The one where I thought I had nothing to say. Also, Bev’s birthday.

Do you ever have those days, weeks, or months where you have nothing to say?

Me neither.

But this week I’ve been quiet.
It’s been a weird week. I’ve had some things come up; some distractions.

Can I say that I miss doing my puzzle?

Lord. I’m hopeless.

Things I also miss:

*Hugging people; mostly my girls. But also my friends.

*My gym, my fitness coach, and my gym people. (I may be the youngest at our gym and it’s literally like Cheers, where everybody knows your name)

{Am I the Norm of our Gym? Maybe}

*Marshalls, Home Goods, TJ Maxx. I know. It’s petty, but I do enjoy my outings.

*Publix. I miss just running in for one or two things. I know, I will NEVER take grocery shopping for granted again. Never.

*Dining out. The Coach and I have had a standing Friday night date night for many years; I miss going out for dinner. But, we’ve been ordering in (or picking up) at least one night a week.

Listen, this is my petty little list and really, I’m NOT complaining. It’s just things that I miss.

Can I count my blessing? Oh HELL yes.

*My people are healthy.
*Our business is still in motion.
*I have money in the bank to pay bills.

We are fortunate.
I wish everyone was as fortunate.


Tomorrow would be my Mom’s 77th birthday. For the past few years, one or two of my favorite people (when available) join me for two of my Mom’s three favorite things:
Mexican food and a margarita.

Her third favorite thing? Latin men.

We, being married women and all we generally skip those.

Plus, she was known to be a bad pecker picker; starting with my Dad and she went downhill from there. I’m not badmouthing her; she knew it too.

So, tomorrow we are going to attempt to have margaritas together via Zoom; it will be my first time.
For the zoom, not the margarita.
Now I’m wondering how I can get some Mexican food too.

{Suz and Bev at her 72nd birthday. Guess what we were eating and drinking?}

My mom LOVED my blog. She would call me and say: YOU are so funny.
OR she’d say: Who were you referring to in that post?
Or she would complain that I didn’t blog enough.

Now that I write all that, she sounded demanding.

For someone who had nothing to say, I found some words to share today.

Wishing you all a good weekend and if you have the ingredients, have a margarita in Beverly’s honor on Saturday. She was the best Mom I ever had and I miss her terribly.

If you are fortunate enough to have one or both parents, call them this weekend, it’s the least you can do.

I’m not even a Jewish mom, but I can make y’all feel guilty, can’t I?


I hope I don’t regret not having a title for this mess.

It’s come to my attention that I have a lot of feelings.

Good ones.
Sad ones.
Really, really bad ones.

Just kidding about the bad ones, but I do love a sing-song rhyme.

Also, spell check always tells me that I don’t’ know how to spell rhyme.

People always say to live your life without regret.
Who are these people and why should we listen to them?

{not my tattoo nor my decolletage}

How does one live without regret? Like, NOT one regret? 
I’m not buying what they’re selling.

My regrets; I have a few.

I regret being an anal-retentive Mother when my girls were little. I know exactly *why I was like that 
and I don’t believe they are scarred, but still, I could have been a ‘lighter’ person.

I regret some of the times I didn’t answer the phone when my Mom called me.

I regret all the times I stressed over buying and wearing a bathing suit. From the time I was 15 until now; I stressed whether I was 95lbs or 140lbs.

I regret not wearing sunscreen on my decolletage during my teen years.

Upcoming evidence of feelings all over the place.

This song was on my mind the other day.
When my Mom was in hospice we played some music for her.
Me: Oh, she loves this song (she really did) so I started playing it. 

After a minute or so, my Aunt Trisha said: Yeah, she likes that song, but she really loves this one.

My Mom was heavily sedated and hadn’t communicated in hours, but she twitched when this song came on. I know she was trying to dance.

When I was a kid and she would dance/drive in the car at hearing a good song…Why did that mortify me? 
Dance/driving is the best.

I don’t regret dropping everything and spending copious amounts of time with my Mom in ATL when she was sick.

I don’t regret a single day of actually being a Mom or a Wife. (I capitalized on those as they are both positions that I take seriously.)

I don’t regret knowing the word decolletage; it’s an interesting word.

I might regret hitting publish on this post.


Random thoughts on shanking, sewing, clothes, and how I used to go by the name Sue

*Suz coughs*
Random person: Do you have the coronavirus?

