The one where we pulled off a wedding and then a marriage.

Today marks our 29th wedding anniversary.

When we started out, we had no idea where we were going, where things would lead us; what our life would look like.

I didn’t have grand plans, ’twas just moving forward as things came.

At 23 I just wanted to have a secure life. A family. A partner. To be loved. Some groceries in the fridge. A content, quiet home and family.

What one would call functional as opposed to my dysfunctional upbringing.

What a fun ride it has been. Shortly after our first anniversary, we moved across the country as just the two of us, set up a home and jobs in Texas, then a few years later we did it again AZ, then came back to our home state with two beautiful little nuggets 5 years later.

The early days of raising our girls were just a blur, but what a beautiful blur it was; thank goodness for pictures.

We’ve done more traveling in the past few years than we’d ever dreamt of doing.

We’ve made so many friends around the country; it blows my min and we still have a lot of the same friends we had when we met 35 years ago.

Make new friends, but keep the old…one is silver and the other is gold…

There are way too many good things to say about my husband. He’s a genuine gem; full of goodness and integrity. I like to think that if the world were full of men like him, the plantet would be different all around.

But today I really want to focus on our wedding day because I know you’re wondering.

We didn’t have much money; we were 23 and 25. My father pitched in here and there. Coach’s parents helped out a little here and there. We scraped together what we could; we both come from humble beginnings.

We married in a church that we had been attending; they had the cutest chappel and we just loved our minister. He would be the same one we would call two years later to help with my dad’s eulogy.

My dad: “Wow, that dress was $300?” Nothing made him happier than a deal.

I believe this was the second dress I tried on when my childhood friend and I shopped.

Give me bows or give me death. I need ALL the bows!

In case you thought I was one of the Kardashians, I did my own hair and makeup.

I wore a real pearl necklace that my Mom was able to accidentally buy because an ad was placed in the paper showing the wrong and really cheap price. Beverly for the win.

I have the look of the Chesire cat; he has no idea what he’s in for. Sucka!

For our reception, we struggled to find a place that would fit all our family and friends on a low, low, low budget.

The Elks Lodge around the corner it was. In hindsight, it was a hideous venue. But it was affordable and I don’t think anyone thought anything of it at the time.

Should I add a PIN to this idea for your wedding pinterest board?

The old Suzanne didn’t really give it much thought. We were throwing a par-tay.

Our bestie Kelly did all our flowers and I found a ‘practicing’ photographer through a friend.

I think we ended up with almost 250 people. We ran out of the chicken dish that we stettled on, but the kind Elks people found some prime rib in the fridge; my Dad was one that wasn’t getting food nor did he have an actual seat to sit in.

Wedding planner who? Wedding planner Suz.

We still drink our coffee like this every morning.

I laugh at myself because if I were planning an event/wedding/Sunday dinner for 2020: “we need some a crisp sauvignon blanc, a bold red, some sparkling & flat water”

1991 Suz; a few kegs of beer and headache-inducing cheap champagne?

I shared this pic because I love the fact that someone wrapped and gave us an ironing board. Most likely, I asked for it.

We did have a DJ. He wasn’t that great, but I remember a lot of people dancing. That might have something to do with all the kegs of beer we went through.

I know you won’t be able to spot it, but we had a subtle balloon drop.

Y’all we had a dollar dance. We sold ourselves on our wedding day.

Later when we got to our hotel room on our wedding night, we counted all the money.


We did have a great honeymoon; coach’s Mom gave us her timeshare week and we used it in Palm Springs, CA for five days. Coach’s Dad purchased our airline tickets as our wedding gift.

We had such a fun time together seeing all the sights and enjoying nice dinners; we were bonafide adults damnit.

Our next adventure had us driving to San Diego and we met up with our dear friends Don and Kelly; who we still travel with all.the.time.

We saw the sights around San Diego & LA for a few days and then the four of us flew to San Fran for four days to end our CA trip.

By this time we were running low on funds; we should have charged more money for our dollar dance so the four of us shared a hotel room.

Hey, it was a NICE hotel room, but yes we shared a room.

Now that I think about it, that was funny, but again, when you’re young and poor you don’t worry about such things.

This might have been my longest post ever; but it was fun for me to relive it all.

So, if you feel inclined send me some $$, I’ll dance for you.

Happy anniversary to my best boyfriend ever!

