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When the people of target annoy you and we have a bizarre Lost & Found department.

I had a Who Moved My Cheese moment last week at Target. I knew in my head that I hadn’t been there in a while, but I didn’t realize how long until I looked at my Target App. (there’s an app for that because there’s an app for everything) It had been over 7 weeks. SEVEN. Before the United States Dumpster Fire started, I was a once-a-week Target girl. I kept asking (anyone who would listen) “Do you think Target is gonna go out of business since I’m not going as much?”

I was actually pretty excited about my shopping trip, but sadly my excitment quickly turned to slight panic and not at the Disco. I was lost as hell because during my shopping absence the Target People remodeled/rearranged the ENTIRE store. Without my permission; what is this world coming to?

Are you old enough to remember the book Who Moved My Cheese?

She found what, where?

I have a text thread with my girls; My DNA Squad. Don’t tell their Dad, he’ll be seriously jealous.

To answer her question, yes, she used to pack heat. And also sew. And also was possibly the most unorganized person ever; hence ammo in her sewing basket. I’ll have to check her revolver for some thread. Lolo confirmed that the sewing basket still smelled like Grandma’s apartment.

I miss that unorganized lady like crazy.

I found what, where?

Last weekend my Great Niece was here visiting for the day. We broke out the girls Barbie house and accessories. Lots and lots of accessories.

I sent a text to the girls letting them know we were dusting off the Barbies.

One accessory didn’t belong in the Barbie box at all.

I removed the play scissors from Barbies’ poor ear before Kinsley was traumatized.

Can you imagine what I found in that little box within the Barbie box?

Don’t ya love a cliffhanger? I’ve got to figure out a way for you to return to this nonsense.


As blogged by Suz

Ladies telling me how to live my life and making happy plans.

Do you use a Mac? Once you go Mac, you never go back. My Mac laptop has a SIRI button right next to the delete button. I accidentally wake up SIRI several times a day because apparently I delete a lot. She asks what I need and I usually say: I was kidding. And she always responds with: I knew that.


My car has one of those cell phone charging beds in the arm rest. I generally leave my phone charging while going about my life. When I get home or wherever and put my car in park the lady who lives in my car dashboard always tells me in her nicest voice: Your cellular device is still in your vehicle.

Listen lady, I knew that….but really, deep inside, I forgot and I appreciate you helping me. Can we install something that will remind me to bring my shopping list to the grocery store. Or, to say, not forget a sleeping kid in the backseat? Not that I’ve forgotten a child in the car, but I know it happens.

Did I tell you there is gonna be a wedding?

I’m jazzed about it all.

Can we start using the phrase Jazzed more because I really like it.

Last week THE DRESS was purchased. And now, even more good news; after much hemming, hawing, whining and debating, a venue has been decided on. You do know, that I was doing the whining part. I’m a pro. And then, to keep the good momentum going *Cue dramatic wedding background music*: A date has been chosen.

Country dumpster fire be damned, we’re on a planning streak now.

Gosh, I wish The Office was still making new episodes.

Whatcha doing this fine weekend?

Lolo has a birthday next week and since her (online) class schedule is gonna be full, we’re going to get together sometime this weekend for dunch or linner. (early dinner? Late lunch? who knows, we’re wild and crazy lately)

That’s all the nonsense for me. Wishing everyone a great weekend doing whatever it is you do when I’m not around.