If one more person asks me if I have the virus, I’m gonna shank them. 

I was thinking the other day how people don’t make their own clothes anymore. When I was a kid, most if not all my clothes were homemade. My Grandma (the cigarette feeding one) and my Mom made them for me. Was it to save money? Was it because the stores didn’t sell cute clothes? 
Or was it just the norm in the ’60s and ’70s?

I recall my G’ma had her sewing machine set up 24/7 in the Florida room of her Miami Springs house. Sue, you need a new dress? Go pick out some fabric and I’ll whip up a dress for you.
Wam, bam, thank you Gram.
*I just made myself LOL*

Dress made by my Mom, Bev. I believe I was trying to flip off the photographer. 

I remember being around 12 and my Mom’s BFF Connie whipped up some pants for her daughters Jodie, Mary and I in her makeshift sewing room. Sue, what color do you want? I chose purple because I felt like royalty.
*There I go again, LOL-ing at myself* 
I remember the pants were considered ‘elephant pants’ at the time. Do you remember those? Wide-legged?
I felt really cool going to school the next day with my new pants.
Then I felt really hot at recess because they were not breathable and I live in Florida. Also, I wasn’t able to stand near my mom and her ciggies because polyester is very flammable.
But hey, I had new pants; I was hot.
*I did it again.*

I have no direction today…just feeling kind of nostalgic for some reason.
Menopause? PMS? Old age? I’ll pay a million dollars cents to anyone who can figure out what’s happening in my head.

***If I were a country singer, my name would be MiRANDOM Lambert***

The Coach’s Mom made most of his clothes too as a kid. She was a professional seamstress, so that makes a lot of sense.
I can sew on a button, mend a blown-out crotch, and other minor things, but I can’t create a piece of clothing.
You do realize the blown-out crotch isn’t a medical thing, but a clothing thing. Right?

Lolo loves to sew and learned a lot while sitting on her Grandma’s (Coach’s mom) lap. She has several sewing machines and just taught herself how to do hand embroidery.

OMG. I just remembered that my Mom used to embroider too. No wonder she didn’t have time to make us a proper meal, she was crafting! Thank goodness we didn’t have the internet when I was a kid or I might still be wearing diapers.

If Bev were alive, she would LOL at that one.

I know I have a bajillion pics of me somewhere wearing some of the cute outfits that were homemade, but can I find them when I need them? hells no.

But I did find my very first topless pic; apparently, we were out of fabric this week.

So, when I was in elementary school, it was too daunting for me to write out Suzanne.
I recall my Dad calling me Sue all the time. It must have been daunting for him too.
So, I went by Sue.
Now, I go by Cookie.
Just kidding.
Unless you think Cookie will stick because I really like it.


Fall gifts from Bev

Isn’t it funny how your Mom never really leaves you? 

Just putting out some Halloween and fall decor and BAM, there is my Bev.
My Mom loved giving gifts. She never had much money, but she always found little gifts to give; that was her love language.

~I’ve probably had the jack-o-lantern candle holder and the ceramic pumpkin on my dining room table for at least 25 years from my Mom.~

My Mom had a gift closet that was pretty impressive; nothing very expensive, just small thoughtful gifts. Bev passed away in June of 2015. When the family and I went to see my Cuz Patrick and give him the bad news he was very upset, but without missing a beat, he asked if She had already got him a gift for his upcoming (August) birthday. We all had a little giggle and assured him, that there was most likely a gift. She was always ahead of the game.  

In other random news, I’m re-doing my front butterfly garden. 
Not to be confused with my back or side butterfly gardens. The zinnias screamed FALL at me. Which was kind of jarring, but I purchased them anyway. And the daisies are just lovely; Bev’s favorite flower. 
This is about as fall as it gets down here in SW Florida. But I’ll take it. 
Have a great weekend~~xoxo

Who ate my lip balm?

Yesterday was my Mom’s heavenly birthday. She would have been 76; like the bicentennial. Goodness, I still remember what a big year 1976 was. All the hoopla. All the red, white & blue.
Anyhoo, I’m still keeping up the tradition of celebrating her in the way she would like.
Two of my besties and I have a nice Mexican lunch with a margarita in Bev’s honor.

I love that they also love this tradition. You can’t beat great friends.
Well, you could. But then they wouldn’t really like you so much, now would they?

But something cute happened this week.
On Easter Lolo’s dog, Mattis found my ‘Suz’s sitting on the couch necessities basket’ under the coffee table.

