I Suppose I Could Collect Stamps; But doesn’t that Seem Too Mainstream For Me?

I might need to rename my blog because I mention teeth a lot around here; my current teeth, my kids baby teeth, my baby teeth. Busy Bee Talks Teeth. It has an odd ring to it.

A few weeks ago when Callie and I were heading to GA to meet/adopt Lillie, I dropped a box of butterfly chrysalis off to Lolo’s house; she lives an hour north of us. I couldn’t leave the chrysalis with Coach, because most days he leaves before the sun comes up and comes home after the sun goes down, and the butterflies need to be released while it’s sunny out. Lolo had a blast being a butterfly Mom. She released about 12-15 while I was away.

She had a few that didn’t quite make it, this sometimes happens. It’s nature and sometimes I loathe nature. After the first one died she asked if she should put it in her compost, bury it or throw it out.

I said, it doesn’t really matter what you do with them, but at home, I keep them in a bowl on the craft table.

Lolo: “WHAT? That might be more disturbing than saving baby teeth.”

Behold, my bowl of dead butterflies, right next to my House Hippo and our weird hand mould.

I find them all over the yard; they have such a short life span, it makes sense that I would find them here, dying in their oasis.

I asked her: What are you gonna do with your babies teeth one day? Just toss them in the trash?

Lolo, not missing a beat: Probably. OR I’ll grind them up and add them in a smoothie.

I had a good laugh at this because we still can’t get over women ingesting their own placenta after giving birth. Lordy, I hope that was just a phase. If you ate/drank your own placenta, please do not tell me, nor invite me over for dinner.

I digress. See how I can go from butterflies, to old teeth to eating body parts? It’s a problem.

After I started writing this post, I went to the my garage fridge to retrieve something to prepare for dinner. Lo and behold I found a white peacock butterfly; dead as a doornail on the floor, just waiting to join the others.

My home; Where They Come To Life and then Rest For Eternity. Dang, that sounds like an advertisement for my stories a soap opera.

Does anyone else collect things that might be umm, uh, unconventional?

Have a great weekend doing whatever it is that you do while we’re not together.


Everyone Is Old. Everyone Is Weird. Not Everyone Is Richard Gere.

Earlier last week Lolo asked if she could come for a visit. She’s currently not working (that’s gonna change soon) and Nathan has already been gone for three weeks for his Marine training. She came Friday late afternoon with both dogs and planned on having dinner with us, but ended up staying all weekend. Can you imagine how much I hated that? HA. She didn’t even bring a change of clothes or dog food but borrowed some of my stuff and Callie shared her vittles with the pups. We had a very nice low key weekend doing wedding invite/save the date projects, watched TV, spread mulch in the garden, tending to my houseplants, lots of laughing, and watching the dogs play in the yard.

I Just Became Old And Avoiding Crescent Rolls

At one point we opened up my laptop to see if we could find anything acceptable for me to wear to the wedding; some questionable choices included a few dresses with cut-outs in the waist or back areas. I laughed picturing me wearing those and I referenced the Pillsbury crescent roll containers when you ‘pop them open’; stuff oozing out of an opening.

ME: I’m going to be 54 when you get married, I can’t wear a dress with cutouts. OH MY GOSH, I’m getting old!

Lolo: Everyone is old, it’s ok.

Me: Babies. Babies are NOT old.

Lolo: Some babies ARE old.

We busted out laughing and we continued to belly laugh about nonsense all weekend.

When the girls were in High School and they were going somewhere on Friday or Saturday night I would always remind them to “Drive safe, everyone out there is drunk.” We tend to paint things with a broad stroke.

Everybody’s drunk. Everybody’s old. Now I feel better about myself.

They had their engagement photos done a few months back and ya’ll, I can’t even with how darn cute they are.

Photos by Ailyn La Torre Photography

What The Heck Just Happened?

So, we watched this really deep, bizarre, and emotional show on Hulu; The previews were elusive and it peaked the brain of our resident Psych Major. Psych Master. Master Major. You know what I mean. Derek Delguadio, In & Of Itself. We didn’t know what to expect and when it was finished, we still didn’t know what we had actually experienced, but at one point we were both crying. Part magic, self-exploration, slight of hand. One catchline they use is Identity Is An Illusion. I started to wonder, who AM I? If you watch it, you’ll understand that part.

After all that brain work I shared with Lolo a little phenomenon known as An Officer And A Gentleman. I figured we could see what Nathan might be living through right now in his Marine boot camp. Wait, do you think his drill sergeant might look like Richard Gere 38 years ago? Have you watched that movie in the last 10 years? I had completely forgotten how it began, but I can never forget how it ends.

