These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Sharing is Caring and I Care Hard. A few years ago I did a favorite things Kitchen Edition, but these today are not related to any ONE thing. And as usual, I’m not compensated for any of my favorites.

A New Dawn

Have you tried the Dawn spray? As if Dawn could be any better than it already is.

I love my countertop tray of Mrs. Meyers cleaning stuff, but occasionally you have to pull out the big guns and I keep my big gun under the counter: Dawn Powerwash spray. I think it’s magical and they are trying to use less plastic with the reusable sprayer.

This spray is great for ridding your dishes/pans of anything greasy, but also it’s a miracle worker on my gas range top. I will admit, that I don’t clean my range top daily; we cook so much, I feel like it’s just gonna get dirty in a hot minute, so why bother? When I finally do a deep clean, I spray this magical potion on it and with a bit of elbow grease, and it’s almost shining like new.

I have special eyes

I love to brag about my good vision…all thanks to Laser Eye Surgery. But the downside I’ve found is that my eyes, much like my personality are dry. I use moisturizing drops a few times a day, but when I wake up in the morning my baby blues greens are redder than green. ONE drop of this and they clear up before someone can ask: “Are you stoned?”

I buy them in a two pack at Costco. Two pack. Two pack. Tupac.

numbr wun dawg

Wait, how did that one eared dog get in here? Lillie hacked my blog!

Honestly though, she is a favorite around here…

Nailed It

OPI Nail Envy

I do get a mani-pedi on the regular, but this has been a life nail saver.

You’re supposed to apply two coats and then every other day add another coat and after a week, remove the polish and start over. I generally forget to add the other coats after the initial two. What can I say, I have a hard time following directions. Still, my nails are stronger than they’ve ever been even though I’m constantly digging out weeds, moving rocks, squishing aphids…generally playing in the dirt like I did when I was four.

My True Emotion

My favorite emoji that generally sums up my thoughts about the world and its inhabitants.

You know exactly the face because you also make it.

Celebrating Bev

In honor of my Mom who would have been 79 today, my dear Friends Dawn and Stacy joined me for Mexican food and a margarita.

A few of my Moms favorite things aside from her family: Mexican food, Margaritas and Latin men. Yesterday I enjoyed all three two of them.

Behold The Blackberry Basil Margaritas; they were as delicious as they were pretty.

When is the last time you had a margarita that was so good you wanted to immerse yourself in the glass?

That’s all the nonsense that’s fit to print.

Actually, my fingers are just tired of typing.


Until next time XOXO

A Hairy Tale As Old As Time. Or A Hairy Tale {At Least} As Old As Me.

I have dreams at least twice a month about hairy legs. My hairy legs. In my dream I’ll be somewhere in public, look down and the hair on my legs is about 1/2 inch long and I’m horrified. In some dreams I only had hair on the backs of my knees, which is really interesting if you think about it.

My daughter might have a Masters degree in psychology, but I’m usually great at analyzing myself, but the ‘dreams about hairy legs’ took me almost 50 years to figure out.

In real life, present day, I could care less if there is hair on my legs, but that wasn’t always the case and I believe this is why those particular dreams still come to me.

Put on your seatbelt because I’m driving the WAY BACK machine and I’ve had wine.

I believe my hairy legs memory starts when I was in first grade; you know how memories can become fuzzy over time. I remember walking to the bus stop and looking down at my skinny little girl legs and noticing the hair on them was unruly. Long and unruly.

I did what any normal person would do: I stopped walking and took care of the situation by licking my palm with saliva and ran it along the hair on my legs trying to smooth it down.

Crisis averted.

Only it wasn’t. That was just a temporary solution to the problem as I noticed either later that day or the next that the issue was still there.


I think I complained to my Mom many times about this and she poo-poo’ed my worries. You know how moms are.

Finally either I just i figured it out, or Beverly told me to do this: I used some Avon lotion to assist with he unruliness.

But in the end, this really only helped a bit more than my saliva. In my eyes the hair was an eyesore.

If you think I grabbed a razor and shaved the hair, you’d be wrong; Mom said I couldn’t shave my legs until I was 13, which is funny because there really weren’t that many rules being enforced in our home.

THIRTEEN? How will I survive that long? I felt like I looked like the Monkey my Mom always said I was. (I loved to climb on everything)


My Mom was a waitress and she always wore knee-high panty hose under her pants along with her orthopedic nurse shoes.

Do you remember the L’eggs? All those plastic eggs are still sitting in the landfill..

My plan was pretty genius if you really think about it.

I remember finding a pair of my Moms knee-highs and putting them on. They came up pretty high, like to my thigh, but when I started walking, they would slide down my skinny little girl legs. Hmmmmm…how in the world could I get them to stay up?

I’m {almost} A GENIUS.

I found some safety pins and pinned the falling down knee-highs to my underwear.


I remember walking to the bus stop wearing a cute dress, happy as a well fed monkey because my legs were now as smooth as silk when my plan suddenly started to fall down apart.

As I was walking, my underwear were slip, sliding down. I pulled them up, only to have them slowly slip, slide down again.

My plan had holes in it {just like my head} and I failed again to cover up my hairy monkey legs.

