Suz Searches For Her Christmas Cardigan, Last Minute Celebrations, Just The Tip(s) & Dental Adorableness

Happy Monday before Christmas. Who here has lost all their marbles? I know it’s not polite to brag, but I have at least four marbles left.

Some notes of my past week.


*I’ve been playing Christmas music for days and it’s always funny to me to hear Dreaming Of A White Christmas or Baby It’s Cold Outside while it’s 85* and I can hear the hum of my A/C in the background.

*On the upside, we are expecting a cold Christmas. THIS IS UNPRECEDENTED; a high of 60 degrees. I’m so excited; I hope I don’t wet my skort.


*The Coach and I hosted a last minute holiday dinner for our employees; we weren’t going to do anything this year, but at the last minute we realized that we could fit everyone at a local restaurant at their outside seating area. Being that we gave people five days notice AND the location might have been far for a good amount, we had half show up up. Hell, People love free food and drinks! 65 people total came. It was a great night, I’ve missed our holiday parties and I might have hugged and kissed 60 people on Friday night. The best part is that I’ve handed my Party Planning Baton to my Mini-Me, Lindsay.

*CUE DEBBIE DOWNER: The worst part is that at any minute now I will probably have Covid, or worse, a cold sore.


*Coach said to me regarding Peanut: She’s becoming a little Dora The Explorer in the yard. Me: Well, I’d better get her a back pack! Speaking of Peanut; have you seen a cuter Underbite in your entire life? (She was napping on my chest)


* I just calculated all the tips ($1700) I’ve given this year for the ones who’ve provided services for me/us on a regular basis. (lawn guys, pool guy, hair stylist, fitness coach, esthetician, etc…) This is the biggest ‘give’ year for me as I’ve added so many people to my schedule. I wish I needed less maintenance, but how? It takes a village to keep me upright.

Well, that’s probably it for me this week. Wishing you ALL the very best! Thank you for being my champion, my friend and my co-host with all the silliness.


Tell me, how many marbles are you currently working with and will you spend Christmas Day inside or out?

Thankful, Grateful, Belly-full, Chad-less

We had an amazing Thanksgiving in the Mountains and all my chickens came to roost.. Or visit. Or eat. You know what I mean.

Lolo was scheduled to work, but at the last minute her sergeant gave her some time off; she and Mattis drove up on Wednesday. (She’s on light duty, still recovering from knee surgery, so she wasn’t ‘needed’, for which I’m thankful for)

Nathan has been away doing intense Bomb Squad Training in Alabama for six weeks, so it was only a 3 hour drive for him to come and see us.

My Cuz Patrick came to visit my Aunt Trisha and Uncle Jim who are only 8 minutes away. I still pinch myself that they are so close.

Linds, her BF Mike, Coach’s dad and step mom flew up on Wednesday, so we almost had the whole FamDamily.

It had been terribly cold prior to their arrival; mornings at 27*-30*, with afternoon highs of 43*. I know for my Canadian and Northern friends, that’s nothing, but for us thin blooded Florida people: It was freeze random-body-parts-off-cold. On Wednesday, the weather Gods threw us a bone and we were now having temps around 55*-60* in the afternoon. We could finally use our deck and porch area, which is always a good thing.

Wednesday night was Pizza Night. The Coach loves making pizza in his authentic wood fired oven; this is a fun time for all of us. He’s got mad pizza tossing skills!

FUN FACT: Did I ever share that Coach worked in a popular pizza restaurant in our home town while in High School? This place was the bomb and I should know because my Mom was a waitress there for many years; I spent many an afternoon filling up salt shakers and stealing maraschino cherries from behind the bar. We moved from the area only three years before Coach started working there.

Back to present day…

Our time together involved lots of dog holding, lunch on the deck, fire pit s’mores, a ‘when is this game gonna end’ of Uno and lots of laughter. Oh, and FOOD.

Cue the Random Photo Montage:


Recently, we had some trees removed because of invasive Asian beetles and the tree guys took it upon themselves to rid us of our hanging chad. Had I been here, I would have asked them to leave it and let Mother Nature do her thing in time. I had a love-hate relationship with Chad. RIP CHAD.

Our view has forever changed, but I’m really NOT complaining.

So, how was your day?

