A visit to the real world.

And no, I’m not referring to that life changing reality show I used to watch instead of reading and gaining knowledge.

The Coach and I had a getaway this past weekend. We fled the hellfire heat of Florida for a few days. We ventured 10 hours north to the North Georgia (pronounced Jaaaw-Jaaa) mountains with my Aunt Trisha and Uncle Jim; who I lovingly refer to as Uncle Trisha and Aunt Jim. No, they’re not transitioning, we’re just silly.

My Aunt and Uncle rented a cute little cabin in the woods where we didn’t have contact with any other humans. I know what you’re thinking, this is how all horror movies start, but spoiler alert: we survived.

AT & UJ only live an hour or two from this area, but even for them, there is a nice temperature change from what they’re accustomed to in HOTLanta. And that is only ONE of the reasons they are thinking of moving to the mountains. The heat. The militia. The riots. You know, the regular things that giving, kind and law-abiding people have to worry about lately.

So, we spent our time visiting, shopping for houses, eating, laughing, house shopping, laughing. Regular stuff. It was SO nice to see them. They’ve always been my pseudo parents and even at 52, they are needed and appreciated in my life.

*Suz checks dictionary to make sure she’s using the term pseudo properly* WHAT THE HELL? I thought I knew what that meant, but apparently it’s a term used in PRISON for people who take on family roles. I want to clarify, that none of us have been in prison. Yet. And they are actually my Aunt and Uncle and not my bitches.

Let’s move on from the prison talk, shall we?

AT & UJ didn’t realize they brought their own personal home inspector with them.

Fun fact: We manufacture cabinetry-woodwork and fabricate stone countertops….It’s happened more times than not that we will be invited to someone’s home (party, gathering, funeral) and I will find the Coach opening up someone’s cabinet or drawer looking at the workmanship. It’s embarrassing, but he thinks nothing of it. He actually pulled the ENTIRE drawer out and was inspecting it before I snapped this photo. I can’t take him anywhere. In case you were wondering, the cabinetry was beautiful and met his high standards.

Meanwhile, Suz is outside inspecting flowers and the ginormous bumble bees.*swoon*

Do you remember last week when I shared that my friend Stacy who lives 8 houses down found a bear in her back yard? As if you’ve thought about anything other than that. Well, the bear thing was on my brain and before we arrived in the mountains and joined AT & UJ, AT texted me stating that a bear had crossed in front of them on the road; this excited me for some reason and I shared with my husband as he was driving. “Suzanne, we have bears ON our street.” Me: “But yeah, those are CITY bears, these are MOUNTAIN bears.”

I don’t know why he doesn’t get that.

Don’t you think of your special people while on the potty?

This cute bear was our TP holder in the cabin. I texted to my girl Stacy: “I think of you every time I pee.”

But, you know what? I forgot to send the picture of the bear holding the TP.

Are you laughing as hard I were when I realized this?

It’s ok. She probably thinks of me when she pees too. If we were in prison, she’d be my wife; we’re that close.

I’ve had some major glitches with my blog and it’s all my own doing. Like most of my problems, I bring them on myself. I’m trying to figure out how to connect my profile to this blog for when I comment. Right now, that isn’t working and I can’t seem to easily comment on blogger blogs.

I am good. I am kind. I am special, but I am NOT technologically intelligent.

Happy Friday my friends!

I saw some of my people and witnessed what should be a bucket list event.

We went out of town this past weekend; it felt so decadent. One of our dearest friends had her 5oth birthday and 12 of us surprised her at a little B & B in a sleepy little beach town on the East Coast.

We’d been planning this since February while watching the world tumble around us hoping we’d still be able to pull it off. WE DID IT.

This particular county had just moved to phase 2 on Friday; the timing couldn’t have been better. There were still a lot of stipulations and rules, but we worked around it all.

Saturday morning we walked over to the beach for a look; the weather was not glorious; very gloomy and overcast, but who cares when you’re out of the house and with friends AT THE BEACH?

We took a little walk down the beach and noticed all the turtle tracks going up and down from the ocean…hmmm…it took us a minute to remember that it was turtle nesting season. Then we started noticing all the protected nests. Can’t get much past us…

They almost looks like tire tracks, right?

Saturday night we set up a picnic at the beach; it was so awesome. Good food, good wine, good friends. We started at 6:30 and just about the time we’re finishing up, it was pitch black outside.

Since it’s turtle nesting season, there are NO lights on or near the beach. If you have lights inland, the newly hatched baby turtles will become disoriented and head in the wrong direction and not survive.

When loading our goodies back into our bags, boxes and buggies, we noticed in the dark a few large objects coming our way from the ocean. STOP THE PRESSES: mama turtles were heading our way to lay their eggs. We sort of froze not knowing what to do. One Mama just stopped about 15 feet from us and started digging. The other one put on her blinker and turned right after she saw us.

It was probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever witnessed. THEY WERE GIANT; probably 275 lbs. The mama was so close to us, now I know what a midwife feels like.

The next day on our drive home I researched loggerhead turtles and I’m not ashamed to admit that now I’m an expert. They live 47-67 years, they are omnivorous and spend ALL of their life in the water aside from laying eggs.

Not my video, but it’s interesting if you feel like learning something today.

I was thinking of asking for a baby turtle for my next birthday, but realized that our pool might somewhat boring. So, I’m still holding out hope for a baby dolphin.

But, I’m for sure adding Loggerhead Turtle Midwife to my resume.