I’d Like To Get My Day Back, Apparently My Love Is Worth Fighting For and Synchronized What?

I had such high hopes for Saturday.

Our Christmas Tree is supposed to reside where the three Sansevierias live.

Ahhhh, the weekend, time get all our shit in order!

Our first assignment was figuring out what replacement appliances we wanted for our hurricane ravaged Condo and get them ordered. My biggest dilemma was replacing the washing machine; the dryer survived because it’s a stackable unit, but I considered upgrading from GE (wasn’t overly enthused with it) to an Electrolux set. (I LOVE my Electrolux washer that we have at the big house) After much research, I still couldn’t make up my mind and ended up just getting the same model that we had. Meanwhile, as I was entrenched in the rabbit hole for ONE item, the Coach found and ordered the dishwasher, microwave drawer, range, fridge and fridge drawers for the bar area. He’s obviously impervious to rabbit holes.

We intended to bring ALL the Christmas stuff from the big garage into the house, then we’d plant some ixoras I had bought earlier in the week, spread 10 bails of pine straw and 50 bags of mulch, all before 4:15 because we had VIP tickets to a concert. (38 Special, Jake Owen, Brad Paisley)

I woke up ready to tackle the world, and sadly all I tackled was conceding to the same washing machine because by 11:00 a.m I was back in bed with a headache, sinus pain and achey bones. I laid around the rest of the day unhappy and fretting about bed sores.

An entire day wasted!

Fortunately, I was feeling much better on Sunday and all the Saturday things happened, aside from the concert because musicians are selfish.


We’ve hit a milestone here at Casa De La Busy Bee.

But first: Bitches be tripping.

The dogs are mostly getting along, but we do have a ‘possessive problem’ with Peanut; meaning she is possessive of Coach and I when it comes to Lillie.

This is how it happens: I or the Coach are on the couch (or bed) sitting with Peanut, Lillie approaches to get on the couch (or bed) and Peanut loses her shit and attacks. Lillie attacks back. If Lillie is the first dog on the couch or bed and Peanut joins us, it’s all hunky dory, so it’s apparent who the problem child is.

Let me tell you, there’s nothing more frightening than two crazed dogs baring teeth, barking, snaring and ready to kill each other over your love. Well, I guess two Large Crazed dogs might be worse.

*Before I finished writing this, I was putting the tree skirt under the tree, Peanut was investigating my every move, Lillie approached and chaos ensued.

Here is Lillie letting everyone know she is A Gift and Peanut is in timeout.

Anyhoo, back to the Milestone

Much like women who live together for any amount of time, you start to have synced cycles. (either that or we’re just bitchy at all the the same time)

There is also a phenomenon known as Synchronized Pooping. I might be the only person who knows about this until now, but I’m declaring it a thing right here, so it’s now official.

I used to marvel at this Magic Trick with Cocoa and Ozzie, then Cocoa and Callie, then Callie and Lillie and on Monday morning, I witnessed Lillie and Peanut pooping in unison; it’s like they were putting on a well practiced ballet for me.

Are you gonna break up with me because I didn’t document this magical event with a photo or video?

Have you had anyone (humans or pets) fight over your attention?

What about Simultaneous Pooping. Have I opened your eyes to something new & magical?


Your friend Suz, who might be injured at the hands paws of those who adore her, so I’m wishing you a magical Christmas now while I still have all my digits.

Denver, Live Aid, Retro Christmas

I finally started listening to Christmas music this week even though I’ve not put up our tree. It’s a two man job getting the Christmas Paraphernalia out of the garage storage and my man has been so *extra busy; maybe this weekend it will happen. I’ve thought about NOT putting it up and when everyone arrives on Christmas Eve, just have them do it. How’s that for a gift?

*I don’t think that I’ve shared that Coach is not only re-doing our condo from Hurricane Ian, he’s taken on NINE units in our small condo complex. NINE units from top to bottom! Yes, he’s insane and I told him so. Turns out working with FEMA is actually worse than dealing with the County with permits/inspectors.

Anyhoo, the song Do They Know It’s Christmas came on and it reminded me of a story I’d heard recently. I listen to the podcast MObituaries with Mo Rocca (have you listened? It’s a great podcast) and he did an episode on John Denver. I’ve always loved John’s music and it was so interesting to me to learn how he was once very controversial to some people, (unwarranted, by the way- Rocky Mountain High was NOT about weed!) and how he was doing humanitarian work before it was fashionable to do so. He was feeding the hungry, but, he was snubbed from the BandAid movement and it hurt him terribly. See, even grown men have their feelings hurt…not just me.

I remember watching the Live Aid Concert; not only because it was a great cause and great song, but because ALL MY BOYFRIENDS WERE THERE TOGETHER!

Simon LeBon, John Taylor, Bono, Sting, George Michael (don’t act like you didn’t have a gay boyfriend!) Adam Ant and David Bowie.

This was just a month before I met The Coach, so I would’ve given all my meals to feed the hungry if it meant I could be there in person. I mean, if they didn’t see me in person, how could all of them propose to me? Wait, what am I talking about?! At the time my daily food requirements consisted of toast dipped in coffee for breakfast, a snickers bar and diet coke for lunch and probably a pop tart for dinner. That’s not a humanitarian effort.