Did you have endless amounts of fun mixed in with endless amounts of cleaning up pee accidents? Those, by the way were not from the humans laughing, but the dogs.


Hurling Sharp Objects As A Family & I’m Nuts About Banana Pancakes

Since the Coach and I had been globetrotting seeing the south (GA, TN, KY) we weren’t home to celebrate Coach’s birthday (10/14) with the kiddos; this past weekend we rectified that. The girls and Nathan treated us to Axe Throwing, Whiskey and Dinner.

I skipped the whiskey part and I probably should have skipped the axe throwing. I might have thrown 100 axes, and only ONE axe stuck in the wall and it wasn’t even close to the red bullseye which were the only ones we were counting.

I was contemplating getting mad about not landing the axe, then I remembered that maybe my strengths are limited to raising butterflies, sorting recyclables like my life depends on it, writing witty blog posts and doing laundry like it’s an olympic sport.

I was the bonafide loser, but I still had fun; to quote that asshat Charlie Sheen: WINNING!

My girls were good at this, as were Coach and Nathan. Nathan was doing so well, that he started throwing underhand to challenge himself. If I didn’t love him so much, I’d say that was annoying, but it was really entertaining.

I played two rounds of pool; one with Coach (he kicked my azz) and one with Lolo. (a lucky win for me) We had a nice, casual dinner together filled with witty banter. Oh, how I love witty banter.

It’s so nice to see our people, even for a few hours. We have so much fun and I appreciate our time together. I know that many families have strained relationships with their kids, in-laws, etc and I can’t imagine NOT having what we have, which is a boatload of laughter.

Recently, I heard someone mention on a podcast about a banana/egg/pancake easy peasy recipe and I was intrigued. I fell down a rabbit hole of videos for said recipe and I’m obsessed.

*I use one banana, two eggs, a dash of cinnamon, a small scoop of vanilla plant protein and whatever nuts I have on hand, because I’m nuts. And I enjoy being nutty.

They are very tasty, filling and take about four minutes to make.

That’s all I have to say about axes and pancakes.

Have you thrown any sharp objects lately? What are your thoughts on NUTTY banana pancakes?


Birthday Reflections, I Love Presents And Lillie Is Making Strides.

Thank you ALL for your positive comments on my Lillie post; your words mean a lot to me. Also, everyone who shared what ‘we would do together on my birthday filled my heart with love. 

It turns out that my day was all about eating. We met Coach’s Mom, Step Dad, Linds, my adapted daughter Halie, (not adopted since her Mom wouldn’t give her up, so we all adapted) our dear friends TW and Mo for a long lunch that was delicious for our bellies and great for my soul. 

Saturday night, we had dinner with Coach’s Dad, step Mom, and Linds. Linds made out with two free meals on my day! I was showered with thoughtful, sweet gifts, and you know what I realized? I LOVE PRESENTS, even if it’s a little thing like a kitchen scrubber. 

While at dinner, two other tables near us were also celebrating a birthday which I thought was total BS. IT’S MY DAY; STOP TRYING TO BOSS HOG MY DAY! 


Linds gave me the absolute sweetest card with words from her beautiful heart. Whenever I’m having a bad day, I’ll pull that out and reread it. 

Isn’t the written word priceless? We laughed that she could only find a pencil in her apartment. Now I know what I’m getting her for Christmas.

Much to the horror of my MIL, my FIL bought me a kitchen scrubber and dropped it in the gift bag she had with a few other items. He said:  You will love this and he was right. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. *giggle* He knows me. 

I received lovely flowers from my girls (adapted & DNA) and Nathan. My kids know my weakness for Reese’s. I had one cup on Saturday and one on Sunday; I’m satisfied for a while. 


I think it was Thursday when Lillie turned a corner which was a surprise since she doesn’t even have a driver’s license. But as I was feeding the crew dinner (we had Max for the last month), Lillie all of a sudden perked up and was excited about meal time. I was worried it was temporary joy, but she’s been eating her regular food (I don’t have to share my popcorn!) and acting almost like her old self. 

We take her this morning to have her sutures (hopefully)removed and to get an update on the lab results. 

Thank you for all your kind words and love. It means more than you could know. 

Do you have a favorite go-to candy that you might sometimes crave so much that you might push down a human to get one? Just me?