My little Hip Hop, Jazz, Salsa girl

Linds had a dance event is weekend. Her instructor is always getting the girls (and boys) out to dance at community events. It is great publicity to the dance school and good practice for the kids.
Lindsay just started Salsa and Jazz/Hip hop about 4 weeks ago.
But has done regular hip hop for about 4 years.
She has some great rhythm for a little white girl from the burbs.
She does get all her moves from her mama. 😉

Linds is the one in the front left wearing shorts and a tank top.

Jeff and I were happy to see her finally in the front row.

After all these years…usually she is stuck in the back and she is usually the smallest.

I mentioned this and Jeff said: “yeah, four thousand dollars later, she makes it to the front row…..”

I have no idea who the crazy woman was who screamed at the end of the dance…she sounds familiar though.

It was hotter than heck too…..when is fall going to arrive in Florida???

Can I get a HELLO???

When did the Greeters at walmart stop Greeting?
We have 2 different super walmarts in town. I don’t shop there regularly, perhaps one time a month.
The greeters generally don’t say anything to me. Not even a smile.

Now, granted the greeters are from a different country. I won’t name names, but it is way south of me and it starts with a H and ends with and I.

Even a few years ago, it was retirees greeting and they actually greeted me.
They smiled. It was nice.

Sam Walton must be turning over in his grave with all the problems WalMart has had lately….such a shame.

Is this “anti-greeting” all across the country???

A funny joke my Mom told me a few years ago…
I am terrible at repeating jokes, lets see how I do typing them.
I will leave out the cuss words.

A Mother walks into walmart. She has 2 fussy kids ages 2 and 6. She is talking really bad in a disrespectful tone to her kids.
Generally not being a nice person.
As she passes the walmart greeter, the greeter says hello and smiles.
The Mother barely notices her and keeps on with her filthy mouth.
The walmart greeter asks the Mother: How old are your Twins?”
The Mother makes an angry face and says:
Crazy, they are not twins. Clearly they are different ages”
The greeter says:Oh, I just didn’t think you could get someone to sleep with you twice.”

Thanks Mom. I think of this every time I walk into walmart.

Gotta go to walmart and see who will ignore me this time. 🙂
Oh, you know I have my shopping bags already in the trunk….

Update on THIS (boxer adoption)

Just before I was about to send an email back to the Boxer Rescue group, asking what was taking so long…. I got a call.
Turns out the person in charge of our area lives about 4 miles from me.
We talked for a bit and she is coming over on Sunday night for a “family visit.”
She mentioned a 13 month old boxer boy that she just rescued from the pound.
The owners dumped him there because he ate their couch. woops.
Turns out they did not crate train him at all.
They left for work and expected him to just sit and behave all day. (not gonna happen)
I really wanted a boy a bit older, 2 or more just for this problem.
But I am usually up for a challenge anyway.
But, seriously, I love our couch.
The funny thing is, she called our vet to check on Cocoa’s vaccinations and the girl who answered the phone knows us….She is one of Jeff’s high school softball players.
She told the boxer lady, how great we take care of Cocoa and that we take her everywhere, even to the ball field for practice.
So cool. Such a small world.

I wonder if boy boxers like getting dressed up too????

I’ve got a Pocket full Of Sunshine

I picked Linds up from school one day last week, she hopped in the front seat and pulled a slip of paper out of her pocket. She smiled and showed me what she had and said:

“Look, I’ve got a pocket full of sunshine”

I just don’t know if this girl could be anymore clever, cute or funny. If we did not share the same DNA, I would try to kidnap her.

Sunday in Miami

Football Sunday!

The Dolphins VS The Chargers

Jeff has had these fantastic seats for a few years. This is my first time going. Yeah, I am such a homebody that I hate to spend all of Sunday away. (unless I am at a softball game…)

To even get to the seats we have to be chaperoned through the heart of the stadium by an employee. We had to stop at a few points en route to our seats to let the players exit the locker room and enter the field.

