The sweetest love story you’ll read this week….plus talk of an exorcism.

Happy Monday Ya’ll.
We’ve just wrapped up another busy weekend.


While at my Uncle’s wedding last month Linds had a very serious question for me.
Linds: “Who pays the church minister?”
Me:     “The members pay him when they tithe, sometimes they even provide housing.”

“Wow, I bet Ministers don’t make very much money. 
But I guess they could make extra by performing exorcisms.”

Me:      “yep, I wonder if he can fit one in today?”


And speaking of my Uncle’s wedding, there was a really nice article in their local paper. I thought you might enjoy it as well…a sweet story with a happy ending.

A lot of my long time readers will remember when I was losing my Grandma a few years ago; Joani was such a huge help; she was there helping my Grandma daily and keeping his spirits up too.
It warms my heart to know HE is loved and not lonely.

So, did that fill your insides with sweet little butterflies?
Yes? Well, be prepared, cause you might poop out caterpillars later today.

Oh, and Linds and I had a little chuckle during their ceremony when we found out that Joani’s late mom’s name was Helen.
Her married name was Kellar.
yeah, because that’s what makes us chuckle.

So, what do you call this: Fate? Serendipity? Luck? Awesome-sauce?

It happened right there in the bakery dept.

This past Friday I ran into the grocery store to pick up a few items for the weekend.

I started in the bakery dept. for some fresh sandwhich bread, when out of the corner of my eye I saw her.
She was at least 15 feet away, but I recognized her.
My Grandma.
Ok, it wasn’t exactly her, but from the side and if I squinted a tad bit it looked just like her. Seeing dead family members is not that weird for me. *Especially at Publix.
The weirdest thing….is that immediately after seeing her, I could smell her. 
Her smell.
I couldn’t tell you what her smell is, but I recognized it at once. My Grandma’s smell, not the lady shopping in the bakery dept. who was faking her way into my heart.

Right there in the grocery store, I had a visit from Grandma. My heart was fluttering, I had a smile plastered on my face; warm memories flooded my brain. The feeling lasted about 32 seconds, but it was a wonderful 32 seconds.

Dad, Suz, G’ma~~~nineteen seventy something.

*I’ve run into my Dad’s look alike in Publix before. He might have found me to be a bit weird since I stared at him for as long as I possibly could without being issued a restraining order.

Do you MuuMuu?

Some news.
My youngest daughter is now a Junior. 
I must start shopping for some muumuu’s and comfortable shoes.
I’m not sure where to even purchase a muumuu.
My G’ma used to wear them around the house all the time. I believe she referred to them as a”house-dress”.

{G’ma’s were similar to this; short sleeve with snaps down the front.}

They always had big pockets for her pack of cigarettes.
I think that was a must for housewives back in the day. Soap operas and cigarettes went hand in hand.

I’ll just use the pocket for my flask smart phone. 

I was digging through photos the other day and came across this one of my G’ma.

My first thought: She would hate this photo of herself; she was eating for heavens sake!

But then I looked closely and it appeared to me that she was saying a naughty word.

You see, her constant and favorite phrase to describe a good person:

“{Fill in the blank with a name} wouldn’t  say  sh*t  if  their  mouth  was  full  of  it.”

Have you ever heard that one?
Well, it looked like she might be saying that in that photo above…even though it appeared that she was actually eating some sort of mayonnaise based salad.

Now, everyone close your eyes.

 My Dad’s cousin and my G’ma.
Maybe they were praying?
But most likely not. Most Methodists only pray at church or before bed.

I just made that up.

And this is the look she gave you before she informed you that you’ve gained weight…

and her next line would include something about her wanting to fix you something to eat.

Gosh I miss that woman with the Muumuu’s and mixed messages!

Our weekend was swell.
How about you?

Housedress pattern photo borrowed from here.