Image 5-6-20 at 7.13 AM

Captains Log: Day 28 or 399? Garden vlog, puzzle upgrade and a plethora of smokers.

Friday morning I did a little garden vlog. Hold onto your seats, it’s riveting.

Excuse the noise; pool equipment, pool fountain, and air conditioner because Florida.


We had a nice, quiet and productive weekend.
Saturday we got our first delivery (insta-cart) from Costco; it went well.
The funny thing is they won’t deliver to our house, but they will deliver to our rental condo.
(zip code snobs)
So, I set up the delivery time and we chilled and waited: (our big outing for the weekend) our delivery guy was right on time.

The Coach was watching a fishing show (also riveting) on TV when I said I was ready to go home with our goods.

He said, “what do you need to get home for?”

I replied slightly embarrassed: “I have a new puzzle.”

Good lord. Send help ASAP. 

We got everything on our list aside from


Can you guess what we couldn’t get? 


Speaking of puzzles, because apparently, I can’t NOT speak of them. The new one that Linds stumbled upon in Target while getting her essentials is THE. BOMB.COM.

The one I had been struggling with for many weeks, and finally finished, well, it turns out it might have been from the bargain bin at Wally World.

The one Linds picked up? Ummmm…it’s top freaking shelf. Like Nordstroms top shelf.
Wait, does top shelf mean liquor? Well, then it’s way better than Albertsons Vodka; that sort of top-shelf.

I didn’t even know there was a hierarchy in the land of puzzles, but I’m here to tell you, there is one.

The pieces feel different; like they’re made from the remnants of a baby bird’s feathers that have been mixed with the recycling goods from the Taj Mahal.

Wait. That sounds kind of gross. WHO AM I? 

I’m just a girl. Standing in front of a puzzle. Hoping it will help me to solve it. 


*ahem, almost a quote from Notting Hill which I watched a few weeks ago and It’s one movie Ernie
can quote*

Such a good RomCom.


On Sunday I pressure washed the pool lanai and outside furniture while the Coach put together his newest smoker.

Not only is he a Goldilocks with his chairs/office, but he’s also Goldilocks with his smokers.

He has the HUGE tow-behind one that requires a big azz truck and a small smoker/box but needed a medium-sized one too.

{Small and Medium side by side; the new one looks like a time machine. I suppose it IS a time machine for meat.}

He doesn’t complain about my shoes/plants/garden/skincare addictions, so, would I ever complain about his smoker issue?

So, it’s Monday. Let me check my calendar and see what’s happening this week.

Well, it looks like I’m TOTALLY open if anyone wants to get together.

Or not.

Have a good one my people.

Goldilocks and the new office

I started this post a few weeks ago when we were living our ordinarily boring days. *sigh* 

We converted the girls’ playroom to Coach’s home office.
It’s all finished aside from a desktop and printer.

I guess that means, it’s not 100% finished. I’m a liar. 

I ordered the desk, file cabinet (behind desk) rug and a desk chair from Pottery Barn when they were having a spectacular sale. I was hesitant to even order the chair because it seemed so expensive to me,  but it looked really timeless and comfortable.

Some of the items were taking forever to come in and then I found out that the chair was going to EVEN more delayed.
Finally, I came to my senses, called and canceled the overpriced chair.

Later, the next day I was at Office Depot picking up some printing and I saw some great chairs there. I almost purchased one for him; then I decided I’d let him choose his own chair. 
See, I’m nice. 

The chairs at OD ranged from $200-$400. Much better prices than PB.

I finagled him to go to Office Depot one evening to shop and he poo-pooed every chair he sat in.
Too small.
Too hard.
Too ugly.

Finally, I asked him where he purchased the office chair that he has in his actual office.

“I ordered it online from Costco about 10 years ago.”

Really now.

It goes to show you, we all probably do better with fewer choices in life; that could be a positive spin regarding prison or arranged marriages.

A few weeks later we were in Costco and they had two desk chairs to chose from.
Goldilocks Coach tried them both; and decided that the more inexpensive one was the most comfortable.

Y’all it was $99.

We have too many choices in life and it can make it harder. Right? 

Like right now, I’d take ONE PLY generic TP given the chance.

Oh, and we still have all the kid’s books, toys, and games in the office if the Coach needs to take a break from running our empire company.

So, is anyone making any changes at home? 

Well, aside from rationing paper goods and hiding from sick people?