I Thought You Knew Me Better Than That. And I’m Adding An Octopus To My List Of Wants.

How fun was our wedding song trivia that I threw at you last week? I loved reading all of your comments about our possible choice and your choices too….I thought it was funny that many of you don’t even remember your song. Only one person guessed correctly. Bijoux realized that I had weird taste in my younger years when I chose a Mariah Carey song for our first dance. What was I thinking? Who knows; I was so young and my brain had not fully developed. I suppose we’re fortunate that I didn’t choose a Billy Idol or Adam Ant tune because I was semi-obsessed with both of them. Wait a minute, White Wedding would have been apropos!

Funny though back in the early 2000’s the Coach and I were at the wedding of one of our employees; a couple that were quite a few years younger than us and they chose the SAME Mariah song for their first dance. I suppose we might have been trendsetters. But probably not.

Please remind me after Lolo’s wedding to share what song she/they chose, you know I’ll forget right? It’s not until late October, so I might forget a lot of things by then.

A few weeks ago I was searching for something light to watch and stumbled upon My Octopus Teacher on Netflix.

It was a mesmerizing documentary; it literally pulled me in (with it’s tentacles) from the very start. The Coach arrived home shortly after I started watching it and he enjoyed it as well; but of course he watched it with both of his skeptical eyeballs. I don’t recall why or when, but there were tears streaming down my face at one point. If you know me at all, this is NOT a rare occurrence, but this was the first time I remember crying about an octopus. The gist of it is this gentleman (who can hold his breath for days I think) visits the same octopus everyday for just short of a year and they create a bond.

After it was over I said to the Coach that “I need an octopus. Who knew they had personalities?”

Of course Mr. Skeptical thought the octopus wasn’t as friendly as he appeared and only came to visit this guy because he had some sort of fish food on his hands. Whatever Donnie Downer.

Can someone else watch this and confirm MY feelings. Pretty please with a tentacle on top?

Well, if I say much more, we won’t have anything to talk about later. (I love quoting my Grandma!)


The One Where You Dance Like Everyone IS Watching. You Know, The First One.

Lolo was over a few weekends ago and we discussed songs for their first dance. Wait, DID I TELL YOU THERE IS GOING TO BE A WEDDING?

Oh, I did? 49 times? really? *snicker snicker*

Photos by Ailyn La Torre Photography

She’s struggling come up with a first dance song for them and since Nathan has jumped ship for the Marines, his input is mute. I worry that she/they are so untraditional that if one is not chosen, it will be scrapped from the event and I’ll be over in a corner crying.

Wait: Lets backtrack for a moment, shall we? I mentioned that they are untraditional, but really, not in that weird way that some people are. She’s a bit more feminist about things and they’re more spiritual than religious. I was at their home about 6 months ago; we were talking about something and I noticed on the dining room table Lolo had hand embroidered table napkins. (we love cloth napkins in this family) What did she embroider on them? Characters from Star Wars because who doesn’t. You know, CP30, Darth and the like. I noted how cute they were and I know how much they both love Star Wars because deep down inside they are just the sweetest nerds. They both stood there and with a serious face Lolo said:

Oh, we’ve decided that I will walk down the aisle to the theme song from Star Wars.


They both laughed and said they were kidding. I swear, I thought they were serious. And did you notice how I took this as a “IT’S an ABOUT ME” thing?

Back to choosing a song. I love this song by Train: Marry Me. Whenever I hear it I think: “this would be the perfect song for their first dance” and whenever I mention it to Lolo she says NO; too obvious Mom.

I told the Coach a few months ago the same thing: This would be the perfect first dance for Lolo and Nathan, but they don’t like it. I don’t get it. Shouldn’t they do what I want? He laughed and said NO.


“You wear white and I’ll wear out the words I love you. “

While she was here Lolo and I did come up with some nice non-traditional songs that are not obvious she’s gonna think about.

Now, lets really make this about me. And he.

The Coach and I were married in 1991. I was 23, he was 25. I believe I chose the song and he showed up. What did we have our first dance to as husband and wife?

