Once I grow a mango tree, the Food Network will be calling.

I have bragged before about my amazing salsa making talents.. surprise, it does not end there.

I am also a semi-professional mango salsa maker. 

Never mind the fact that both of these dishes do not require measuring or cooking of any kind. That should not stop Food TV from producing a show based on my two supreme recipes. 

Of course, it would be a two show deal.

I would require a contract and payment up front. Surely they may not like how condescending I am once I have my own show.

Back to the mango salsa.


And to think about 6 years ago, I did not even like mangos. Ok, I still don’t really like mangos, but I love mango salsa.

Don’t ask.

If you have never tried it, you must. I insist. And if you don’t, well this friendship of ours will never last.

For this smallish batch I used:

4 mangos. (not too soft, not too hard; Just right said Goldilocks.)

1/2 an onion. (I prefer red, but I only had white)

A bunch of fresh cilantro. (I love this herb so much I might just marry it)

Juice of one lime

2 smallish jalapenos.

(I have heard that pineapple adds a sweet twist to this as well)

IMG_1955_thumb1And now for the bestest kitchen hint I could ever share with you. If you already knew this, please don’t bruise my ego…keep it to yourselves.

ok, to peel a mango, all you have to do is score the skin in quarters and thenguess what?

The skin comes off in quarters. (see above)

I know, it is crazy cool.

Seriously. It took me years to figure this out.

All those times I peeled a slippery mango only to lose most of the mango meat in the peel…..proves I should watch the food network even more! Well, I will after I get my own show.



This salsa is awesome on top of a nice fresh piece of fish too. Or old fish, in case you live in Nebraska. 

You can thank me now.

 Next week tune in and I will show you how to open a can of creamed corn.

I give so much, it is exhausting.