These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Sharing is Caring and I Care Hard. A few years ago I did a favorite things Kitchen Edition, but these today are not related to any ONE thing. And as usual, I’m not compensated for any of my favorites.

A New Dawn

Have you tried the Dawn spray? As if Dawn could be any better than it already is.

I love my countertop tray of Mrs. Meyers cleaning stuff, but occasionally you have to pull out the big guns and I keep my big gun under the counter: Dawn Powerwash spray. I think it’s magical and they are trying to use less plastic with the reusable sprayer.

This spray is great for ridding your dishes/pans of anything greasy, but also it’s a miracle worker on my gas range top. I will admit, that I don’t clean my range top daily; we cook so much, I feel like it’s just gonna get dirty in a hot minute, so why bother? When I finally do a deep clean, I spray this magical potion on it and with a bit of elbow grease, and it’s almost shining like new.

I have special eyes

I love to brag about my good vision…all thanks to Laser Eye Surgery. But the downside I’ve found is that my eyes, much like my personality are dry. I use moisturizing drops a few times a day, but when I wake up in the morning my baby blues greens are redder than green. ONE drop of this and they clear up before someone can ask: “Are you stoned?”

I buy them in a two pack at Costco. Two pack. Two pack. Tupac.

numbr wun dawg

Wait, how did that one eared dog get in here? Lillie hacked my blog!

Honestly though, she is a favorite around here…

Nailed It

OPI Nail Envy

I do get a mani-pedi on the regular, but this has been a life nail saver.

You’re supposed to apply two coats and then every other day add another coat and after a week, remove the polish and start over. I generally forget to add the other coats after the initial two. What can I say, I have a hard time following directions. Still, my nails are stronger than they’ve ever been even though I’m constantly digging out weeds, moving rocks, squishing aphids…generally playing in the dirt like I did when I was four.

My True Emotion

My favorite emoji that generally sums up my thoughts about the world and its inhabitants.

You know exactly the face because you also make it.

Celebrating Bev

In honor of my Mom who would have been 79 today, my dear Friends Dawn and Stacy joined me for Mexican food and a margarita.

A few of my Moms favorite things aside from her family: Mexican food, Margaritas and Latin men. Yesterday I enjoyed all three two of them.

Behold The Blackberry Basil Margaritas; they were as delicious as they were pretty.

When is the last time you had a margarita that was so good you wanted to immerse yourself in the glass?

That’s all the nonsense that’s fit to print.

Actually, my fingers are just tired of typing.


Until next time XOXO

My favorite things in the kitchen

Sometimes I wish I lived in Canada so I could spell favorite as favourite. Also, I would be much nicer, if that is even a possibility.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Nevermind it’s NOT where the magic happens…well, at least in my case. I’m not sure how everyone else lives. But, I/we do spend a LOT of time in the kitchen mostly clothed.

Some of my favourite favorite everyday useful things. Aside from the Coach.

Our cast iron skillets. We ditched the old (and unhealthy) nonstick pans a few years ago, even before we had our gas range. The darn things are so hardy and heavy….we don’t even bother putting them away in the drawer. Although, that would give me more of a daily workout. We just leave them on the stove, oiled up and ready to go.

BTW: the gas range is actually clean. For the life of me, it never looks as good as the day it was installed. Apparently, I don’t have a ‘show’ kitchen, it is a full-fledged working kitchen. You’d think I was a better cook with the way it appears.

Method stone cleaner. Do we have some stone in our kitchen…lawd YES.
This is my favorite cleaner for all the hard surfaces; smells good and it does the job. I’m able to purchase a gallon of it and refill my bottle and I reuse the same cloth/rag until it can walk around on its own.
Win. Win.

Scrub Daddy.  I’m not sure what kind of hocus-pocus magic is in this scrubber, but it is my go-to cleaner for all things difficult.

Mrs. Meyers everything. I’m so in love with her soaps. I love that the scents change with the seasons and it brings a little bit of joy to my dishwashing. I still keep a bottle of Dawn under the sink for the greasy/heavy duty stuff, but for most everything Mrs. Meyers dish soap is good enough. And how about my little bubbler? There’s soap & water in there and you press it down to add it to your little scrubber. It’s the best. I purchase most of my cleaning products from Grove Collaborative and this set was one of my first buys. With the little stoneware dish underneath; it keeps my sink area both tidy and pretty. And really, pretty is the way to go.

My turquoise kitchen pig. I don’t usually allow critters on the my clean counters, but this guy is too cute not to allow it. I found him years ago at Home Goods. Ya know that place, where dreams come true for a fraction of the cost.

This is two of my favorites in one. Drawers and my Snapware. I used to only use Tupperware and I still have some pieces, but I found snapware at Costco a few years ago and really built up a good collection of both glass and plastic. No more cussing  searching for matching lids. And I LOVE drawers. I like my drawers like I like my men;  big, strong and organized. If you ever have the chance to update your kitchen, drawers are so much better than cabinets.

Well, that’s all my favorites for today.
Anyone have something in the kitchen that they can’t live without aside from the actual food? 
I was not compensated for any of my pics or links. That was just me trying to be a friendly Canadian on a Wednesday.