I’ll give you four choices and if you pick the right one I’ll mail you a plaque handwritten in calligraphy stating that you are the Official Smartest Guesser On The Planet. Or at least on this blog.

Some songs are just a classic and never go out of style and some, well, some are just forgettable.

Please share your best guess and if YOU were/are married, share your first dance song.


The Joys Of Marriage; WHAT DID YOU SAY? And I’D Never Survive A Cold Climate Long Term.

The Coach does not have great hearing; it’s not all his fault. He DID work on airplane engines for many years, we’ve attended hundreds of live concerts and also, he’s 55. I have pretty good hearing, but not perfect as I’m {almost} old. For example, I can be two rooms away with our Sonos music playing though-out the house, running the vacuum cleaner and he will talk to me and expect me to hear him when all I hear is what Charlie Brown hears when an adult speaks. Womp womp, womp.

I’ll finish up, come back into the room he’s in, and say: If you were talking to me, I have no idea what you said. He’ll either (1) say, I don’t remember what I said or (2) NOT HEAR ME.


I just shake my head and hope he wasn’t saying something really important like we just lost all our money in the stock market or he’s found a younger version of me working at Hooters and they’re in love.

Now picture me sitting directly next to him, and I say something clear-as-a-bell and he doesn’t hear a word. I just shake my head.

Raise your hand if you also do a lot of head shaking.

I was kidding about the Hooters thing; he doesn’t go there because their wings are crap.

Coffee, Coffee Creamer & Not Real Fighting

Saturday night we arrived home after a long and wonderful visit to GA. Goodness, I forgot that we left SO soon after Christmas, and that all our Christmas decor was STILL up. Oh SNAP, those damn elves are sleeping on the job.

Sunday morning around 8am I sauntered into the kitchen and the Coach said: Good morning, I see you have TWO creamers and I have NONE.

{I’m non-dairy because of my *effin* cholesterol issue. This stuff is tasty though}

Whatevs. I explained that when I purchased them, they were in equal numbers and he just consumes his quicker than I do.

With a sassy smile on his face: And you knew that I would use more….ya know Publix opened at 7 am.

Me: My azz wasn’t going anywhere at 7 am.

We love to ‘argue’ like this. If my girls were here they’d say: “you should be nicer to each other, are you getting a divorce?” I would generally reply MAYBE, WHO DO YOU WANT TO LIVE WITH? Which is always funny since they have their own homes.

As a kid I recall objects flying through the house between my Dad & Mom and then my Dad & Step-Mom; (see the common denominator?) ashtrays, shoes, rocking chairs. I remember my dad unhooking the phone from the wall and throwing it INTO the pool because he was tired of its ringing. So, I know real arguing and my girls make me laugh with their silly non-worries. The last thing their dad threw was a party for a charity.

Life is good when you’re married to a smart ass, silly and like-minded fool.

Speaking of Coffee & A Spoiled Suz…Baby, it’s cold inside, so let’s hibernate.

While we were in GA, it was cold. I mean, I knew it was gonna be winter, but being IN winter is different than thinking about winter. (My Canadian friends do not read the rest of this) It was 32-38 at night and with a high of 35-45 during the day. That’s pretty cold for this Florida girl. When I would take Callie for a walk, I had every portion of my body covered. Twice. Except for my face. And dang it, my face was cold.

Do you know what I learned? I’m like a bear. I get into my comfortable bed with the flannel sheets and heavy comforter at night and then in the morning, I DO NOT WANT TO GET OUT. So I don’t. I snuggle in, read emails on my phone, play words with friends, and guess who brings me coffee in bed? Mr. Demanding himself. SPOILED ROTTEN. I can then snuggle in for another 45 minutes or until my bladder can not wait any longer. Maybe I’ll start wearing diapers and linger longer; I am NOT above it.

After our huge knock-down argument about creamer, I repaid Coach for the coffee all-week-in-bed with a 15 egg frittata (with extra cholesterol) for him to enjoy all week long. We’re both nice when we’re not bickering over coffee creamer or saying HUH?

Happy Monday my friends. I’m hoping this week brings ONLY good things to all of us; may it be warm coffee, gentle people and residing in a comfortable home.