Insects, insecticides, and a bit of mercury.

Since several tropical depressions came and dumped tons of rain here in sunny Florida we are having a horrible mosquito problem. I am sure it is not a problem for the frogs, birds and anything else that eats mosquito’s but it is a problem for moi.

In general, any mosquito within a 10 mile radius of me will come to drink some of my sweet nectar.
Apparently something in my blood makes them want me. I don’t know what it could be…..all the salad I eat? The wine I drink?
Who knows, but I am not safe lately.

They hover around the doors waiting for me.

Someone told me that the county is going to start “spraying” for mosquito’s.

That would be ok, and it made me think of something that we used to do as kids.

A mosquito truck would slowly drive through our neighborhood on occasion and spray pesticides out the back of the truck.

All the neighborhood kids would run outside and follow the truck.

This is what kids did when they did not have computers or phones. (or a brain apparently)

Yes, we would run through the fog, directly inhaling DDT. I can still smell it.
You would have thought we were chasing the Ice Cream truck.

Smart right? This could be the reason why I never grew past 5’2?
Or possibly the fact that I can only retain basic math skills?

Where was my Mother?

A few years later I remember breaking open a thermometer and playing with the mercury.

I have no idea how I learned that this would be interesting…perhaps in science class.
I am lucky I did not grow a 3rd arm.
Anyone else play with dangerous toxins as a kid and live to tell the tale?

A new bathroom…

is something I have dreamt about for a long time.
Our bathroom is not horrible, but it is not as nice as the rest of the house. In my opinion anyway.
We (me) chose the dark blue corian counter tops. I was over them in a few years. What was I thinking??
The shower is just so big and breezy. Sometimes bigger is not always better.
So we have talked about redoing it. This will finalize all rooms being upgraded in the house in the last 10 years. (until we start all over again?)
We have taken all the carpet out of the bedrooms, put in wood. We re-did the girls bathroom and painted their bedrooms. Same with the pool bath and guest room.
This will be an undertaking though. We may be moving some plumbing and we are certainly getting rid of the tile floor.
I am just so excited about the prospect of a new retreat. Seriously, when it is done I may stay in our bedroom and bathroom forever. I already hate to leave my bedroom, it is so relaxing….
I was searching online for some tubs.
Wow, I came across some doozies.

This looks so strange…

I think we will stick with an acrylic tub and skip the rock.

Lucky for me I hooked myself up with a clever man who can not only design a beautiful bathroom for us, but he can get it done.