Running on fumes and a clean table brings me joy; these are the days of my life.

On Sunday I had a few errands to run, which I really didn’t want to do. I’m sick of going places and at times wish I was on lockdown. One errand included a trip to Costco. This is my third trip for the week. Am I stocking up for the end times? No. But, I was stocking up for *something*. Vague much?

The night before when Coach and I were coming home in my car from our Great-Nieces birthday party, the gas light came on, we still have plenty before arriving home, but I knew that on Sunday I would need to stop for gas. I made the decision to get it at Costco which would be my last stop. Leaving the house I had a 30-mile gas range. Suz thinks that’s plenty of gas, go where you need to go, and then hit Costco for gas.

Have you played this game with yourself? As I’m driving just a few miles, I notice the range goes down to a 20-mile range. Me thinks hmmmm, I DID not just go 10 miles. Surely something is amiss. I continue on because I know I can beat this game. I hit my errands, then start in the direction of Costco. *10-mile gas range*. I check my map at a red light and Costco is ONLY five miles away. I CAN DO THIS!

Though, a few miles before Costco, I started to get nervous. I checked the outside temp: 98*. Damn, it’s HOT out. I DO not want to be stranded on the side of the road melting. I decide to turn off my air-conditioned seat. (my favorite car feature) A few minutes later, I wonder, is that enough to save some gas? Of course, I caught every red light in the county. I tried to coast to each one, thinking that is more fuel-efficient. Let’s turn OFF the a/c for a few minutes. Two minutes later, I’m melting INSIDE my car and put it back on. I wonder to myself if turning off my satellite radio will help? Ok, that was funny, I know that’s not how it works and I did not do that. But it crossed my mind.

Hey, I see Costco! I’m almost there! Ok. I did make it and my range still said 10 miles. Does my car do that just to scare the crap out of me? To date, I have never run out of gas. Never. Can someone make a note to put that on my epitaph along with my passion for recycling? Pease?

Raise your hand if you’ve run out of gas. I won’t judge. Someone very close to me has run out of gas a few times and I was the rescuer.

I’m pretty proud that I finally finished my photo sorting project on Sunday night. I started it at the beginning of the pandemic and thought it would take me a week or two. *laughs at my positivity* Fortunately, I have a huge craft table in my laundry room and I was able to keep the project out and work on it when I felt the desire. But still, I was missing having a clean table; I’m tidy at heart.

Where are all my friends? My commenters have dropped dramatically and I wonder if I offended someone? Are we on a break? Could it possibly because I just wrote a lengthy post about almost running out of gas? What? That’s NOT entertaining? Is it too hard to comment on this format?

It’s Monday and the Coach and I have something BIG this week. I was going to share it now that we’ve told most of the family, but if we’re on a break…fugettaboutit.

Anyone accomplish a task that brings some joy to your weird little heart?


What a difference a year makes and please, for the safety of humanity let me sleep.

Or, I could have titled this, what a difference a year and shelling out a boat load of money makes.

These photos popped up in my time-hop app this morning. Does anyone else check their time hop first thing in the day to see what happened last year, the year before, the year before? No? You have a life? Well, dag-nabit.

Lolo called me from VA yesterday to catch up. She’s getting through with her classes and will graduate with her Master’s degree around the holidays. Doesn’t it feel like we just moved her into her apartment about a minute ago? And she’ll be done soon. She said to us over the summer that if she had known how easy getting your Masters was, she would have done it earlier. Me? I had a hard time getting through algebra.

Anyhoo, what I really wanted to say was she mentioned that I’ve not been blogging as much. Fo’rizzle.

But, if I were to say something, can I complain? The dogs. Ughhhh. Callie has been high maintenance for the past few weeks. She wakes up one to two times a night wanting to go out. It’s weird. She has an incredible bladder, I’ve always been so envious of her longevity between potty breaks. But now, she acts like she’s ingested gallons of liquid and needs to potty. I’ve followed her outside just to see what she is up to…nothing seems urgent. She doesn’t hit the first spot of grass and pee. She wanders pretty far, pee’s and then just wanders around the yard like it’s the middle of a friggin sunny afternoon. Is this dementia?

Last night, I took the dogs out at 10:45 and we went to bed. She woke me up at 12:30, I turn off the alarm and let her out. Then again at 3:30 she started whining. I let her out…but I was not able to fall back asleep until around 5-5:15. Guess who woke up at 5:30 whining? It was now Max’s turn. *good lord!* I let him out, put him back in his crate, and tried to sleep. Coach’s alarm went off at 6:15, he went into the bathroom to prep for the gym and guess who now started whining and toe-tapping on the tile floor; Callie! I silently wanted to remove all her toenails. Sorry PETA. I declared when I woke up that there will be no more dogs. I know I said last week I was in need of boxer butts, but I need my beauty sleep damnit. Plus, I’m cranky as a mo’ fo’ when I don’t get adequate sleep and the world needs less cranky people.

See. I have nothing to say.

Happy Wednesday. I hope ya’ll are getting your sleep on!