozen bags of mulch. There must be an anniversary or something that equates MULCH. Merry 35th Christmas you weirdo, here’s some shredded cypress for your garden.

Our Christmas cards are trapped in Post Office Purgatory. In the years past, this might have put me over the edge of my “Suz needs to have control over all holiday preparations or no one will feel the joy”.

But this year, what.ever. *rolls eyes at the thought of controlling anything*

We took our photos at Gibbs Gardens over the Thanksgiving holiday in GA; this is our official card pic for 2020. You saw it here first. Goodness, I love my people and I’m SO freaking blessed. I have some news regarding our kids; (Nathan is now my child too) I’ll be updating you all on that in a week or two. Some of it, I’m trying to digest.

Stop it. I AM smiling. THAT’S JUST MY FACE. *Inside joke for my people.

We do have something unprecedented happening this Christmas Day and I’m so freaking excited.

I won’t have to turn on the air-conditioning for the entire day as we are looking at a forecasted high of 58*. ON CHRISTMAS. This rarely happens and I can hardly stand it. I won’t be sweating on Christmas Day. Well, unless Santa comes through and I start spreading my coveted mulch.

True story, Iguanas are stunned by the cold weather and DO fall out of trees, but they mostly wake up once it warms up.

Wishing ALL of you a very special day, weekend, month, year to come. Praying that 2021 brings ONLY GOOD THINGS TO ALL OF US. Hopefully by yelling that the UNIVERSE will hear me.

I’m thankful for all of you who stop by here to have a chat because talking to myself gets stale after a while. XOXO