If there was a calling for a professional rambler, I’d have my application turned in first.

I’ve been really busy lately. Did I tell you I won the lottery? Well, I did, and I am busy as heck spending money so I’ve not been blogging so much. Plus, I am recovering from the face lift, liposuction and the lip implants. What else would I DO with all my winnings?

Yeah, right.

I’d never get lip implants.

And I hardly ever purchase lottery tickets, but a girl can dream.

Recently,  I took a sunset portrait class, and it included a real live model shoot at sunset. 
Go figure.
These photos are for her {THE MODEL} to use…but I get to share them as well on my ‘website’

Is a blog a website? I’ll have to check into that one.

Our sunset on this particular day was not great. Which is really sad, because we generally have fantastic sunsets. The sunsets are our paybacks for having to run our a/c for 360 days a year.

Anyhoo…the model was fantastic. And I know modeling. I didn’t suffer through hours and hours of America’s next top model while the girls were enthralled with the glamorous life of modeling.
{Gag me with a vial of coke and a cigarette.}

Can you believe she is 40? I want to be from Romania in my next life….apparently life is so good there, you don’t seem to age.

We are almost done with the renovation of the playroom. We’ve eliminated two desks, and many cabinets…so I am again moving things around. I realized I was collecting TOO much crapola in the craft room cabinets. So I’ve been making room to move stuff from the playroom to the craft/laundry room.

You  might think this is the before photo. But you’d be wrong.

 This is the before:

Have you ever heard the phrase: “The more space you have, the more junk you keep?”

This is true for me and our house.
Of course, my junk is very special and it is hard to part with.

I sound really pompous throwing around words like playroom and craft room. I’ll never discuss here my gift wrapping room(s).

Today, we are starting on phase II of this newest reno.

I remember my Grandma coming over to our house one day and she stated:
“It is much easier to keep a large house than a small one.”

My mom and I looked at each other quizzically…because my Grandma always had a very small house.
I suppose she learned this housekeeping stuff from watching Dynasty and Dallas.

{I miss my G’ma and her funny lines!}

Softball season is upon us!

Sadly, Lolo is not playing….she is dealing with a hip injury. Yet, she is still smiling.
She is like Shakira, her hips don’t lie either.

They’ve been traveling the last few weekends….Friday-Sunday. Between classes/softball and re-hab (for her hip, not the other re-hab) she won’t ever get to a keg party.

College isn’t like it was when I wasn’t there.

But I did learn a good amount of life skills at Beauty College. Such as, don’t trust people with pink/spikey hair to give you a normal haircut.

And no, I never had pink hair.

We had a great weekend hanging out and attending a great party too!
How about you? Anything to ramble on about today?

Fighting over the silver.

When my brother and I were kids, we fought over silverware. I’m talking, tripping, wedgie giving, knock down, drag outs.
{Times were tough back in the 70’s.}
Well, really we fought over one spoon in particular.

The Golf Spoon.
I don’t really know the intended use for this type of spoon…but it looks like a golf club.

The golf spoon was located at Grandma’s house, so it was super duper special and she only had ONE…and it certainly would not work out for a ‘lefty’.

In the mornings at G’ma’s house, Mark and I would race to shout out GOLF SPOON to use with our cereal. 
In the evenings, when G’ma would spoil us with a huge bowl of ice cream, we would shout GOLF SPOON!
It was our version of ‘shot gun’.

Everything tasted better with the golf spoon.

My Grandma also had grapefruit spoons. Sadly, we never fought over those..for she had more than one. And frankly, they were a little sharp for my taste.

About 12 years ago G’ma transferred to me the golf spoon, with all of it’s magical powers.
I was in silverware heaven.
I told the girls our golf spoon story…and they tried to reenact my childhood by shouting “golf spoon” in the mornings too…(minus wedgies and tripping) but it fizzled out shortly afterwards.

My kids are not diehard with the silverware like Mark and I were.  {Spoiled sissies with many silverware options}

Their favorite piece of silverware in our house?

The pickle fork. {And we have more than one}

Which is hardly ever used for actual pickles…it makes a great fork for applesauce and crushed ice….they are so weird. 

Do you have any special coveted silverware?

Eating between the lines.


A true sign that you have kids in the house.

Anyone want to guess what flavor is missing???


Yeah, you knew it was the ‘good’ flavor.

When I was a kid, my Grandma used to buy her ice cream from the “cow” store. You remember the cow store?

It was the little drive thru market with the big COW on the top. Well maybe it was only in Florida….and maybe it had a real name too.

She used to buy Neapolitan flavored too…but I always called it Napoleon ice cream.

And I still do.