Does everyone have this? It’s all the important things I might need once I sit down for the night and don’t want to get up again:
dental floss, foot and hand cream, lip balm & eye drops.  (I’m dry I tell ya!)

Well, Mattis found my lip balm and proceeded to open it and eat the balm.
That’s NOT the cute part.
Luckily, it was on the low side, but still, Mattis should have moisturized lips for a few days.
The cute part is two days later I get a package from Amazon that I didn’t order.

Lolo replaced the lip balm X6.
I’ll check with Mattis and see which flavor he prefers and save it for him.
My girls are the best.
Also on Easter, Linds brought me flowers and candy for us both.
Mama did well.
Have I mentioned how much I really love those girls? Like.A.LOT.

Anyhoo. That’s my cute story for this week.

Have a great weekend!

Day drinking and grieving

It was my mom’s 75th birthday this past week. Since she passed away in 2015, my Aunt, Uncle and I find ways to celebrate her day. They are of course in ATL, and I’m way down here in hot azz Florida….so we celebrate together but apart. 
I had to twist the arms of two of my friends to join me. I’m so strong…..and they are so weak when it comes to celebrating.

That time I took my Mom to Vegas for her 70th birthday

We did three of my mom’s four favorite things; ate Mexican food, had a margarita and laughed like hyenas. She had a fourth favorite thing, but it doesn’t fit in with my lifestyle; latin men. 
The coach frowns upon me having gentlemen callers, even in the name of honoring my mom. What can I say? I don’t want to rock the boat when the boat is floating so darn well. 

You know what I’m not a fan of? Wallowing in sorrow. Unless it was a child or husband you’ve lost, it’s part of the circle of life. Yes, I’ve watched The Lion King more than thrice. 

I miss my Mom terribly. Sometimes I weep. I miss my Brother terribly, and my father and my Sassy Grandma and the other two Grandpa’s (even the crabby one). But you know what, we can’t live forever. Death is a part of life. 

*pulls up big girl panties*

I’m not saying everyone has to grieve as I do, but some people seem to ONLY focus on the people who they’ve lost and not the people who they still have around them. I.don’ 

Another thing I don’t get is bad driving. Why?

Anyhoo, I really started and kept up this blog for my Mom’s reading pleasure. I hope she has a good wifi provider now and is keeping up with me and my shenanigans. 

Happy birthday Bev! XOXO

You get a spirit, you get a spirit and YOU get a spirit!

On Saturday night my girls and I went to the Theresa Caputo Live Experience. 
Have you ever watched her show on TLC, The Long Island Medium? 
She’s got spirit, yes she do, she’s got spirit, how about you?
Ok, that improper grammar just hurts.

Anyhoo, my Mom was a big fan of Theresa and saw her in person a few times. (She always hoped her Mom or my Brother might come through) You can do a personal reading with her, but she’s limited on appointments and you have to travel to Long Island. I’m a fan of travelling to islands, but not that one.
She’s not psychic, but (according to her) spirits speak through her. I’m really wondering if the spirits channel information through Theresa’s extremely large hair-do? If so, I’ll never hear from anyone with this flat mop of mine.

Is she real? Is she a great hoax? 
Not 100% sure.

At the show (in a smallish concert hall) she walks through the audience and gets feelings and talks to people who have spirits coming through. I honestly thought at first that the people in the audience could be ‘planted’ there. But then, so much of what she was saying to them was totally off the wall….and extremely emotional. Lolo and I cried through most of it and Lolo NEVER cries.

Sadly, we were up in the balcony section, so she didn’t come through our area because I was so hoping my Mom was there with us.

So, as I was wavering back and forth on the legitimacy of it all, Theresa started talking to a lady in the audience that I actually KNEW! I was shocked. Now, this is not a close friend of mine at all….I’ve met her a few times and her husband worked for our company for 10 years before they married. He no longer works for us, so contact has been diminished. BUT, the things Theresa was saying to her, was legit.

My Aunt has a theory that Theresa’s people search you out via social media to get some info on you and she’s wearing an earpiece in that big hair of hers. Me? I’m not so sure.
I do believe we have spirits/souls around us.
And, I lived in that haunted house for a few years. That house had a very active spirit.

So, whether it was real or not, it was an interesting evening spent with two of my favorite people.

Happy Monday Ya’ll.


photo of Theresa borrowed from her site.