You do realize that I tried to invent Garter belts for kids, right?

Where I learned this Garter Belt idea from is beyond me, but since I didn’t have much supervision, I probably saw someone wearing a garter belt on HBO or at a strip joint.

I’m just kidding, we didn’t have HBO.


Circa 5th grade.

I might have gotten over the hairy leg issue for the time being after my garter belt contraption didn’t work…but by the time I was eleven I took matters into my own hands and shaved my legs, even the backs of my knees.

If you think that shaving my legs was a smooth situation, you’d be wrong. I’m lucky I didn’t bleed to death because there was a LOT of blood as I was a novice with a razor.

Later that day when Bev came home and saw the crime scene in the bathroom she cussed and probably tossed one of those 10lb orthopedic nurse shoes in my general direction.

Hey, a HAIRY girl has got to do what a HAIRY girl has to do.

Not Letting History Repeat Itself

Well lo and behold, I gave birth to two hairy AND adorable little monkeys as well. They both begged to shave their legs early on, but I insisted that they waited until they were at least in middle school before they took to the razor. I recall we/they tried the NAIR hair removal cream first and almost died of chemical inhalation. (I can still smell it!)

I texted them yesterday asking how old they were when I let them shave and they confirmed middle school; so 11? 12? But at the beginning I would only let them shave from their ankles to the top of their knees.

Why? What is the thought process here? Did I want my girls to mimic a cricket?

I have no recollection at this point, but they both confessed that they currently don’t shave above the knee all the time. Perhaps I started a trend.

So shave share with me some deets.

Did you have hairy legs as a kid? If so were you embarrassed?

Have you ever heard of NOT shaving above the knee?

After typing that last line, I can NOW only picture someone shaving ABOVE THE KNEE and leaving the lower portion hairy. Guess what I’ll be dreaming about tonight…


I’m Sorry, I Can’t Hear You. Did You Say Gin For Breakfast?

I’ve been in a bit of a not-so-sunny mood lately; there’s several thoughts of why, but here are a few that I will share. I hope I don’t sound too whiney because I’ve not even had wine yet.

It was just last January that I blogged about my decent hearing and Coach’s lack of hearing. Well, I cursed myself.


I can’t pin point the time because time has lost all meaning. And that’s not just because of the pandemic, it’s me, I no longer have concept of time. My hearing has drastically diminished. Even my husband who can’t hear anything has noticed. Also, lots of pressure in both of my ears and pain in my left jaw/ear when I open WIDE to eat my morning ‘nana.

Just looking at those hurts my jaw.

I noticed the jaw/ear pain around Christmas, but before we both came down with The Covid. Was the ear pressure there before? I don’t remember.

The Coach told me a few days ago: “Dang, you were snoring so bad last night I almost left the room.”

I’m not a snorer. But sure as heck the next night I woke myself up with a snore. A snort. Is a snort a singular snore? Well I did that twice.


Add the ear pressure, not hearing, jaw pain with my never-ending tinnitus that seems to have ramped up, I finally went to the ENT.

The good news: I’m probably not going to die; he thinks I might have had an *infection that has lingered and built up all sorts of pressure. (Covid maybe? but that was more recent. Right?) And my deviated septum that I had repaired with I was 16, is still deviated.


Yeah, he’s concerned that I can’t breathe out of my nose, but this is something I’ve dealt with all my life and I would gladly live with if the head/ear pressure could go away.

*I’ve heard of people having ear issues after flying and we flew to California in August. It makes me wonder if that was the start of my hearing issues? Again, no concept of time.

I was given audiometry test as well. (where you sit in a booth with a headset and you have to repeat words or press a button when you hear beeps) My hearing isn’t great, but not completely gone. My next concern was that the headset was so tight, I thought I would depart with brain damage.

I’m on steroids for two weeks (pray for Coach in case I get ‘roid rage) and the Dr. suggested I take Zyrtec nightly.

Nobody Invited Arthur-it-is

Remember the two incidents that happened in a short period of time involving my beloved left middle finger?

I’m no doctor even though I play one on my blog, but I do believe that finger has The Arthritis. There is a dull ache all the time and the knuckle is swollen.

Sometimes I open my mouth and my Mom pops out.

Mom, Aunt Trish and Uncle Jim swear by the Drunken Golden Raisins concoction for arthritis. 9 gin soaked raisins in the morning and all your dreams will come true your ailments dissipate.

When they showed up at my house for Thanksgiving in 2008 swearing that this concoction helped their malady, I could only shake my head and think: You funny, old people, just looking for another way to ingest alcohol.

Guess who is also a funny old person?

*Points arthritic finger to self*

You’re supposed to wait until the gin evaporates, but I was in a hurry and now I’m drunk.

Wish me luck!

Have you tried any -off-the-wall- type of health concoctions for yourself?

I’m going to be taking a blog break next week, so please don’t do anything fun.


{EDITED TO ADD-Friday morning. My right ear is already showing improvement, so the steroids are working. I’m not sleeping well and my face is flushed/red, but I’m starting to hear again, so there’s that. I’m hoping I don’t feel murderous later though.}