Pic borrowed from here.

Who doesn’t dream of being carried out of the paper mill by a Navy Officer? Well, wait a minute, you know I’d be crying over the death of ALL those trees….so never mind.

We All Need An Uncle Frank

This was such a sweet movie. We laughed, we cried, we laughed again. Damn it. Love IS love. It made me miss my Brother Mark even more and of course, my mind wonders what our family dynamic would be if he was still living. *sigh*

I give it fourteen thumbs up.

That was a lot for a weekend with ZERO plans; I’m so thankful for time with my girls whether it’s planned or spontaneous. We mentioned the phrase EVERYONE IS OLD several times and she stated as she was leaving: “That is gonna be in a blog post, I just know it.” Damn skippy it is.

Did you watch any good stuff on the boob tube this weekend?


The Joys Of Marriage; WHAT DID YOU SAY? And I’D Never Survive A Cold Climate Long Term.

The Coach does not have great hearing; it’s not all his fault. He DID work on airplane engines for many years, we’ve attended hundreds of live concerts and also, he’s 55. I have pretty good hearing, but not perfect as I’m {almost} old. For example, I can be two rooms away with our Sonos music playing though-out the house, running the vacuum cleaner and he will talk to me and expect me to hear him when all I hear is what Charlie Brown hears when an adult speaks. Womp womp, womp.

I’ll finish up, come back into the room he’s in, and say: If you were talking to me, I have no idea what you said. He’ll either (1) say, I don’t remember what I said or (2) NOT HEAR ME.


I just shake my head and hope he wasn’t saying something really important like we just lost all our money in the stock market or he’s found a younger version of me working at Hooters and they’re in love.

Now picture me sitting directly next to him, and I say something clear-as-a-bell and he doesn’t hear a word. I just shake my head.

Raise your hand if you also do a lot of head shaking.

I was kidding about the Hooters thing; he doesn’t go there because their wings are crap.

Coffee, Coffee Creamer & Not Real Fighting

Saturday night we arrived home after a long and wonderful visit to GA. Goodness, I forgot that we left SO soon after Christmas, and that all our Christmas decor was STILL up. Oh SNAP, those damn elves are sleeping on the job.

Sunday morning around 8am I sauntered into the kitchen and the Coach said: Good morning, I see you have TWO creamers and I have NONE.

{I’m non-dairy because of my *effin* cholesterol issue. This stuff is tasty though}

Whatevs. I explained that when I purchased them, they were in equal numbers and he just consumes his quicker than I do.

With a sassy smile on his face: And you knew that I would use more….ya know Publix opened at 7 am.

Me: My azz wasn’t going anywhere at 7 am.

We love to ‘argue’ like this. If my girls were here they’d say: “you should be nicer to each other, are you getting a divorce?” I would generally reply MAYBE, WHO DO YOU WANT TO LIVE WITH? Which is always funny since they have their own homes.

As a kid I recall objects flying through the house between my Dad & Mom and then my Dad & Step-Mom; (see the common denominator?) ashtrays, shoes, rocking chairs. I remember my dad unhooking the phone from the wall and throwing it INTO the pool because he was tired of its ringing. So, I know real arguing and my girls make me laugh with their silly non-worries. The last thing their dad threw was a party for a charity.

Life is good when you’re married to a smart ass, silly and like-minded fool.

Speaking of Coffee & A Spoiled Suz…Baby, it’s cold inside, so let’s hibernate.

While we were in GA, it was cold. I mean, I knew it was gonna be winter, but being IN winter is different than thinking about winter. (My Canadian friends do not read the rest of this) It was 32-38 at night and with a high of 35-45 during the day. That’s pretty cold for this Florida girl. When I would take Callie for a walk, I had every portion of my body covered. Twice. Except for my face. And dang it, my face was cold.

Do you know what I learned? I’m like a bear. I get into my comfortable bed with the flannel sheets and heavy comforter at night and then in the morning, I DO NOT WANT TO GET OUT. So I don’t. I snuggle in, read emails on my phone, play words with friends, and guess who brings me coffee in bed? Mr. Demanding himself. SPOILED ROTTEN. I can then snuggle in for another 45 minutes or until my bladder can not wait any longer. Maybe I’ll start wearing diapers and linger longer; I am NOT above it.

After our huge knock-down argument about creamer, I repaid Coach for the coffee all-week-in-bed with a 15 egg frittata (with extra cholesterol) for him to enjoy all week long. We’re both nice when we’re not bickering over coffee creamer or saying HUH?

Happy Monday my friends. I’m hoping this week brings ONLY good things to all of us; may it be warm coffee, gentle people and residing in a comfortable home.