TGIF~Remember Easter?

Happy Friday Ya’ll

I’m not quite sure why Friday is always such a big deal, most of MY days are about the same, but when there is special abbreviation for ONE day, then you have to get excited about it.

I’ve been under the weather this week….some sort of weird bug I picked up somewhere. Most likely I picked it up at Publix, where I pick up all the other stuff for our life.
Anyhoo….food has not been a friend of mine for a few days even though my body/belly want it. But then, my body/belly repels it.


Both of the girls were home for Easter Sunday.
For me, that is quite the celebration.

When your grown girls (22 & 24) ask to color eggs, you color eggs.

Ok. Maybe only one asked to color eggs. But hey, she’s the Popo, so I’ve got to adhere or I’ll get some sort of Easter violation ticket. 
I made my Mom’s famous Easter cake. Ok, maybe it’s only famous to our family…..or anyone who has the cake Dr. Cookbook. 

Apparently, I’m grasping onto the good ole days as I hid eggs for the girls to hunt. 
It took them exactly 6 mintues to find all 16 eggs. 
Apparently, my egg hiding skills are sliding. 
But hey, I get points for the fact that I put $$ and gift cards in the eggs. 

Am I buying their love and attention?
They really come for the food.
It was a good day.

Have a sweet weekend!
Now, if I could just eat a meal like a normal person, all would be great.


This, that and the other thing

I had my annual eye appointment this week. Do you recall that I had my laser vision surgery back in 2015? It was almost two years ago and I’m proud to say that my vision is just awesome. I know it’s not polite to boast, but I am. My right eye (distance) is 20/25 and my left eye (near) is 20/20.
I almost feel like an overachiever.
Ok, If I’m being honest, I actually DO feel like an overachiever.
I do have really dry eyes though and that was the case before the surgery. The Dr. said I can have tubes put in my ducts to help combat that.
When she suggested this, I immediately thought about pool noodles.
No. Thanks.
I’ll just keep the 27 bottles of eye drops I have scattered about in my house/car/purse.
Back in April my girlfriend and I went out for lunch and a margarita to celebrate my Mom’s birthday. What? It’s a thing.
We both had cucumber Margaritas and we declared that they were the best thing ever.
A few weeks later she and I were texting about getting together because the Coach was out of town and we love any excuse to catch up. So, I was thinking it would be great if I tried to make cuke margs for us. Well, I’d just call it serendipity because I didn’t even need to go to the store; I had 3 large cukes in my garden, a full bottle of good tequila, mint and limes. DESTINY.
So, I marinated the mint and cuke in tequila and voila; we had cuke margs and they.were.amazing.
If you care for the recipe, it’s this article here.
The other thing
I almost broke the bank and purchased myself a macro/wide lens for my cellphone.

Actually, it’s gone up $2 since I purchased mine. Supply and demand is alive and well.

I’m amazed at how great the photos/videos are. Who doesn’t want to record caterpillars eating or frolicking on a milkweed flower? Sadly, I can’t figure out how to properly share the videos on blogger. (arrggghhhh)
Happy Humpday!