Thanksgiving Memory Lane….

Thanksgiving is my MOST favorite holiday.
I suppose as kid, Christmas would be at the top of the list.

Since I have been an adult (well adult age anyway) I really look forward to Thanksgiving with enthusiasm.

It has all the elements of a fantastically perfect holiday. It is full of Pros and low on Cons.


*Family and friends get together

*good food

*a few days off from work/school

*NO GIFT BUYING!!!! ( I should have put that at the top)


*Nada. Zip. Zilch. negative. (unless you happen to be Tom Turkey)

We have hosted it at our house for many years and I enjoy the chaos.

I don’t care how many we have over, the more the merrier. I love it.

We have had from 12-20 people and it is always a great day.

*On a side note….I am having serious issues getting into the spirit of Christmas.

I know it is only November, but I was dreading it already last month. More to come on that…I have an idea. I may start a revolution of sorts….

Ok, back to Thanksgiving Memory lane

Back in 2006 we actually left our home and rented a house up in the North Carolina Mountains. I was a bit concerned it was not going to be as nice, with us NOT being at our home…..

But, it was a fantastic holiday.

We picked up my Mom in GA on the way up. My Aunt, Uncle and Cousin met us up there.

The day we pulled into town, the heavens started dropping little teeny tiny snow flurries for us. How nice, right? It was the first time the girls have seen snow and they seemed less than enthused about it all (when are we getting out of this car??)

It ended up warming up quite a bit and was a fabulous week away.

This was the view from the rental house….

I was insistent on getting a good picture of my three children for our Christmas card too….This was a winner that year.

We set a beautiful table as usual…and I had to take a pic. Not very good lighting.
The girls collected leaves and we wrote the place setting names on them with a gold leaf pen.

The only down side to this Thanksgiving is that I forgot one of the most important elements of our Thanksgiving table. I nearly ruined Thanksgiving by forgetting these very important peeps.

That is our joke around the house…you ruined our Thanksgiving…..what ever. 😉

My Cousin Patrick, Linds and Lo.

We have a piece of property in the area, and we enjoy visiting it. This is OUR rock. That is what the girls say anyway….we are making payments on that rock and the land under it.
If business does not pick up by a gazillion percent we very well may be living under/next to/on top of that very rock.
Nice views though.

I will be boring you all with more Thanksgiving memories over the next few weeks. I may even share my most PERFECT turkey recipe….I stole it from Martha herself.