Sunday in Miami

Football Sunday!

The Dolphins VS The Chargers

Jeff has had these fantastic seats for a few years. This is my first time going. Yeah, I am such a homebody that I hate to spend all of Sunday away. (unless I am at a softball game…)

To even get to the seats we have to be chaperoned through the heart of the stadium by an employee. We had to stop at a few points en route to our seats to let the players exit the locker room and enter the field.

Oh, maybe that is why they call it the field club? I am so freaking smart.

We had a great time. Our good friends joined us for the game…

No, I was not going to hit her…I was bringing her in for a close up!

This girl caught my attention…she was seated several seats down from us. I loved her enthusiasm with the dreads….at the end of the game I asked for a pic. That is when I realized She is a HE!!! My eyes are going….
Waiting for our guys to hit the field, Jeff just can’t put down that crackberry.

TD came over to visit Stacy and I….I wonder if he remembers me from way back in 2003?

Those boys were really close to us….and that was so much better than when those skinny cheerleaders were sashaying by…..they have a lot of nerve. 😉

On the far right side of the group is number 83. I picked him to be my butt model.
You know, If there was ever a movie about me, he can play my butt part. Yeah, I am weird.

A couple of times this was our view. The sound guy.

It did rain for a little while, lucky for us our seats came with lovely yellow ponchos. Not sure whey they were not orange or turquoise????

I was a bit nervous a ball was going to hit me…

After a touchdown a player torpedoed the ball to the ground and it rebound and a guy 2 seats down caught it.

The players did a cute dance about 12 feet in front of us, but I did not get my darn camera out fast enough!!!
We had the funniest guys sitting behind us. One of them was from Venezuela.
He was so happy and such a fan. His accent was SO strong…
He kept yelling at the Chargers telling each one that they Sucks.
And that they Stinks, they should go home and take a chower. . usually people that yell like that annoy the heck out of me, but he was really being funny and cracked us up the entire time.
Dolphins win 17 to 10.

Birthday Pictures

I celebrated my 21st birthday recently.

Yes I did.

(20 yrs is recent. Right?)

We had a nice dinner out with my FIL and MIL, our two girls and our unoffical adopted daughter. It is unofficial because her parents won’t give me her Social Security number to write her off on my taxes.

(She spends most weekends with us and Summer vacations too. 🙂

The Restaraunt was very nice. The food was fabulous.

The girls were mesermized by the Waiter. Alex.

He must have been about 23, and the two 15 yr olds were in “lust.”

And they were not shy about it either…


Alex snuck up behind me with a large gift.

Look at my face, he is lucky I did not have a steak knife in my hand….

My MIL knows me so well….bath stuff and wine and wine

Gosh, I still hate my haircut…arrrggghhhhh

Group shot w/ Alex. What is he doing? He must have really liked the tip…or the attention?