The Countdown Has Begun And Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Last Friday, October 23rd we started our one year wedding countdown. *insert giddy face here*

Lolo commemorating the date just as she does.

I love her silliness so much.

I picked up her dress a few weeks ago and brought it to our house. The dress shop prefers for you to have it in your hands just in case of a fire/hurricane/2020. While having a casual convo with Lolo on the phone I said nonchalantly that the dress fits nice, but it’s just a bit long.

WHAT? You tried it on?

Nahh….just pulling your leg hairs. She didn’t really care if I did, but you know, that would be wrong. Right?

And that guy up there? Hmmmm. We adore him so much, but I think he’s trying me. I’ve asked him many times to LEAVE law enforcement, if not for him, for me. But noooo. Now, he has the nerve to join the Marines as a reserve. This has been a dream of his forever and he has to do it before he turns 29. This is his last chance. WTF though? Does he only think of himself? Yes, I’m complaining that my future SIL is a good guy doing good stuff. God bless him.

Lolo is leaving Virginia this week for good. She has one more class to finish online and then she’ll have her Master’s degree in Criminal and Forensic Psychology. She was a bit bummed to be done with classes as she loves school. If not for that DNA test and her sass, I’d wonder if I were really her Mom.

She and the Coach will drive back up in a big rental truck after Thanksgiving to retrieve her furniture. Doesn’t it feel like we just moved her into her new digs?

So, did ya’ll tune in this week and see our friend Ben on the Voice? WE ARE SO THRILLED FOR HIM!

It’s SO freaking nice to have happy things to gush over.

A recap: an upcoming wedding which means I can finally have grand babies.

My future SIL is an overachiever.

I’m not gonna wear Lolo’s wedding dress until after the wedding.

Cheer for our sweet friend Ben on the Voice.

Do you have anything happy to share? We can all use some good news, right?


This {cute dogs} And That {talented friends}

We went to the East Coast for the day to see our friends Don & Kelly; it’s been 2 weeks since we’ve been together; we might have a problem. They have a sweet boxer and their son has two sweet and rambunctious boxers; boy do I miss our boxers; they were such cute characters.

Milo, Tyson, Floyd. A trio of fun.

On our two hour drive back home I looked at our local Boxer rescue webpage seeing if they had any old girls available. Just when I said we were not getting ANY MORE CRITTERS.

*removes gray faced ladies from cart, closes tab and breaths deeply*

Do you watch The Voice? I’ve never been a huge fan of competitive tv shows, but I’ve occasionally watched this one, but never a full season. I suppose, I just can’t commit. BUT, this season we will be watching because our friend Ben Allen is a contestant. In addition to being very talented, he’s a really nice person; he told us about this opportunity back in December, but with COVID, things were postponed. Ben and his band performed at our HoeDown party in 2016, he’s joined us for our Songwriters For Vets charity events, and this past Christmas, he stopped by our cocktail party and sang a few songs for us.

*sigh* I almost remember what it was like to have parties.

It’ll be fun to see how he does. Well, I kind of already know, but I’ll not spoil the fun for the rest of you.

That’s all the fun I have to share today. I hope you all had a nice weekend whether you watched boxer butts wiggle or just your own.