Over the river and thru the woods….

To Grandmothers House we go….
oh, wait a minute…that is not how it is for us. It is more like:
Through the everglades and then hellish Miami, to Grandmas house we go…..
Monday we loaded up and drove to cuba, I mean Miami, to have Christmas with my Grandma and Uncle.
My Grandma is 95 & 1/2.
When you are kid, you use 1/2 years, when you are over 90, you go back to using 1/2 years too.
We had a lovely visit. My Grandma is a HOOT. Not a coot, like the Grumpy Grandpa.
This is my Dad’s Mom. She is never Grumpy.
We wanted to visit and take her out to her favorite restaurant “Dead Lobster”. (red lobster)
But she would not hear of leaving the house. When I spoke to her on the phone she had went to WalMart a few days prior to shop for Christmas presents and could not think of leaving the house again until next year. Yes, that shopping trip wore her “slap” out.
So, being the wonderful Granddaughter that I am…we brought the Seafood to her.
We made her some mahi mahi, shrimp scampi, rice, and fresh asparagus.
She was in heaven.
I would not tell her what I was bringing to cook and this turned out to be a good idea. She said for days she kept asking my Uncle: “what do you think they are going to make?”
At her age, any surprise is a good surprise.

She always makes a big deal about Lindsay’s birthday (it is the 27th) by getting her a birthday cake when we come for Christmas…ice cream cake even!!

She is so funny.

We are singing happy birthday to Lindsay and just when we get done, Grandma screams out:

“dammit we forgot to put candles on the cake!”

This wonderful old woman has outlived 6 brothers, her husband, her son, & a grandson.

This past year, thanks to my cousin’s son not knowing about birth control, Grandma became a Great-Great Grandma.

I heart her so much…….