The party recap; chock full of photos and cussing.


If you really care.

I survived another party. Barely.

The spread.


My sweet friend Dawn and her hubby Eric.


Stacy, Suz and Dawn. AKA: Charlie’s Angels.

Dawn is so young, she had no idea what we were doing. (or she grew up Amish)  It took her a moment to catch on….hence my laughing.



The Coach and some of Da’ Boys. IMG_6282

Shiny Happy People. And me. {everyone is leaning in. hello? wide lens}


Ok, for my wordy part.


Stacy, Marcello, Tim, Suz and Jeff.

See Tim? yeah Tim. My BFF. Tim reads my blog. Tim can’t get past the fact that I can come up with shiny happy stuff each time I blog. He said: Some days, it seems you are a bit whiny and mad at the beginning….and I am waiting for you to blow your top…and let it allllll go….but it always turns out sunny. Damn. (he said something similar to that…I had some wine, ok?)   

{Bee happy?}

I explained that when I am not shiny and happy…then I get a call from Bev.

Aka: Mom.

I can’t win. If I am down I lose. If I am cheerful I lose.

So in honor of my friend Tim (who will be 50 next week and has not a flippin wrinkle to his name)

Eff everything.


Eff it all.


There. I said it.

Are you happy Tim?

I sure hope so, cause that hurt my delicate fingertips.

I just can’t be a Debbie Downer.

I keep all the Debbie Downer stuff inside…you know so it can fester, boil and then explode all over my kitchen on a big holiday. {I kid}  

Isn’t that normal?


Oh, and don’t you want to know what Tim says keeps the wrinkles away…

You know you want to know.

Little Debbie’s’ snack (preserved filled) cakes.

yeah, it’s all the preservatives. Go figure. Botox via Little Debbie.

How was your weekend? Did you get blog-outed? 

And just for Tim: Bee Happy. {Damn it to heck!!!}

I lurve you.



A not so happy post from me, which I usually try to avoid at all costs.


So…the weekend.

It had a few highs and many lows.

First of all, cancer sucks. You knew that though.

A very good friend of ours is losing his battle with brain cancer.

It breaks my heart into little bits, scattered all over the flippin’ place. 

The Coach and another very good friend (Don)  flew to AZ early Friday morning to visit Sean.

A ‘hello.’ visit.

A ‘we love you buddy’ visit.

A ‘saying goodbye’ of sorts visit.


{Sean circa 90’}

I am so glad they went. I don’t know if I would have been able to stay strong enough. {Well, I know I would not have been strong enough.}

Sean was highly medicated…possibly too much.

The Coach and Don were still able to have conversations with him. Sean understood what they were saying, but could hardly communicate verbally to them. 


And that really matters.

Even in his state, he had his sense of humor. For that, I am thankful.


{Coach & Sean}

We all have so many wonderful memories of him and his antics.

I will be forever thankful for his friendship, his flirtiness, his humor, his bigger than life smile. He is a ‘one of a kind’ character.

44 is much too young to leave this life.

God speed and I hope those on the other side are ready for some big ol’ belly laughs. 115_1599

{Don, Sean & Coach. 2005}

Sean passed away Early Tuesday morning.


On the lighter side of life, I laughed when I saw Coach and Don’s flight itinerary.

I asked: Who is your travel agent? Helen Keller?

Picture: zig zagging al lover God’s creation in a plane, plus lots of driving too.


While Don and The Coach were gone, I had some sweet visitors;  Don’s better half Kelly was here with their son and the two boxer boys.

We had a nice visit. But not a’one of us is the dog whisperer. IMG_4783

Today I am thankful for friendship, love, sweet memories and most of all laughter. What would we do without laughter???

Laughter is the elixir of life, we must have it daily to survive.

(I just made that up) Pretty good huh?

Love to you all today…find something silly to laugh about. Ok?

I promise I will.