Oh, maybe that is why they call it the field club? I am so freaking smart.

We had a great time. Our good friends joined us for the game…

No, I was not going to hit her…I was bringing her in for a close up!

This girl caught my attention…she was seated several seats down from us. I loved her enthusiasm with the dreads….at the end of the game I asked for a pic. That is when I realized She is a HE!!! My eyes are going….
Waiting for our guys to hit the field, Jeff just can’t put down that crackberry.

TD came over to visit Stacy and I….I wonder if he remembers me from way back in 2003?

Those boys were really close to us….and that was so much better than when those skinny cheerleaders were sashaying by…..they have a lot of nerve. 😉

On the far right side of the group is number 83. I picked him to be my butt model.
You know, If there was ever a movie about me, he can play my butt part. Yeah, I am weird.

A couple of times this was our view. The sound guy.

It did rain for a little while, lucky for us our seats came with lovely yellow ponchos. Not sure whey they were not orange or turquoise????

I was a bit nervous a ball was going to hit me…

After a touchdown a player torpedoed the ball to the ground and it rebound and a guy 2 seats down caught it.

The players did a cute dance about 12 feet in front of us, but I did not get my darn camera out fast enough!!!
We had the funniest guys sitting behind us. One of them was from Venezuela.
He was so happy and such a fan. His accent was SO strong…
He kept yelling at the Chargers telling each one that they Sucks.
And that they Stinks, they should go home and take a chower. . usually people that yell like that annoy the heck out of me, but he was really being funny and cracked us up the entire time.
Dolphins win 17 to 10.

Birthday Pictures

I celebrated my 21st birthday recently.

Yes I did.

(20 yrs is recent. Right?)

We had a nice dinner out with my FIL and MIL, our two girls and our unoffical adopted daughter. It is unofficial because her parents won’t give me her Social Security number to write her off on my taxes.

(She spends most weekends with us and Summer vacations too. 🙂

The Restaraunt was very nice. The food was fabulous.

The girls were mesermized by the Waiter. Alex.

He must have been about 23, and the two 15 yr olds were in “lust.”

And they were not shy about it either…


Alex snuck up behind me with a large gift.

Look at my face, he is lucky I did not have a steak knife in my hand….

My MIL knows me so well….bath stuff and wine and wine

Gosh, I still hate my haircut…arrrggghhhhh

Group shot w/ Alex. What is he doing? He must have really liked the tip…or the attention?

Bad Parent of the Year award.

I think I may have just been bestowed this award…..again……

Last fall Lo tried out for the Freshman volleyball team. The second practice she went down for a dig and jammed her pinkie into the unforgiving gym floor.

She complained about pain for a week or so. Dad thought she was being soft. I was hoping the pain would eventually go away.

Finally we decided to take her to the Dr.

It was fractured. And yes, she had been playing with a fractured pinkie.

Bad parents.

She had to wear a pinkie “brace” for about 4 weeks and then she was good to go.

This past June, playing in the FIRST softball tourney of the summer Lo did some acrobatic trick coming into home and somehow twisted her wrist. It has been hurting since then.

She has played numerous softball games (11 weekends in a row, plus 2 weeks straight) I can’t even count how many games…a gazillion maybe?

Then she started J.V. Volleyball in August. Many games have been played, many practices too.
Add into this softball practice 2x a week and a few weekend tourneys.
The crazy thing is…she played softball so awesome this summer and her volleyball game has gotten so much better too….We just assumed she played better when hurt. (?)
The pain in her wrist has not stopped. We finally took her for an MRI last week….

The Dr. called and said she has a fracture in her wrist.

She has to get into a orthopedic surgeon tomorrow.


No one can say we ever “overreact” around here though…

I just hope it is not too bad….like surgery bad. I will feel just horrible.
I suppose this means Good Housekeeping won’t come a’ calling when they are profiling Mother of the year nominees…..

I can hear her now…” I told you it hurt !!!”