Speaking of Christmas songs, I think I shared this last year. Or the year prior? This is my favorite Christmas song; I adore Kacey Musgraves; her voice is angelic.

And just for shits and giggles, a few vintage Christmas photos of Mark and Suz; remember, he’s the cute one. (that was a great Christmas post!)

Have you finished decorating? Do you remember Live Aid?

Did you also want to marry one of my boyfriends? If so, we would be Sister Wives today.


Thankful, Grateful, Belly-full, Chad-less

We had an amazing Thanksgiving in the Mountains and all my chickens came to roost.. Or visit. Or eat. You know what I mean.

Lolo was scheduled to work, but at the last minute her sergeant gave her some time off; she and Mattis drove up on Wednesday. (She’s on light duty, still recovering from knee surgery, so she wasn’t ‘needed’, for which I’m thankful for)

Nathan has been away doing intense Bomb Squad Training in Alabama for six weeks, so it was only a 3 hour drive for him to come and see us.

My Cuz Patrick came to visit my Aunt Trisha and Uncle Jim who are only 8 minutes away. I still pinch myself that they are so close.

Linds, her BF Mike, Coach’s dad and step mom flew up on Wednesday, so we almost had the whole FamDamily.

It had been terribly cold prior to their arrival; mornings at 27*-30*, with afternoon highs of 43*. I know for my Canadian and Northern friends, that’s nothing, but for us thin blooded Florida people: It was freeze random-body-parts-off-cold. On Wednesday, the weather Gods threw us a bone and we were now having temps around 55*-60* in the afternoon. We could finally use our deck and porch area, which is always a good thing.

Wednesday night was Pizza Night. The Coach loves making pizza in his authentic wood fired oven; this is a fun time for all of us. He’s got mad pizza tossing skills!

FUN FACT: Did I ever share that Coach worked in a popular pizza restaurant in our home town while in High School? This place was the bomb and I should know because my Mom was a waitress there for many years; I spent many an afternoon filling up salt shakers and stealing maraschino cherries from behind the bar. We moved from the area only three years before Coach started working there.

Back to present day…

Our time together involved lots of dog holding, lunch on the deck, fire pit s’mores, a ‘when is this game gonna end’ of Uno and lots of laughter. Oh, and FOOD.

Cue the Random Photo Montage:


Recently, we had some trees removed because of invasive Asian beetles and the tree guys took it upon themselves to rid us of our hanging chad. Had I been here, I would have asked them to leave it and let Mother Nature do her thing in time. I had a love-hate relationship with Chad. RIP CHAD.

Our view has forever changed, but I’m really NOT complaining.

So, how was your day?

Did you have endless amounts of fun mixed in with endless amounts of cleaning up pee accidents? Those, by the way were not from the humans laughing, but the dogs.


Birthday Reflections, I Love Presents And Lillie Is Making Strides.

Thank you ALL for your positive comments on my Lillie post; your words mean a lot to me. Also, everyone who shared what ‘we would do together on my birthday filled my heart with love. 

It turns out that my day was all about eating. We met Coach’s Mom, Step Dad, Linds, my adapted daughter Halie, (not adopted since her Mom wouldn’t give her up, so we all adapted) our dear friends TW and Mo for a long lunch that was delicious for our bellies and great for my soul. 

Saturday night, we had dinner with Coach’s Dad, step Mom, and Linds. Linds made out with two free meals on my day! I was showered with thoughtful, sweet gifts, and you know what I realized? I LOVE PRESENTS, even if it’s a little thing like a kitchen scrubber. 

While at dinner, two other tables near us were also celebrating a birthday which I thought was total BS. IT’S MY DAY; STOP TRYING TO BOSS HOG MY DAY! 


Linds gave me the absolute sweetest card with words from her beautiful heart. Whenever I’m having a bad day, I’ll pull that out and reread it. 

Isn’t the written word priceless? We laughed that she could only find a pencil in her apartment. Now I know what I’m getting her for Christmas.

Much to the horror of my MIL, my FIL bought me a kitchen scrubber and dropped it in the gift bag she had with a few other items. He said:  You will love this and he was right. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. *giggle* He knows me. 

I received lovely flowers from my girls (adapted & DNA) and Nathan. My kids know my weakness for Reese’s. I had one cup on Saturday and one on Sunday; I’m satisfied for a while. 


I think it was Thursday when Lillie turned a corner which was a surprise since she doesn’t even have a driver’s license. But as I was feeding the crew dinner (we had Max for the last month), Lillie all of a sudden perked up and was excited about meal time. I was worried it was temporary joy, but she’s been eating her regular food (I don’t have to share my popcorn!) and acting almost like her old self. 

We take her this morning to have her sutures (hopefully)removed and to get an update on the lab results. 

Thank you for all your kind words and love. It means more than you could know. 

Do you have a favorite go-to candy that you might sometimes crave so much that you might push down a human to get one? Just me?