Double Nickels

The Coach has a birthday today, so I’ll try not speak about myself because it’s all about my special guy today.

*realizes this can not easily happen*

Really, though, where would he be without me? If not for me, he probably would have ended up with someone even MORE high maintenance or a psychopath or worse yet, a HIGH MAINTENANCE PSYCHOPATH. We all know one…

How stinking cute? I wish he still had this outfit; I know he’d look hawwwt in it.

We met when I was just about to turn 18 and he was 19 going on 20; I didn’t have much of a choice to love him after he netted me; this is what Tinder looked like in 1985.

It was a few weeks later when I realized that he was a chippendale dancer; that explained why he always had a nice amount of cash. Hey, I’m NO dummy!

Please note, even though he always had money in his pocket, he decided to NOT waste any of that money on shirts; to this day, he’s still a wise spender.

Way back in 1985, seeing/hearing him talk on the phone for a considerable amount of time should have been my warning: this guy likes to talk. And he’s still on the phone quite a bit, minus the cord.

All kidding aside. I won the lottery by going on that blind date in 1985; he’s the best of the best. An amazing husband to me, (who is NOT a psychopath) a wonderful father to our girls, a dedicated mentor to countless young ladies that he’s coached over the years, and a trusted/loving friend to many.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if the world were full of men like Coach with his heart, his integrity, there would be world peace.

BTW: He always wears a shirt now, and they’re generally pretty expensive. Go figure.

Happy birthday to my main squeeze.


For the “greater good” means, you don’t get paid.

I’m not sure why, but my blog does not show up on any readers. I’ve tried to update things with no luck. *sigh* Perhaps I should just get your phone number and call you once or twice a week and share my nonsense; I’d hate for you to miss out on anything life changing.

Edited to add: I figured out how to add a subscribe widget and you can get a notification now when I post something life-changing. Suz, making dreams come true since today.

The Coach has once again taken on a softball coaching position with a local college. He did this last year helping our local 2 year school; they needed a hitting specialist and he is special in that area. Now, the Division one school needed someone to help for 10 weeks; they have always wanted him on board. It IS a paid position, but he opted to NOT get paid, that way if he needed to be somewhere else one day (work? GA?) he wouldn’t feel horrible missing it. It’s five mornings a week and on Mondays, it’s a two-fer. He goes to the Gym M-W-F from 7-8, then heads to the school for hitting from 8:30-11:30, then to our business to work and on Monday’s it’s back to the school from 5:30-7ish to assist some students who can’t make that morning. Other days, he’s working until 7ish. THE STAMINA this guy has just blows my mind.

I was telling my Aunt about his latest “job”, she asked if it paid. I relayed his reasoning and then I remembered a conversation from around 10 (maybe 13?) years ago. The Coach always coached travel softball and one of the local high schools asked begged him to coach the girls’ team. I was NOT on board because he was already working so much and this required DAILY practices every school day afternoon; the school was NOT right down the street. He wanted to take the job because he loved coaching so he tried to butter me up with the fact that it was a PAID position.

Coach: It’ll be fun for me, plus It’s extra money in our pocket and we can ‘out of zone’ Lolo next year and she can play for me; so much good bonding.

Me: Paid? How much?

Coach: 32.


Coach: $3,200.

WHAT THE HELL? If you could have seen my face.

Goodness. If you add up all the gas, other personal expenses and time away from a growing business, he PAID the school $30 and hour to coach. HA!

He did end up coaching for about six seasons and honestly, put the team on the map in our county with all the winning, I will forever be grateful to all my girls’ coaches, peers, etc through school because the pay is crap. They are doing it for the kids; at least in our experience.

FYI: He did get a COVID test prior to working with the college girls and he wears a mask when working with them. The girls are only to be around their roommates; so four girls to a pod and they live/practice together and they won’t have any real games; just scrimmage within the team.

Ok. I really didn’t have anything to say today, but that came to mind this morning and the way my blog posts, ya’ll might see it on Saturday.

Happy Hump Day!!

Still crazy after all these years

Don’t you love that Paul Simon song?

Seems more fitting for our anniversary than Fifty ways to leave your lover.

Thank you all for your well wishes for our anniversary and for enjoying our wedding photos; next up, I will share every photo of my children starting on the day of their birth.

I’m just pulling your hair leg.

We had a very nice and quiet long weekend at our condo. Coach was able to fish quite a bit and that makes him so happy; which makes me happy. He doesn’t even keep the fish; he catches and releases in the most humane way. Although, if he were to capture a dolphin for me to have as a pet, that would be just fine.

I was able to get in some walks, (in between heavy showers) read some of my book and I started a new puzzle because it was a rainy, raingy weekend. We also watched some TV together on the couch; 35 years together and it doesn’t take much for us to be content. And how awesome is that?

We don’t usually exchange gifts, but I gave Coach the perfect gift; after all these years, I can still give him butterflies. Four butterflies to be exact.

Corny; table for two please!

On our anniversary day, we needed to bring our boat back to the marina where it lives and we decided to have lunch there; my first meal ‘out’ since this whole world went upside down. We had a great meal outside on the deck overlooking the water.

Shocker, I had a Cobb salad. And for dinner, I had the rest of the Cobb salad; it was as big as my head.

Did you know that Florida is ‘open’? We’ve been open almost two weeks with lots of guidlines per the CDC.

We’ve still been very cautious about going places, as in we’re really not going too many places. But it was nice to have food served to me; I felt like the Queen of England. Except I wasn’t wearing pantyhose. Or a hat. Wait, I did have on a hat.

But also, it was hot as hell and we were sweating our butts off. I don’t think the Queen is allowed to sweat.

But still, I was served food. And it was reminiscent of days gone by.

Passing the still closed Naples Pier

I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend as well doing something that brings you joy and hopefully with less sweat.